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7 Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile and PC (2023)

If you've been on the search for the best websites you can get your favorites movies and tv series downloaded, then this article is your one stop, as I've made sure to list the best movie download websites.

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Watching movies is one of the things which most folks usually do in their free or leisure time. I can say that almost everyone in this world loves watching movies and also got favourites which they don’t get tired of watching. But the problem now is that some out there do not know where to download movies, so I’ve made up a list of the best free movie download sites on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC.

Downloading movies can be hectic at times, especially if that movie has just been released, you’d find it hard to get it anywhere online without the proper search. Well, the websites which will be listed in this article are popular and from them, you’d get to download your favourite movies to watch in your free time. If you’re a student and you’ve lost track of time watching your favourite movie, you can pay for essay and not worry.

No doubt, watching movies is a fun thing to do and it will keep your mind off things at the moment. You will be able to get good working download links to any movie you’d want to watch via these websites. The amazing thing here is that a few of these movie download sites also offer you TV series which you can also download anytime. For those who prefer to download films through mobile apps, you can read this article on the best movie downloader apps on Android.

Now without wasting much of your time, let’s dig into this topic on Naijaknowhow, and get to see the best websites from which you could download your favourite movies and TV series.

List of the Best Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile and PC

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Below I’ve made a list of the best websites you’ll be able to download movies. Alternatively, you can use free movies apps to watch movies offline on your phone. These movie download sites are free to use, they load quickly on your browsers and have got no virus-affected download links.

1. YouTube.com


It would be a terrible mistake if YouTube isn’t mentioned in this list. Who doesn’t know of this almighty video search engine? YouTube is a place where you’ll get absolutely any movie of your choice. They offer you musical videos, comedy videos, tv series, and a host of other things as long as it’s something watchable. YouTube is your one-stop for getting any kind of video.

Of course, there must be a con to almost everything. Despite YouTube being an amazing website to download movies, some peeps would find it hard to download from it, meanwhile, there’s a solution to every problem. You can copy the YouTube video link of your movie of choice and paste it on CleverGet to download the movie. Other alternatives are to use savefrom.net or you can search for a YσuTube downloader app online to download YσuTube videos easily.

2. TFPDL.com

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TFPDL.com - best free movie download sites

Oh! My love for this website is unfathomable. Tfpdl.com or Tfp.is can be regarded as one of the best websites to download movies in mostly HD versions. This is to say that, any movie you download from this site will be clear and also have a cool sound. Nevertheless, you must have enough internet data to be able to use this website as their uploads aren’t data-friendly at all, lol.

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Meanwhile, if you’re a tv series lover, then you can also download your favourite series from Tfp.is. This website does not host movies on its server, and as such, you’d be offered external download links to file-hosting websites where they’ve uploaded those movies. Tfpdl.com has got lots of ads and so you’d get redirected to useless sites most times when you’re trying to download from it, but with more time spent on the site, you’d understand it better. Nevertheless, there are other TFPDL alternatives that would give you a more seamless experience when downloading movies and series.

3. Film2Movie.ws


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This is another awesome website to download movies for free. Yes, film2movie.ws offers users a great database of movies collection to download in different kinds of quality and also provides subtitles to those movies. Of course, the movies provided by this website are all hosted on their server and so you’ll not be directed to other websites to download these movies.

Film2movie.ws is offered in the Arabic language, so it’s advised you make use of the Google Chrome browser on any device you’re making use of, and then you’ll be able to translate it to English for better understanding. This website loads fast and has got an amazing UI to give a better user experience, both on mobile and on desktop.

4. FzMovies.net


Fzmovies is also one of my favourite websites for downloading movies. This website deals only with Hollywood and Bollywood movies in all kinds of genres. You’d get any movie of your choice which was released from the year 2000 to date. Fzmovies categorizes its movies in alphabetical order, year, popular actors, and also movie directors. You’d like to use this website to download movies.

Talking about its design, fzmovies is beautifully designed with a unique user interface that helps its users to navigate easily throughout the website. You can also get movie subtitles with this website. Fzmovies do offer its movies in different kinds of versions such as; BluRay, WEB-DL, BDRip, WEBRip and so forth. You can also copy its download links and paste them on an external downloader if you so wish.

5. 300mbMovies.me


If you’re one of those who can’t afford to download movies that consumes much data, then 300mbmovies is your one-stop for downloading movies with low internet data. This website offers its users movies that can be downloaded with a 300MB or less internet bundle. Of course, the movies provided are all clear with nice sounds.

Nevertheless, this website mostly deals with Bollywood, and Hindi dubbed Hollywood films, so you might not get all your desired movies from it, but of course, you’ll be able to download almost all popular and recently released movies from the website. I can’t say that 300mbmovies has got a beautiful design, because it doesn’t, but it’s very easy to download movies there.

6. Filmywap.com


Filmywap has also marked itself a place as one of the best websites to download movies, with a great number of users and fans. This website nevertheless deals only with Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed movies. It loads fast and offers users download links to different quality of whatever movies they want to download.

You must have to make use of any live browsers such as Chrome or Firefox before you can be able to make use of this website without facing issues. Filmywap does have an amazing collection of both old and newly released movies in all genres, both for Hollywood and Bollywood. It’s one of the best movie download websites you would come across.

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7. Coolmoviez.app

Coolmoviez - Free Movie Download Site

Coolmoviez is a cool movie download website that also offers you an amazing collection of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies in different genres. This website which is similar to the suspended MyCoolMoviez.top has got a huge fan base and lots of users. Coolmoviez absolutely does not host download links of its movies on its servers, and they also have got lots of confusing “DOWNLOAD” button ads, so you must scroll down well to get original links.

If you’re a WWE fan, then you can download videos of every weekly match from this website. Coolmoviez is a mobile-friendly website that can be easily navigated and understood. You’d get access to quite a whole number of amazing movies collection on this website for free. Coolmoviez is top-notch when it comes to links with high download speed.

Bonus Free Movie Download Sites


netnaija - best free movie download sites

Thenetnaija is a Nigerian-based website that focuses on entertainment, giving its users useful and large content of information that keeps them happy. Thenetnaija is a sure website to get most movies from, especially Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood and Chinese movies.

Aside from downloading Nigerian movies, you can also get to download some American TV series, exclusive Netflix series or movies, and also your favourite music from your favourite artists on this website. Thenetnaija has got a large fan base of users over the years. The best thing about this website is that you get clear movies with a little amount of internet data bundle.

FAQs for free movie download sites

Is it safe to download movies from such sites?

Honestly, the answer to this question is both YES and NO. Yes for legal movie download sites and NO for sites that might not seem safe. When you search for “2021 movie download sites” on the internet, you will get a list of hundreds of these sites that offer free downloads of movies, TV shows and series. Some of these sites may be legitimate and work, but some may not. If you are unsure whether movie download sites are legal or not, we recommend that you stick to the sites we have mentioned on this page. We are sure you will find a free and legal download site that works.

How do I download movies to my smartphone?

If you are looking for mobile movie download sites, you can use most of the websites mentioned on this page. Some of the websites we have provided on this list have a mobile-friendly design, so they will work the same on PC as they do on mobile devices. However, downloading files from these sites depends on the configuration of your mobile browser. You may need to change the permissions of websites in your browser to allow these sites to save files to your device. For safety, we recommend that you only download files with the video extension, like .MP4, .3GP, MKV, etc. and not files in zip format.

Wrapping Up:

This is where we come to a halt, as I’ve made sure to list the best free movie download sites to download movies for absolutely free of charge. These sites are mobile-friendly, load fast, and have got large collections of movies of different qualities, versions and genres with working download links to them. You can do good for others by sharing this article with them. Thank you.


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  1. FZmovies is one of my best movie downloading site but so many people find it difficult to download any movie of their choice there like Bollywood or Hollywood, the solution is already in the site attached to this comment.

  2. Good day, thank you for this article, I have been using fzmovies for some time now, but each time I try to download movies from the site, I keep getting redirected. Could this be the problem?

  3. 9kmovies win is an illegal but amazing website where you can download or stream all pirated movies and TV shows free of cost without any difficulty.

  4. In addition to the above list, there’s MovieAngle.com
    It’s a relatively new free movie download site. ‘Wondering why you should use this movie download site since you already have a favourite movie download site.

    Here’s why:
    – MovieAngle is secure and doesn’t require access or membership fees.
    – You download HD movies.
    – Subtitles are hard-coded to the movies so you don’t need separate subtitle file.
    – Each h movie has tons of information about it on respective page
    – The MOST interesting movies are uploaded NOT junk movies.
    – If you have a movie request, enter the movie title in a simple form and submit.
    – If you have a complaint, there’s a simple form for that too.
    – Not only do i want visitors downloading from the site, i also want your opinion.

    You’ll find latest titles like “The Grey Man” and “Thor – Love and Thunder”.

    Simply visit movieangle.com now to download the best movies.

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  6. Choosing a movie download site that offers you the best is quite not easy because there are lots of plenty of sites that you can do online. Gone are the days where we go to stores to get movies to watch, now with the internet so wide, we can actually download or stream the movies online for free, and there plenty of sites that you can do that from. Netnaija, Toxicwap, and many others are good download sites that you can use to download or stream movies online for free. You’ve got a very nice article here, my writing isn’t that good compared to yours, however, I will be honored if you could check out my post on Netnaija. If the above link doesn’t work, you can use this link >>>>

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