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5 Best Apps For Downloading Movies on Android in 2023

Are you looking for movie downloader apps to download movies online? Here's a list of the best apps for downloading (Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, Chinese, Pinoy movies etc.) on Android for free.

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The days when we had to buy DVDs in order to see our favourite Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Filipino, and other films are long gone. Downloading and installing some of the mobile apps we’ll be looking at below will allow you to easily download and watch these movies.

If we analyze how people watch movies these days, we’ll see that while the masses love to use streaming platforms like Netflix and so on, there are still people that’ll prefer streaming their movies via websites to stream Hollywood movies or stream movies online in general. While there are one or two inconveniences surrounding the aforementioned ways people watch movies, that has made people divert attention to downloading movies instead and sometimes use Android apps like ShowBox or even Mobdro instead.

If you’re reading this article on NaijaKnowHow, and you’ll like to know the best apps for downloading movies on Android, we’ve made a list of these apps in this article you’re reading.

List of The Best Apps For Downloading Movies on Android

So far, downloading movies online always seems to be the best option because even if you can’t watch it today, you can always try another day and even rewatch the movie after you might have watched it before.

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If you’re an Android user and you’ll love to download movies on your Android device, then the apps that are listed below are the best you can use. These apps are free and while they only work for Android, the best place to download any of the apps is from any Google Play Store Alternative.

1. Fz Studios App

apps for downloading movies

Fz Studios App at the moment is one of the few Android apps for streaming any latest movies you want, this app is the official app from Fz Studios and it makes it easy for Android users to access all contents from FZ Websites. With the Fz Studios app, you can have access to FzMovies, which is a good alternative to TvShows4Mobile. You can also have access to FzTvSeries for any latest tv series.

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You can use the Fz Studios App to stream movies but one of the most fascinating features of the app is that you can as well download movies if you don’t want to stream movies online, this works for both movies and tv series. Fz Studios App is one of the best apps for downloading movies on Android, you can download it for free.

2. Snaptube

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Snaptube App

Snaptube is a video downloader app and it’s one of the best out there for downloading videos from social media websites, this app is outstanding and it has a lot of features, Snaptube is known for so many features and one of its few features is that you can download YouTube videos easily, Twitter videos and so on. It’s very easy to download movies easily with Snaptube and here’s why it’s been listed as one of the best apps for downloading movies on Android.

Snaptube has a built-in web browser, and if you want to download any movies on your Android device, you only need to visit the website from which you’ll like to get the movie, play the movie, and a download button will pop up automatically and telling you the movie can be downloaded in different video quality and file size.

3. YouTube

YouTube App

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YouTube is arguably the largest video hosting website in the world and there’s no video content you’re looking for that you won’t find on YouTube, on YouTube you can also stream movies and tv shows because it has a section for them. While you can use an app like SnapTube to download movies from YouTube, the YouTube app will make it a lot easier for you to download movies on your Android device.

The YouTube app is always pre-installed on most Android devices, while it works mostly with an internet connection, you can download videos and watch them offline on YouTube. With the offline feature on the YouTube app, you’ll be able to download movies on your Android device with the YouTube app. This platform is favourably recommended for those looking for a flawless Nigerian movie app.

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4. Netflix (MOD)

apps for downloading movies

Netflix is arguably the biggest streaming platform in the world and you’ll only get to enjoy Netflix services if you’re currently using a Netflix plan or subscription. But if you can’t afford one, the Netflix Mod is the alternative way to enjoy any movie or tv series from Netflix for free on your Android device. With the Netflix Mod, you’ll be able to watch any movies on Netflix and also download them on your Android device for free.

You can download Netflix mod from any mod apk provider, this app is just a cloned version of the real Netflix app but with the same features except making payments, Netflix mod offers high movie download speed, and 4k quality videos and that’s why it’s one of the best apps for downloading movies on Android.

5. Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD

Another app on the list is the Cinema HD app, it’s a third-party streaming app on Android, with this app you can watch the latest movies and tv shows for free on your Android device, it’s more of a live tv app and it has a lot of features, it also has channels where you can download movies from and that’s why it’s one of the best apps for downloading movies on Android.

With Cinema HD installed on your Android device, you’ll be able to download any of your favourite movies on your Android device, the app is free and it’s only available on Android.

Conclusion (Movie Download Apps):

If you want to download movies on your Android device, the apps listed above are the best you can use, you’ll be able to download any film you want directly on any Android device such as tablets, phablets, smartphones, PCs (via Android Emulators) or Android TV. Before you do, kindly share through the comment box below other reliable mobile apps that you have used in downloading movies online.

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