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6 Best Bible Apps for Android in 2020

In this article, I'll be covering some of the best bible apps for Android users, in these apps, you can read about the word of God

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The word of God is a necessity and once in our day to day activities we have to read one or two bible verses, kneel on the floor when we wake up and thank God for today and the day before.

Bibles aren’t meant to be read on Sundays alone nor when we find our selves in church, the bible can be read at any time we wish to read them. If you want to make reading bibles or reading some daily manna very convenient for you, there’s a way to them that without walking around with a bible in your hand.

In this article, I’ll be covering some of the best bible apps for Android users, in these apps, you can read about the word of God, you can read daily manna’s and some motivational Christian words before you begin or end a day.

Best Bible Apps for Android

1. YouVersion Bible

YouVersion Bible

Reading the word of God is one of the things every Christian must engage in, being devoted or not, it’s a must we read about the creator of our lives and with an app like YouVersion Bible around, doing that wouldn’t be a difficult task for some of us. This bible app is one of the most downloaded Bible app worldwide and it has amazing features that’ll make the reading of bible a daily habit for you.

With Youversion Bible you can read different versions of the bible from old & new testament, you can read daily devotional messages and also it has audio options that’ll let you listen to bible verses through audio. You can read YouVersion Bible in different languages and it also has options to make highlights. This is the best bible app for Android.

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2. Daily Bible

Daily Bible

With Daily Bible app, your faith in God will increase constantly and you’ll realize you find your self in setting reading plans for every morning devotional words. Well, Daily Bible has a lot it offers in terms of teaching the word of God, this bible app is free and also supports offline reading on chapters and verses, you can set your daily reading plans, it offers devotional words that’ll help start a great day for you.

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Daily Bible app is one of the best because it’s a very convenient app and it also makes searching for topics very easy. It works offline and also allows you to read verses in Audio. There are different bible versions in it as well, Daily Bible is one of the best bible apps for Android.

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3. Audio Bible

Audio Bible

Audio Bible is perfect for those who don’t like reading from screen, this app is arguable of the best and it has quality mp3 bible verses to read anytime you feel like you want to. With over 28 different bible versions and also in different languages, getting the word of God wouldn’t be difficult anymore.

Audio Bible works online and offline, you’ll need internet to download some of the audio verses, it has a background audio player that’ll let you listen to your favourite bible verses on your Android device. If you’re looking for one of the best bible apps for Android, then you should try getting Audio Bible installed on your Android device.

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Audio Bible
Audio Bible
Developer: BunOc Games
Price: Free+

4. Bible.is


Bible.is is an amazing bible app for Android users, it’s different from any other Bible app on Android, if you’re looking for a bible app with lots of languages in which the Bible can be read, then you should consider getting this app installed on your Android device. with Bible.is you can read the bible, listen to the Bible, and also see the bible. On Bible.is you can search for bible passages by language or by country. This app has a lot of features that makes up a great Bible app.

You can create a free account on Bible.is if you want to keep your bookmarks, highlights, and written notes if you want to access them later. you can also share any bible verse to social media sites or send using SMS on your Android device. Bible.is is one of the best bible apps on Android.

5. Superbook Kids Bible

Superbook Kids Bible

Keeping your kids closer to the word of God from a young age is one of the best you can do as a parent, with apps like Superbook Kids Bible, kids can easily know about the bible by reading some of the fascinating bible stories like the story of David and Goliath, Daniel in The Lion’s Den or the Miracles of Jesus and many other stories in the bible. It also has audio features that’ll teach kids the word of God.

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With Superbook Kids Bible, kids can learn about the word of God by playing games, they can also read encouraging bible verses. This app offers a lot and it’s one of the best bible apps on Android, you can use it to teach your kids or kids around you the word of God from their tender age.

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6. Bible Story

Bible Story

The bible has lots of stories from the creation of the earth to the birth of Christ and many other stories we might’ve not read before. This app covers all the stories from the bible and it covers them in accord. If you want to learn a lot from the days when God created the earth and also the stories of Adam and Eve, Birth Of Jesus Christ, The Story Of The Disciples of Jesus and many more

With over 200 stories in this app, you’ll never get bored about reading the bible, every story from the old testaments to the new one, you’ll find them all in this app. Stories like Christmas Story, Old Testament, New Testament, The Apostles, Younger Kids, Daily Devotionals and many more can be found in this app. It’s one of the best bible apps for Android user.

Bible Story (offline)
Bible Story (offline)
Developer: AmaliaDev
Price: Free


With the bible apps written in this article, you can now read the bible more convenient than ever, there are devotional words you can also read from these apps and also make sure your kids engage in the word of God. These bible apps can change your life and keep you closer to God as a Christian.

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