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Best Music Downloader Apps for Android in 2020

In this article, I'll be writing on the best music downloader apps for Android, with these apps you can download any music you want directly from your android device

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Listening to music is one of the best ways to get entertained when we try to have fun or we find our selves in a boring state, and as we all know there are different websites where music can be downloaded for free.

While some websites offer free quality music files, and some don’t. Someone like me, I always prefer to download any music file I want directly through an app, with this I can save my self stress from looking through different websites.

In this article, I’ll be writing on the best music downloader apps for Android, with these apps you can download any music you want directly from your android device, some allow streaming as well.

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

1. Audiomack


Audiomack is the best music downloader app for me and I can tell it’s the app most people use to stream and download music on their Android device. With Audiomack you can download the latest songs you want, you can also download albums and mixtapes. With Audiomack you stream music unlimitedly and also save favourite tracks.

Audiomack has a lot of features and it also holds a legal copyright on the music it offers, it’s one of the best music downloader apps to download music on Android.

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2. Deezer Music

Deezer Music

Deezer Music is one of the most popular music downloader apps for Android users, with over 56million tracks in its database, there’s no song you wouldn’t find on Deezer. This app has a lot of features and it makes streaming and downloading of music very easy on Android, with Deezer Music you can never have a boring day, make a selection of your favourite songs and albums, and begin to stream and also download.

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You can download songs on Deezer Music, then once you’re offline you can listen to these songs on the go, it’s a very cool music app you can use on your Android device, one of the best music downloader apps for Android.

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3. 4shared


4shared as we all know is a file hosting client app, you can upload music files, video files, pictures and any content that doesn’t breach copyright policies. It has many features and it’s a very simple app you can use to save important stuff, well it serves as a downloader app to and not only can you download music on it, you can also download videos and other files.

Just search for the music name or album name you want on 4shared and wait for the search result to get completed. 4shared doesn’t have music files unlike other apps listed above it, but you’ll be able to download any music you want as long as it’s being uploaded on their server.

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4. Frostwire


Frostwire is a torrent download app for Android, actually, it’s one of my favourite torrent downloaders and it has cool features. With Frostwire you can download music files with ease, just hit the search bar and type in the song name or album you want to download, you’ll get the song and you can easily download it on your device. Frostwire also has a music player that can be used to listen to music while you download from the torrent.

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Frostwire makes downloading of music easy, you can download music files and music albums with the torrent client. It’s one of the best music downloader apps you can use on your Android device.

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5. MixerBox PRO

MixerBox Pro

MixerBox is a music player that’ll let you listen to music for free, this app makes it possible to listen to music videos directly from youtube or any website of your choice. It has cool features and you can use it without any form of subscription or login request. It has cool designs and the app interface looks very perfect, you can easily navigate around the app.

You can also use MixerBox to download your favourite music and listen to them anytime you want. MixerBox is one of the best music download app you can use on Android, aside the ADS in it, it’s a good music downloader app for Android.


With these music downloader apps, you can now stream and download music easily without looking for sources on Google. they’re the best apps you can use to get your favourite songs and albums.

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