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5 Best Video Downloader Apps for Android in 2021

Enjoy watching videos on your Android smartphone? Well you can easily download and watch any video file with your Android device using these video downloader apps listed in this article.

Downloading videos online or on social media platforms is quite difficult and sometimes impossible, but with the right video downloader apps for Android devices, you can easily download your favourite videos on any website or social media platform and get them saved on your smartphone.

There are lots of video downloader applications out there and available for use, but choosing the right one is a bit difficult, and that’s why I’d say you’re in the right place because for sure, I’ll list the best Android video downloader applications that are quite capable of downloading any videos online.

However, if installing apps on your smartphone is not your thing, you can as well just visit sites such as savefrom.net to download videos from YouTube by simply pasting the video URL in the search panel.

Without further ado, let’s delve right into the purpose of this article and get to see the best video downloader apps to use on Android phones. They are third-party apps that you’ll not find on Google Play Store, but no worries, because they’re safe to use.

List of the Best Video Downloader Apps for Android

1. TubeMate


TubeMate is quite a video downloader app for Android users, it’s arguably the best or I’ll say one of the best video downloader apps for Android devices. With the TubeMate application, you can easily save videos from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other video hosting sites. This video downloader application has got a lot of amazing features that make it superb.

TubeMate doesn’t require difficult steps to get videos downloaded. It is easy to use the application, and the best part about this video downloader is its ability to download multiple videos at the same time and at a very fast speed, so you don’t have to sleep off when using it. Watching YouTube videos is also possible with the TubeMate app.

There are options set for you in the TubeMate application that’ll enable you to download multiple videos at the same time while keeping the speed intact. This app has got a fine menu option that lists all of its settings to you, and thereby you’ll not find it that much hard to navigate to your desired options.

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2. VidMate


Here is another awesome video downloader application that makes video downloading to be fun. Yes, the VidMate app can also be classified as one of the best video downloader apps for Android smartphones. This application will give you options to download videos in high quality even if that video is of low quality. VidMate is similar to TubeMate but with a different user interface.

The VidMate video downloader application supports downloading of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter videos. Talking about its download speed, VidMate will get your videos downloaded within minutes no matter the size. You can also access websites with it to access downloadable videos.

When we talk about a beautiful interface, VidMate is your best choice as it comes with a material designed UI and of course, this makes the application very nice. VidMate will give you all that is required from a video downloader application on your Android smartphone. You should download and try it out.

3. SnapTube

SnapTube - Video Downloader App

SnapTube can be said to be the best Android video downloader application currently. This app has got crazy features that’ll help you download any kind of video you want online. To say, I’ve been using SnapTube for a long time and can attest to the fact that you’ll surely get whatever you need from this video downloader. SnapTube is your best choice for downloading videos.

SnapTube has got its own inbuilt browser that will allow you to access websites from which you could easily get your favourite videos downloaded. If you’ve ever been searching for applications that could compress video files without losing quality, then the SnapTube application is here for you as it also offers that feature.

Ok, I’ll say that if it comes to me suggesting a better video downloader application to use on your Android device, then I’ll definitely recommend the SnapTube app. You don’t need any other app to download videos when you’ve got this application installed on your Android smartphone. Snaptube is the application to download and use now.

4. KeepVid

KeepVid - Video Downloader App

KeepVid is also a good video downloader application which you should use on your Android smartphone. It offers quite a lot of amazing features that would interest you. KeepVid comes with a unique user interface that keeps things smooth and easy. You can use the KeepVid application to download not only videos but also music files from websites like SoundCloud and the rest.

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KeepVid offers users options to download both video and music files in quite different qualities. I can say that it’s actually one of the best Android video downloader apps out there that wouldn’t bore you. KeepVid will help you to download both music and video from any online platform.

Though it doesn’t really have a beautifully designed pattern, KeepVid is also a good video downloader app to use. Of course, if you’re a music lover, and you want to get your favourite songs downloaded on your Android device, then you should surely try out the KeepVid application. It does a perfect job on that without a hitch.

5. Videoder


Videoder is quite a known video downloader application that offers fast downloading of videos from any social media platform and YouTube. This application makes video downloading very easy and you should, of course, get it and try it out. Videoder application has also marked its spot as one of the best video downloader app one could use on their Android device.

Videoder has got a sleek design and an awesome user interface that gets people’s attention. You would enjoy using this application for downloading your favourite videos on your Android phone. Videoder has amazing features you would want to explore once installed on your smartphone.

Videoder app is strictly for downloading videos when you insert a direct download link. It doesn’t offer you the feature of watching videos on social media or YouTube. You can only download straight from it into your Android device storage. The amazing thing here is that this application has got breathtaking download speeds.


Here we go. We’ve come to the end of this article, as I’ve shown you the best Android video downloader applications which you should get and start using. The features that these apps offer are similar and they also differ, so you’ll have to get the right one that suits your video download needs.

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