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Best Live Streaming Software for PC (For YouTube, Twitch & Facebook) in 2023

Are you looking for professional live stream software programs for your PC? Here's a list of the best live streaming software for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc.

When it comes to live-streaming on PC, there are different software programs and ways you can do that, and we’ve seen video conferencing apps making online meetings possible. But live streaming is quite different and when you live stream, you’re sharing your screen and what you’re doing with your followers or viewers.

Live streaming on PC is mostly done by gamers or online tutors, and there are different software you can use for live streaming, they can be connected across websites like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

If you’re hoping to live stream on your PC and you need software recommendations. We’ve listed some of the best live-streaming software for PC here on NaijaKnowHow, these software programs will let you live-stream your PC screen and they’re the best for websites like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

List of the Best Live Streaming Software for PC

Live-streaming on PC is fun especially when you have a channel where you can interact with your viewers, websites like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and even Discord make them happen. And these are the best live-streaming software you can install on your PC. You can live stream your gameplay and live stream tutorials as well.

1. OBS Studio

Best Live Streaming Software

Open Broadcast Software popularly known as OBS Studio is an open-source live streaming software for PC and it’s one of the best game streaming apps for Android users as well. This software is one of the few free streaming software out there and it offers one of the best ways to share your screen with different people. OBS is best known for live-streaming games and it offers a lot of features that’ll let you make changes to how you live-stream.

It’s a very good screen recorder and it makes it easy to share your recordings to various channels on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and Discord. OBS Studio is a professional streaming software and it’s one of the best live streaming software out there, it’s available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

2. Restream


Restream is an outstanding broadcasting software and it makes live streaming easy on PC, this software makes it possible to live stream across different websites and it offers cool features. It has multistream capabilities and it also allows users to boost engagements on platforms where live-stream has been broadcasted. With Restream, you can live stream and connect with your audience, it supports peer-to-peer streaming.

While broadcasting with Restream, you can use audience interaction tools and it gives a good streaming bit-rate, it’s a free software program and you can also pay for the standard and professional versions.

3. Wirecast

Best Live Streaming Software

Wirecast is a user-friendly live streaming software for PC users, this software makes it easy to live broadcast videos to different platforms, you can also live-stream your pre-recorded videos with Wirecast. It supports different technologies and one of its features is GPU-accelerated encoding that’ll give your videos maximum quality while you’re live-streaming. Wirecast has built-in Pro Audio FX that’ll enhance audio quality when broadcasting videos online.

There’s no limit to the number of platforms you can live stream your videos to on Wirecast, it supports Facebook and other popular websites. Wirecast makes live streaming easy on PC and you can use this PC on your Windows and Mac PC.

4. Streamlabs OBS

Best Live Streaming Software

Streamlabs OBS, unlike OBS Studio, it is a less complicated software to stream on your PC. This software is also open source and it’s completely free, it’s a very good PC software for game streaming and you can live stream to websites like Twitch, Linkedin, YouTube and even Facebook. Streamlabs is completely free and it has cool features.

If you’ll like to explore more features on Streamlabs OBS, then you’ll need to purchase its prime plan which has plenty of features compared to the free one. You can use this software to host tutorials online and it’s very easy to set up.

5. SplitCam


SplitCam is a perfect software for conferencing on a PC and it makes use of your Webcam, this software is very good for simulcasting and it’s very good for quality video streaming. SplitCam is a free software program and you don’t need to pay any fees or hidden charges, it supports different peer 2 peer services and it’s a reliable software for streaming.

SplitCam is one of the best live streaming software out there on PC. You can download and install the software on your Windows and Mac PC, it’s very easy to use and its features are one of the best you’ll get from software like it.

6. OneStream


OneStream Software is very good too for more audience outreach on different social media platforms. If you want to live-stream your videos and send them to more than 10 different social media sites, then OneStream is the perfect software you need to install. You can upload via its multiple upload options and it also supports screen sharing.

With OneStream, you can stream to over 40 different platforms and it offers both free and paid services, on its free service you can enjoy unlimited streams but it sets a limit to 5 minutes per stream and you can only link to one social media account. Getting the best from OneStream is only when you’re running a paid service.

7. XSplit Broadcaster

Best Live Streaming Software

XSplit Broadcaster is a professional live-streaming software you can make use of and take your content creation to a next level. This streaming software is perfect for live broadcasting and it’s a good software to live stream games as well. It gives a good rate and GPU acceleration, its features are cool and you can do a lot with its streaming and recording tools.

XSplit Broadcaster is not a recommended live streaming software for beginners, the software should only be used by professionals because setting it up is a bit complicated. Nevertheless, it’s a very suitable software to live-stream on a PC.

8. Switchboard Live

Switchboard Live

If you want to live stream to different destinations at once without being limited, Switchboard Live is the perfect software you need to install on your PC. It supports platforms like Facebook, Twitch and YouTube and while it doesn’t have too many special features, it’s still a quality live stream software to create broadcasts and stream games online.

Switchboard Live is very easy to use and has simulcasting support features, you can install Switchboard Live on Windows and Mac, it’s a professional live streaming software and it’s perfect for streaming broadcasts.


Live streaming on PC gets better with the above-listed software. They’re top-notch and will serve your needs regardless of the nature of the live stream. You can always use them to live stream games and videos. before you leave, you should check out our article on Twitch Streaming software for PC. In addition, you could read other useful articles in the related posts section below.

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