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7 Best Music Player Apps For Android in 2021

Getting bored of your default Android device music player? Here is a compilation on the best music player apps for Android devices, the best in 2019

Getting bored of the default music player that came with your Android device? Well in this article, I’ve compiled the best music player apps for Android users, these apps will take your music fun time to a completely different level with different features they all have.

When you buy a new Android device, it comes with two music players, well I can say two boring music players cause they lack features one needs from a music player, one of this default music players is Google Play Music, and the second might be from your device developer, sometimes these music players have ADS and most of them don’t offer good audio quality.

Well in this article you’ll find some of the best music players for Android, so read more about them as I’ve written about them below.

List of the Best Music Player Apps For Android


Talking about a powerful music player app, well AIMP is one of the strongest music player app for Android users, it’s one of the best as well and this music player app as many features that’ll make you enjoy listening to music every time. If you’re bored with the default music player app that came with your Android device, well AIMP can be a good replacement for it.

This app comes with a lot of features like applying themes, playback speed control, balance control and many more, AIMP is one of the best music player apps for Android and its free to download and install.

Developer: Artem Izmaylov
Price: Free

2. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp music player for Android is another awesome music player that has got mind-blowing features and if you’re looking for a music player that makes quality audio sound its priority, then you can always think of this particular music player, its UI is just amazing. Poweramp is a well-developed music player app and its user-friendly interface is one of the few things I like about it.

Its the type of music player that’ll let you listen to music smoothly, you can also add customization to it and give the music player background a different look, Poweramp is a paid app, but you can enjoy its trial version for some time, it’s one of the best music players out there.

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Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Developer: Max MP
Price: Free

3. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is another good music player, I’ve been a user of this music player some years back when it just arrived for Windows users, then I always prefer to use it over Windows Media Player. Now its arrival on Android years back has even increased my likeness towards it, MediaMonkey makes listening to music on your Android device much easier.

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You can sync music from your computer to MediaMonkey, there are other features you’ll find on this music player, it also has a pro version that has more features compared to the free version. This is one of the best music players for Android.

Developer: Ventis Media, Inc.
Price: Free+

4. JetAudio HD Music Player

music players

You must have heard of JetAudio, well if you haven’t here’s a chance to know about this music player. It’s one of the best music players out there, I did use it years back on my computer, but since its introduction on Android, I haven’t really given it a chance. But my experience with the Windows version is good enough to rate it among the best music players for Android devices.

JetAudio lets you take control of how you want to enjoy listening to music, it has many features, it’s also a paid app too but you can use the free version that comes with ADS. If you’re looking for a good music player for Android, never miss out on JetAudio.

jetAudio HD Music Player
jetAudio HD Music Player
Developer: Team Jet
Price: Free+

5. BlackPlayer EX Music Player

BlackPlayer EX is one of the different music players I’ve come across so far and when we talk about a music player that offers tons of premium features to music playing, I can always think of BlackPlayer EX. This app is free and very different from other music players that charge you or display ADS that annoys you, BlackPlayer Ex lets you customize the app how you want and also lets you apply fonts to chance typography within the app.

There are other features like 11 colour accents, different now playing themes, Screen Always On option and many more, features that are paid for on some music player, they’re free on BlackPlayer Ex and that has made it one of the best music player for Android users.

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BlackPlayer EX Music Player
BlackPlayer EX Music Player
Developer: FifthSource
Price: $3.49

6. PlayerPro Music Player

music players

PlayerPro is one of the finest music player app for Android, its also an advanced video player as well and it has mind-blowing features that don’t come free though, this is a paid music player you can purchase. If you’re looking for a music player app that uses plugins and skins, you should try getting PlayerPro app on your android device.

PlayerPro can also be connected to cars via the Android Auto and that is only possible if your car has that option in its car stereo. PlayerPro has many features and these features have made the app one of the best music player app you can use on your Android device.

PlayerPro Music Player
PlayerPro Music Player
Developer: BlastOn SA
Price: $3.99

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7. Phonograph Music Player

music players

The Phonograph music player is just like every music players I’ve listed above, but there is a difference with this music player, it’s very light and looks beautiful in terms of its interface, if you want to listen to music in the most convenient way, then you should get Phonograph music player.

It has customization options in it, you can customize the interface how you want, there are some cool colours there too, you can easily sync your media into one place and begin to surf music how you want. Phonograph Music Player is one of those music player apps you can’t miss out on.

Phonograph Music Player
Phonograph Music Player
Developer: Karim Abou Zeid
Price: Free+


If you’re contemplating on music player apps and you stumbled upon this article anywhere, I’m sure after reading one or two paragraphs on different music player apps, you’ll decide which one you prefer. The music player apps listed in this article are actually the best you’ll come across at the moment.

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