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Cheapest Data Plans In August 2016 | For Android, Blackberry, iOS And PC

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Happy new month my friends, now that we are already in the second month of the second half of the year. Am here to reveal to you NKH’s cheapest data plans in August 2016 for fast and unlimited browsing on Android, BlackBerry, iOS and PC etc.

What you’re about to read is a compilation of the not only the cheapest data plans, but the best data plans that will be suitable for all heavy internet users, moderate internet users, internet night crawlers, social media lovers and download freaks.


Airtel data plansAIRTEL

Airtel network is not slacking in providing cheap and amazing plans at reduced cost, it is working really hard to make sure everyone stays connected at all cost. Check out cool data tariffs on Airtel below…

1. For MTK Android phones & Blackberry 10 Users

This plan is suitable for all phones running a Mediatek processor, this is because, it involves IMEI tweaking. You can get 3GB for N1000 on Airtel if you opt in for this plan. Click here for details.

Take Note; Blackberry 10 users does not need to change IMEI, All you need to do is..follow the link above, subscribe and start browsing.

2. Unlimited Hourly Night Plan (N1000 For 2 hours)

Airtel unlimited hourly plan is a time based plan that allows you to download unlimited data during the night. It goes for N1000 for 2hrs. If you have a very fast Airtel network in your locality, then give it a shot. it works perfectly on all device (PC, Android, Blackberry, iOS and others)

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This plan is simply wonderful and have been a great saviour, it has helped me download heavy files on my phones and PC, I can update my PC without fears of data exhaustion, also, I can conveniently update apps on my mobile device too .. have you been searching for a plan that allows you to download without limits, throttling and slow network? Then I’d recommend this plan, you need to try it out!airtel unlimited night plan

  • To subscribe; Recharge N1000 & dial *481# For Unlimited Data; to be used between the hours of 12am to 6am.

3. SmartTRYBE Night Plan | 1.5GB for N50 & 500MB for N25

Sadly, no more Airtel unlimited hourly plan, yes NO MORE!!! Airtel had followed MTN’s paths in reducing its night plan to N25 & N50 respectively. No more 1hr for N100 and 2hrs for N200 that allows you to browse & download unlimitedly. These plans have been changed to 1.5GB for N50 & 500MB for N25 respectively. For more details click here.

4. Airtel 2G (2GB for N200 & 6GB for N500)

Funny but real, this plan is one of the cheapest plans brought to the table last month (in June). It offers users great opportunity to stay connected at little cost. The downside of this plan is, it only works on 2G network, which implies that you will have to switch your network plan to 2G only or switch off 3G totally. Sounds awkward right?

While Android users keep searching for how to make Airtel 2G plan faster or make it work on 3G those using this plan on Blackberry have showered praises on this particular plan. The claimed its very fast, some went as far as comparing its speed to 3G. Click here for more details.


1. Etisalat 1.5GB for N1000

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This is not new, you can get a full list of data plans on Etisalat here

Glo data plansGLO

Currently, Glo have the biggest and cheapest data plan in Nigeria, it has massively increased all her data plans, thereby giving users more data for lower rates. see details below..

1. Glo 10GB for N2500

Yeah, if you’ve not heard… the rumours is true. Glo have already modfied all their data plans in May 2016, making it cheap and affordable. Now you can get 2GB for N1000 and 6GB for N2000 & more…. Although, all you need is to hope and pray Glo network is very stable where you reside. Plans works on all device. You can click here to get this.

2. Glo BIS On Android

By the way,  Glo BIS is still rocking on android and it only cost N1400 to get 3GB of data. All it requires is IMEI tweaking and it works only on MTK phones. Get details here.

3. Glo 0.00k Psiphon Trick On Android

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This is not a lie, Glo is rocking on Psiphon with absolutely nothing on your phone. You don’t have to have credit to enjoy this. May we should call it free browsing on Glo, perhaps, it requires Psiphon VPN to power it. Check for details here.

MTN data plansMTN

Yello users, MTN data plans are next to Glo’s on the cheap list. Though MTN started the whole data slash down thing and Glo took a hotter shot at it. Here are MTN cheap plans for July 2016 below…

1. MTN Surprise Plans

Here are normal MTN plans; 5GB for N2500, 1.5GB for N1000 & more. They work well without any tweaking on Android, iOS, PC and other device. Click here for details 

2. MTN Night Plan (500MB for N25)

Cool night plan that allows you to browse between the hours of 12:00AM – 4:00AM, and with ony N25 you can get 500MB. Can be used on any device but cant be renewed after exhaustion. You will have to wait till the next day to resubscribe. See full details here

3. MTN WowWeekend

This is not like the normal weekend plans, this one is more of a bonus plan that allows you to browse with free data awarded to you after subscribing for a specified data on your MTN line. All lines are eligible for this promo. Here are some offers sent to me through SMS informing me on this weekend offer.

  • “Special offer! Buy 100MB for N200 and get 500MB FREE data. Dial *131*113# to activate. Dial *131*4# to view data bonus. Bonus Valid for 24 hrs.”
  • Special offer! Buy 750MB for N500 and get 3.75GB FREE data. Dial *131*103# to activate. Dial *131*4# to view data bonus. Bonus Valid till Sunday 11:59pm

Check out for more offers by searching through the internet on WowWeekend.


Ntel network is new but is gradually circulating around Nigeria. From Abuja to Lagos, now PH should be getting it sooner and other states later.

1. Unlimited Lite, Weekly & Monthly Plans

NTEL promised to give unlimited fast 4G internet plans, and yes they are keeping to their words. Although these plans are quite expensive and not so affordable by an ordinary man. Check here for full list of data plans, cost & subscription details.

I pray you all have a super month ahead. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

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