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Best Mobdro Alternatives (Apps Like Mobdro) for Android in 2023

Can't use Mobdro anymore on Android? Here's a list of the Best Mobdro Alternatives to stream live tv on your Android device for free.

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Mobdro has been shut down for a while now and with no official date to know it’ll be back up and running, it’s quite painful to lose one of the best live tv apps that ever existed on Android. Mobdro makes it easy to enjoy unlimited tv streaming and it served all streaming purposes during its time.

However, there’s always a replacement for an app of its calibre and we’ve seen different live tv apps gracing the internet since Mobdro went off. In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve decided to handpick the Best Mobdro Alternatives for Android users.

Mobdro isn’t the first Live TV App to shut down, we’ve seen similar apps like Showbox shutting down and right now there are over 10 different ShowBox Alternatives out there, so the same applies to Mobdro as well.

List of The Best Mobdro Alternatives (Apps Like Mobdro) for Android

These apps offer live tv for free, some of these apps are not on Google Play Store due to some unknown violations but if you’ll like to download any of them on your Android device, then you’ll need to download them from any of the Google Play Store Alternatives out there.

1. Pluto TV

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Install Pluto TV on PS4

Pluto TV is one of the most popular live tv apps at the moment and you’ll find this app on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac PC, you can download and install Pluto TV on PS4 Console. Pluto TV provides unlimited streaming opportunities and it’s an app that operated legally in different countries. You’ll enjoy premium tv channels like CNN, CBSN, MTV, and Sky News and you’ll get the latest updates for on-demand content.

Pluto TV is a better replacement for Mobdro, you can use the Pluto TV app to stream movies, sports, tv shows and lots more. Pluto TV is free and there is no hidden fee that needs to be paid, it’s one of the best live tv apps at the moment.

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2. Airy TV

Best Mobdro Alternatives

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Nothing feels better than having an app that puts everything about entertainment in one place, with Airy TV installed on your Android device your chances of getting the best live streams on tv shows, movies, comedy, anime, sports, and documentaries will be unlimited. Airy TV is one of the Best Mobdro Alternatives and this app is very easy to use, it offers free streaming purposes and it has a huge database of tv content to stream.

Airy TV is very active and downloading the app on Android is very easy, you don’t need to make any payments and its servers are fast and can accumulate a lot of users at once. If you’re looking for a different app side from Mobdro, then Airy TV is one of the best you can use.

3. Redbox TV

Best Mobdro Alternatives

Redbox TV is another live tv app you can use to enjoy premium movies and tv shows on your Android device, this app has a lot of channels and it’s one of the Best Mobdro Alternatives out there. Redbox TV has different tv channels for movies, sports, music videos, news and documentaries, and one of the reasons you’ll want to use this app is that it has channels for Kids as well.

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Redbox TV is good for streaming sports, if you’re a lover of NBA sports, you can use this app to stream NBA sports on your Android device. Redbox TV has a lot of features and it supports streaming across different Android video player apps, it’s a perfect live tv app to replace Mobdro on your Android device.



AOS TV makes it easier to stream on Android and if you’re looking for a free stable live tv app for your Android device, you should install AOS TV straight away. This app offers over 1000+ tv channels for free streaming and one of the best features about it is that you can stream in HD and there’s no payment attached to it. You can watch sports channels, music channels and also international news broadcasting channels like CNN, BBC and Aljazeera are all available on AOS TV.

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AOS TV is also home to some of the most popular movie and tv shows channels, you can enjoy different movies, tv-series and so etc on AOS TV. It’s one of the best apps like Mobdro and you can use it for free.

5. TVTap Pro

Best Mobdro Alternatives

TVTap Pro has taken live streaming across different devices to a whole new level and so far it’s been doing it for a long time now. You can watch live tv on your Android device for free, and it has different channels from countries like the UK, USA, Canada, India, Spain, Portugal and so on. With over 500+ different tv channels on TVTap Pro, you definitely don’t need another live TV app on your Android device.

TVTap Pro is very easy to use, it has cool features and that’s why it’s one of the Best Mobdro Alternatives that you can download on your Android device. TVTap Pro isn’t available on the Google Play Store, therefore you’ll need to download it from a third-party source.

6. Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz

One of the features that made Mobdro very popular is that it makes sports streaming to be easy, and that same feature is on Swift Streamz. Swift Streamz is an outstanding live tv app with enormous tv channels, you’ll find different movie channels on this app, it’s very good for watching documentaries and also perfect for streaming live sports on Android.

Swift Streamz is one of the Best Mobdro Alternatives and it’s a very straightforward app with a nice user interface, you can stream your favourite movies and tv shows on Swift Streamz for free.


So far these are the best Mobdro alternative to enjoy live tv for free, some apps are out there as well but most of these apps don’t function anymore and some don’t work due to geographical restrictions and they don’t work well once you’re connected to a VPN connection.

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