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Airtel 6GB for N1500 | Another Big Fat Lie By Airtel NG

Been a while I lasted updated the blog, I’ve been really up with my architecture duties. Airtel Nigeria recently introduced a plan known to give you 6GB worth of data for N1500. However, this plan isn’t what we really think of it.
If you had read my last write-up regarding this plan. You must have seen the part where I buttressed on its data zapping vulnerability. Thus, this particular Airtel 6GB for N1500 data plan is a complete failure.

Airtel 6GB Data Zapping Proof

A nairaland user shared his experience which properly explains why this plan isn’t really what they claimed it was, and here is what he posted…
I subscribed to this plan on Friday 5th August and I was told I had 6gb left when I checked my balance. Now, I got an alert yesterday that I have used up 95% of my data allowance. This means that the plan is actually 3gb. I still don’t understand why Airtel is being this fraudulent??
Here are pics to serve as evidence.
Airtel 6gb zaps data 2Airtel 6gb zaps data
With pictures as evidence, I want to believe this plan is another failure by Airtel NG. They lied to us about 6GB worth of data, when truly it barely gives 3GB. So does this mean the Airtel 6GB for N1500 zaps data? A big FAT YES!!!
If you’re currently using this plan, kindly share your experience with us, perhaps if you’re just about getting started, then you might want to stay clear and try out other suitable plans on Android, PC, iOS and others
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  1. That plan is rubbish and a total rip off. That’s the biggest data fraud in Nigeria and it’s being perpetrated by airtel and unfortunately nobody is calling them to order.

  2. It’s a free big fat lie… Airtel is fraud.. I sub for it last week and used it for only 4 days… Without downloading… Jst to stream (little) and social media… That’s all…. Airtel is rubbish

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