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Best Websites to Read Comics Online in 2020

Comic lovers, in this article you'll find the best websites that offer free quality comics, you'll be able to read and download your favorite comics from these websites for free.

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Growing up as a kid, watching cartoons and reading comics was one of my daily activities, and despite being an adult, I still like to read comics but only a few at times. Well, Comics aren’t books people like to publish nowadays, and even people pay less attention to reading comics.

Why read comics when there are blockbuster movies out there. We all are different though and I can tell there are people out there who need comics and probably looking for websites to read comics. In this article, I’ve listed some of the best websites to read comics online for free.

If you still love comics and you want to read them for free without having to buy the book, you’ll find this article helpful. In this article you’ll find the best websites that offer comics to be read for free, so check them out.

List of the Best Websites to Read Comics Online For Free

1. Read Comics Online

read comics online

Spent time finding this website, and I can tell its one of the websites that offer quality comics for free. If you want to read any comics of your choice, even old comics like X-men, Hulk and so on, you’ll find those comics on this website and they can be read free with no fixed charges.

Readcomicsonline has a nice interface and the website is well developed to make comic reading convenient on both mobile and computers, you can always visit this website to read any comic of your choice, its one of the best websites out there that offer free comics to any of its visitors.

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2. Marvel Unlimited

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Marvel Unlimited

Marvel is one of the big goons when it comes to comics production, most of my favorite childhood comics are from marvel, dating back to X-men, Spiderman, Hulk and so much more. Marvel still produces comics to date and their comics are one of the best on the net, you’ll find free marvel comics to read from marvel site.

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If you’re looking for a website that offers free comics, Marvel is one of them, you can read many comics here and you won’t be charged. Marvel comics are mind-blowing, their contents are well written and the website is well developed to make comic reading easier for those that want to read their comics online.

3. Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum

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If we talk about a website that has a large database of comics, Digital Comic Museum should be mentioned and from its name, you should have insights that this website will surely have huge collections of comics. In Digital Comic Museum, you’ll find all your favourite comics from years back, I’ve never seen a website with such huge numbers of comics before though.

The good part about this website is that, aside from reading the comics online, you can also download them on your phones and computers, you don’t have to pay any fee to get that done. If you want to read your favourite new and old comics once again, then you should visit Digital Comic Museum, it’s one of the best websites to get comics for free.

4. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is another good website that offers comics for free, you’ll find comics on this site, but I can’t attest to the large numbers of comics they have but you’ll surely find the latest comics of your choice on this website. Comic Book Plus is just like the other website I listed above, you can read and download comics for free.

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To be eligible to download comics from this website, you’ll need to have an account there, you can easily sign up, verify account and begin to download. You can also join their forum and mingle with comic readers like you, this website is one of the best to get comics online for free.

Alternative Websites To Read Comics Online (Paid)

The four websites I listed above are the only ones that offer quality free comics, and you can’t always find the latest comics on websites that offer comics for free, therefore I’ve listed some websites below, these websites sell comics, from the old ones to the new ones, you’ll find any paid comics you want there, they’re kind of cheap and expensive.

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1. Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon!! yes you’ll find comics in amazon, not just any kind of comics, you’ll find the best comics on amazon, and the comics in this website link are the most selling comics on amazon, some of the best comics are listed there and you can buy them for some little change.

Amazon Best Sellers also has free comics as well, you’ll see an option to navigate from top 100 paid comics to top 100 free comics, in the free top 100 section, you’ll find the best comics that are offered for free, you can download and ready anyone of your choice.

2. DC Comics

DC Comics

From the tales of Batman to Justice League and many more amazing comics, I’ve read, and all I can say is DC Comics did do a great job in the publishing of these memorable childhood comics. Well DC never stops bringing new comics for us to read, so if you have much interest in reading the latest DC Comics, you have to pay to get them, these comics are cheap and they come with full ownership license.

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DC Comics is one of the best websites to get paid comics, you can find any random comics on this website, they only sell comics that are published under their name, and also comics that feature any of their superheroes. If you love Batman or Superman or any DC heroes, you can only read more about them in their adventurous stories that are written in books.


There are lots of websites that offer comics, but there are differences between them, while some are free, some are paid, and some are meant to offer it all, the websites I’ve listed in this article offer free, paid, quality, new and old comics, you’ll never get tired reading comics online. They’re the best among the rest, so check them out.


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