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5 Best Game Streaming Apps To Stream Games on Android (2020)

If you're a PUBG Mobile player or Fortnite and you feel you're good enough to stream your gameplay, in this article you'll know more about the best Android apps to stream games.

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Since the development of battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, there have been different game streamers, and if you pay attention to channels on Facebook and Youtube, you’ll see people streaming games from their Android device.

If you’re a PUBG Mobile player or Fortnite and you feel you’re good enough to stream your gameplays but you have no idea on how it’s being done or you don’t know the best apps to stream your games.

Well if you’re reading this article, it will give you insight on some of the best streaming apps to stream games on Android, with these apps you can stream your games directly to Facebook and Youtube.

Best Streaming Apps To Stream Games on Android

1. Streamlabs


With Streamlabs, I can assure you streaming games from your Android device would be easy as ever. This app is one of the known game streamer apps most Android gamers use, with Streamlabs you can stream games directly to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and other platforms you’re familiar with. And streaming games is not the only thing you can do with Streamlabs, you can stream normal activities you do as well.

Streamlabs is cool to use and it also lets you engage with your viewers easily, you can talk to them using the audio response option or you give them a direct response through chatting. You can host tournaments with Streamlabs and also make money from it, it’s one of the best streaming apps on Android.

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Streamlabs: Live Streaming App
Streamlabs: Live Streaming App

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2. Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is well known for its feature’s and also the convenience it gives to streaming games online if you want to take your gaming experience to a different level, or you want to share some of the funny or hectic moments you’ve had when playing games online, you can use Omlet Arcade to stream directly to Youtube, Facebook and other places like Twitch. Omlet Arcade will let you stream games in high-resolution and it will look smooth to you and your viewers.

Omlet Arcade has a lot of features, you can use different animated profile frames, it’ll also allow you to generate your personal RTMP link that’ll allow you to stream your games to other platforms. There’s a lot you can do with Omlet Arcade, it’s one of the best streaming apps to stream games on Android.

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3. NexPlay


NexPlay is one of the favourite streaming apps, though I don’t stream games on it, I watch live games instead. With NexPlay you can stream games from your Android device to Facebook and Youtube, it has a push button that makes streaming of games very easy, this is one of the best streaming apps with amazing features, you can also watch games streamed by other gamers like you. you can connect to gamers directly from this app.

The best part about using NexPlay is that you can watch live tournaments broadcasted by Esports and this lets you watch your favourite game streamers play live, you can also set tournaments for players to play with you. NexPlay is very easy to use and it’s one of the best streaming apps to stream games on your Android device.

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4. Mobizen


Stream games live in HD with Mobizen, Mobizen is one of the easy to use streaming apps to stream games or make any type of live broadcast directly from your Android device, you can only stream your videos to Youtube with Mobizen, it has cool features and you can easily interact with your viewers through the chatbox.

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Moziben allows face cam, with that your viewers can see your face as they watch your gameplays, it’s a very convenient app to stream games online and it’s also one of the best streamings apps for Android.

5. Nimo TV for Streamer

Nimo TV for Streamer

Nimo Tv is no different from the streaming apps I’ve listed above, I’ll say the only difference is that Nimo Tv is free and doesn’t support ADS like some of the streaming apps I listed, This app makes streaming of games very easy to gamers and viewers who stream live games. Nimo Tv has features that’ll let you stream your games in the best possible way.

It’s one of the best streaming apps to stream games on Android, take your gameplays to another level by showing the community how good you are, make friends and also play alongside friends from Nimo Tv app.


If you want to stream games on your Android device, these are the best streaming apps to use, you can even earn with some of these apps by growing your community, the more interactions you make, the more money you get.

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