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Best Webtoon Reading Sites and Apps (Android, iOS and PC) in English – 2023

In this article, you will find the best webtoon reading sites and apps that work perfectly on Android, iOS and computer.

Webtoon is a comic series published online. In today’s digital era, webtoon fans are increasing, especially since there are many Korean dramas adapted from popular webtoons. In this article, you will find the best webtoon reading sites and apps that work perfectly on Android, iOS and computers.

Webtoon is an entertainment that is easily accessible anywhere and anytime, either via smartphones or computers, through the webtoon reading application or webtoon provider site. Various webtoon titles with various genres can be accessed for free, only with an internet network. You can also download the webtoon to read it online at a later date.

Don’t be worried about where to read the webtoon online or via the app, here Naijaknowhow shares webtoon reading apps and sites that you can access from phones or PCs.

List of the Best Webtoon Reading Websites and Applications You Can Download Free on Android, iOS and PC

1. LINE Webtoon

line webtoon - webtoon reading sites and apps
LINE Webtoon (photo / screenshot / playstore)

It’s no secret that LINE Webtoon is one of the preferred webtoon reading apps for Nigerians. You can find thousands of free comics online in the romantic, horror, comedy, and superhero genres. The webtoons here are equipped with English subtitles.

Besides being able to read comics, you can also download your favourite webtoon to read offline. You can download the LINE Webtoon application from Google Play and the App Store or access the website at www.webtoons.com.

Price: Free
‎WEBTOON: Comics
‎WEBTOON: Comics

2. WebComics

WebComics - webtoon reading sites and apps
WebComics (photo / screenshot / playstore)

Read webtoons online via WebComics is also the right choice. More than 1,000 new episodes are released every day on WebComics! WebComics already supports various subtitles, from Indonesian, English, and Chinese, to Thai, which are adjusted to your smartphone settings.

You can download the WebComics application on Google Play and the App Store, or you can also read the webtoon from your computer/laptop by visiting the site www.webcomicsapp.com.

3. WeComics

WeComics - Daily Webtoon
WeComics (photo / screenshot / playstore)

The next webtoon reading application that you can try is WeComics. This application has a History feature to save the last webtoon chapters you read, so you don’t need to be afraid to forget. If you haven’t had time to read the webtoon, you can download the webtoon first, to read it online. There is a huge collection of webtoons on WeComics too!

You can download the WeComics app from Google Play and the App Store, or visit the site www.m.comics.com to read the webtoon from a mobile or PC browser.

WeComics - Daily Webtoon
WeComics - Daily Webtoon
Developer: WeComics
Price: Free+

4. MangaToon

MangaToon - webtoon reading sites and apps
MangaToon (photo / screenshot / playstore)

Another webtoon reading application and website that you must try is MangaToon. The collection of manga comics from Japan, manhwa from South Korea, and manhua from China are very impeccable here. The genres offered also vary, ranging from romance, horror, thriller, and others. Uniquely, MangaToon has different display styles and the highest-quality image resolutions.

The size of the MangaToon application is relatively light, so it doesn’t burden your phone memory. You can visit the MangaToon website at www.mangatoon.mobi or get the application from Google Play and the App Store.

MangaToon - Manga Reader
MangaToon - Manga Reader
Developer: MangaToon
Price: Free

5. Tapas

Tapas – Comics and Novels
Tapas (photo / screenshot / playstore)

Tapas is also a webtoon reading application that you shouldn’t miss. Tapas provides a variety of comics and webtoons romance, fantasy, comedy, drama, and other interesting genres. Not only comics, but you can also find lots of exciting novels. However, there are some novels and comics that are only accessible to premium or paid subscribers.

You can read the collection on Tapas online via a browser by visiting the website www.tapas.io or downloading the application from Google Play and the App Store.

‎Tapas – Comics and Novels
‎Tapas – Comics and Novels

6. ToryComics

ToryComics – Webtoon reading sites and apps
ToryComics (photo / screenshot / playstore)

Another site for you webtoon lovers is www.torycomics.com which provides a variety of comics for free! ToryComics also has an application that can be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store. ToryComics interface is very simple so it is easy to use. The genres offered are also diverse, such as slice of life, romance, horror to superhero themes.

The great thing is, ToryComics uses an automatic translation system, so you can read webtoon in English, even though the original writing on the pictures is in Korean or Japanese.

ToryComics –Webtoon & Comics
ToryComics –Webtoon & Comics
Developer: ToryWorks
Price: Free

Conclusion (webtoon reading sites and apps):

There you go. That’s our list of the best webtoon reading sites and apps that you can try. Now you can read webtoons anywhere and anytime via smartphone or PC. Hope it is useful! On the other hand, you can also check this article I wrote on the best anime streaming apps for Android.


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