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Best Websites to Play Solitaire Games Online for Free (2023)

If you were searching for how you could play the best solitaire games online without an app or software, then here's an article that reveals the best websites to play solitaire games online for free.

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Solitaire in its definition is a game for one person, but in this context, it is for cards and other varieties. Solitaire games have been the most sought after especially in the 90s. The first solitaire game was released on Windows OS in 1990 and has since then, garnered much popularity and player base. Today, you can finally play solitaire games online on electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, PCs or consoles.

If you were searching for how you could play the best solitaire games out there with your smartphone or PC, without worrying about downloading an app or software for it, then you’re in the right place. In this article on Naijaknowhow, we’ll be looking at the best websites to play solitaire games online for free.

Yes, you do not need anything other than a web browser and an internet connection to have access to these games. These websites offer amazing features to give you the best satisfaction while gaming.

Solitaire games are not just for entertainment, but a means to help exercise the brain. With the development of these platforms, playing your favourite solitaire games online will no longer be a hurdle.

List of the Best Websites to Play Solitaire Games Online

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If you’re in for some card games to while away time and have fun, below you’ll be getting a list of the best websites for online solitaire gameplay. They’re all absolutely free to play, but do make sure to have a good internet connection.

1. Google Solitaire

Google Solitaire - Play Solitaire Online

Though not the best, Google Solitaire is the by far the most straightforward platform to play solitaire. It offers an easy and feasible way for you to enjoy online solitaire games. Once the link loads on your browser, you’ll be asked to choose the level of difficulty for gameplay. Once that is done, you’re immediately presented with the gameplay.

The website offers you features such as time, score, and moves that you’ve made so far in the game. You can see this at the top of your screen. Starting a new game isn’t hard, you just need to click on the button labelled “New” at the bottom of your screen. Mistakes can also be corrected immediately as the site also gives you an “Undo” button which lets you go back a step.

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The unique thing about Google Solitaire is its simple user interface. Its design is not confusing and is practically straight to the reason you visited the website.

2. Solitr — www.solitr.com

Solitr - Play Solitaire Online

Solitr is another platform that offers free and straight-to-the-point gameplay for solitaire games. It gives you casual entertainment when playing. This website offers four solitaire modes of which spider, mahjong, and sudoku are among the main solitaire. What else? Well, it has great customization options that give you the freedom of using three cards same time.

Knowing how you have performed so far when playing is easy as the site gives you a simple scoreboard to see your points. If you find it hard playing a mode, you can easily switch up to any of the three other modes it has available. The interface of this website isn’t the best, but it sure is very clean and easy to use. Solitr can be regarded as one of the best websites to play solitaire games online for free. After your day’s work, you can go to visit this site and have a fun time with its solitaire gameplay.

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3. Klondike Solitaire — www.klondike-solitaire.online

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Klondike Solitaire

Should you be wanting to experience the Klondike version of solitaire, then this is the right platform for you. Klondike Solitaire offers your simple and easy-to-use interface with limited options. It does not give you the chance to customize your gameplay. You can only start a new game or undo a move in a current game. The design of the deck and cards are beautifully done.

You should be in the gameplay immediately after you visit the site. There are no given rules or guides to help you. Figuring out how to play the game isn’t that tasking, especially for those who are already familiar with online solitaire games. Klondike Solitaire offers basically no outstanding feature to make your gameplay entertaining, but you’ll not be bored when playing as a result of its easy gameplay.

The platform may not look interesting enough but once you start playing, you’d find yourself getting addicted. This is a platform for those that want to enjoy just one variant of online solitaire.

4. Solitaire Online — www.online-solitaire.com

Play Solitaire Online

If you want to enjoy various modes of solitaire then Solitaire Online is the place for you. This website’s solitaire mode ranges from Classic Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, Free Cell, and Spider. You will have the most fun when you’re playing them. The unique thing about this platform is the smoothness of its gameplay, graphics, and modern design it has presented its users with. All features you expect to see in a classic solitaire game are offered here.

Solitaire Online offers daily challenges with the opportunity to win amazing deals. You get a lot of hints to help you improve your gameplay and this gives you the chance to win most of your games. The website is constantly updated and gameplay is improved on based on user requests. You also get a set of guides and rules that teaches you how to play the game. You require no sign-ups for you to be able to play your favourite games on this website.

If you do not want to always visit the site to play, you can download their application on your smartphone, but keep in mind that it is only available for Android devices at the moment.

5. Solitaired — www.solitaired.com


To enjoy free online solitaire gameplay, then you need to check out Solitaired, as it marks a spot as one of the best websites to play solitaire games online either on your smartphone or computer. Should you be looking for a platform to try out different types of solitaire card games, you should check out Solitaired. It offers up to 500+ variants of solitaire gameplay. If you want to get full access to all features it offers, you would need to sign up and log in.

Solitaired gives options that allow you to change your card design, create your own card, have full-screen mode and sounds turned on, and more. Like most online solitaire platforms, it gives you a set of rules which you can find by toggling the “More” button. You may find Ads disturbing your gameplay when you’re playing, and to solve that issue, they offer a premium subscription fee of $5 per month. This helps the developers to ensure the maintenance and running of the platform.

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Should you encounter any problems while gaming, you can make complaints and state your findings when you click the “Report Bug” option at the bottom of your screen. This gives the developers information to enable quick fixes for better user satisfaction.

6. 247Solitaire — www.247solitaire.com

247Solitaire - Play Solitaire Online

247Solitaire gives you the opportunity to enjoy over 20+ online solitaire varieties of which  Spider, Wasp, Scorpion, Freecell, and Yukon Solitaire are among. If you want to easily understand how you can play these games without hassle, they do have a video guide at the top of the website for you to watch.

The site also offers you guides for strategic gameplay when playing. The design of this platform isn’t the best but it sure is easy and simple to use. Like most online solitaire websites, you’re presented with a green deck and white cards. You can view your win and loss rates, and your statistics even for previous games. The downside of this platform is its lack of customization options, but you’d still enjoy playing your favourite online solitaire games with it.

7. Cardgames — www.cardgames.io/solitaire


As the name suggests, Cardgames.io is a platform that allows you to enjoy card solitaire gameplay online for free. It has no other mode available other than that. But you’ll definitely not get bored when playing on this website. It has a beautiful and fun-to-use interface. This platform gives you a lot of features and options to help you navigate the site properly and with ease.

When you visit the website, you’ll be presented with a card solitaire gameplay. Below that will be a bunch of rules and guides to help with the dos and don’ts when playing. These rules will not be hard to understand and remember as they’re carefully laid down. The objective when gaming, is to get all cards on the foundation piles that have been given. This sure won’t be an easy task but if you’re a card enthusiast, it will not be a problem for you.

On the menu of the website, you’ll find options that allow you to start a new game. You’ll also be able to pause or restart your current game. You will find that you’re able to change players, and opponents, and also see the statistics of your gameplay.


This listicle reveals the best website to play online solitaire games for free on your smartphone or PC without the need to download apps or software. You need only visit the listed platforms with a web browser and an internet connection to start playing. So if you’re a solitaire games lover, do well to try out these websites and have fun. Enjoy!!!

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