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5 Best Netflix Alternatives To Stream For Free

In this article, you'll get to know about the best Netflix Alternatives that offer free movie streaming, you can also buy and rent movies on them as well.

Looking for Netflix alternatives to enjoy free movies? Here are the best Netflix alternatives that offer free streams with no charges. Netflix as we all know is one of the most subscribed content platforms in the world where you can watch different types of Movies, TV Shows, Series, Cartoon and many more. It’s actually the best out there and you can use this app across different platforms.

While Netflix seems to be a good place to watch some movies during holidays or leisure outings, you have to pay before watching, and its policy doesn’t give you a free movie to watch or rent. Meanwhile, there are other Netflix alternatives out there that allow its users to stream movies for free.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be listing a couple of Netflix alternatives to stream movies for free, but I’m not saying they offer free movies all their lives but they have policies that allow people to stream for free or even buy and rent. They’re apps like Netflix too and you can download and install them on your Android device.

List of the Best Netflix Alternatives to Stream for Free

1. Showdown


Showdown is one of the best movie streaming platforms I’ve seen in a while, it offers both streaming on the Web and also an Android-based app, you can stream all the latest movies you want in clear HD, this app offers different types of movies from the latest to the previously published movies, you can also stream live football matches for free on Showdown.

Showdown isn’t as big as Netflix but it can offer you 50% of the movies you watch on Netflix for free, you can watch and download movies at the same time at no cost. Showdown has a clean interface and very easy to navigate, it’s one of the best Netflix alternatives to stream for free.

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2. Vudu


Vudu on the other side seems to be a very good streaming platform like Netflix, but not quite on par with Netflix in terms of contents and some other features but one good thing about this app is that you can stream movies and TV shows for free, you can rent or even buy a movie.

On Vudu, you can stream the latest movies and shows and it doesn’t need any form of subscription, just create an account and begin to stream for free and if it’s the rent option you want, you can rent movie overtime and return back once you’re done, you’re looking at one of the best Netflix alternatives to stream for free in the Vudu app.



VIZIO is another awesome streaming app to stream movies and other shows online for free, with no charges and no subscription, you can stream for as long as you want and all you just need is your internet data and your Android device. This app offers a wide range of contents for free and that qualifies it as a good alternative to Netflix.

You can stream movies, documentaries, tv shows, music and podcasts, live streams and so much more and you don’t need to pay a dime. One thing you shouldn’t expect is the large numbers of movies you’ll find on Netflix, VIZIO is a good Netflix alternative but not good enough.

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™
VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™
Developer: VIZIO
Price: Free



TUBI is a bit similar to Showdown in terms of the free contents they offer, you can stream over a thousand movies and shows on TUBI for free and it doesn’t charge you for any fee. On TUBI you can watch different kinds of movies for free, if you love streaming Korean dramas, you can watch them all on TUBI.

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The only thing about TUBI is that it has ads and that might interrupt any movie you’re watching as these ads do pop up over time, aside from its ads, there’s nothing bad about this app and its interface is very clean and user-friendly. TUBI is one of the best Netflix alternatives to stream for free.

Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows
Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows
Developer: Tubi TV
Price: Free

5. Plex

Plex - best netflix alternatives

The last on the list is another good Netflix alternative called Plex. Plex is a very good app to stream movies and tv shows online for free, and it has a lot of movies and over 100+ channels that offer the best and latest tv shows out there. You can watch different genre of movies and shows on Plex, and you can as well stream sports contents.

Plex is free and it also offers in-app purchases and its in-app purchase is only for the removal of Ads that have been placed inside the app, aside from that, there’s nothing bad about this app. It’s one of the best Netflix alternatives for free streaming.

Plex: Stream Movies & Live TV
Plex: Stream Movies & Live TV
Developer: Plex, Inc.
Price: Free+


These are the best Netflix alternatives you can use to stream movies and shows online for free, but keep it in mind that these apps are nowhere near Netflix but they’re very good enough to meet your demands.

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