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7 Best Websites to Host and Share Large Files for Free (2023)

Sharing and hosting large files online has been made easy, with websites like Mediafire and Mega and some other file hosting websites listed in this article, you can now host and share files for free.

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Do you want to host and share large files online for free? Here’s a list of the best websites to host and share large files online for free. Sharing large files sometimes seem to be a difficult task, especially when it is on social media or instant messaging apps, let us use WhatsApp for example, you can’t share huge files on it and neither can you do so on other apps.

And keeping large files on one’s device can take up space and make one’s Android device get low on space, therefore it’s always good to host these large files via Cloud, and once they’re being put in cloud storage, they’re even safer than ever and can be accessed easily anytime needed.

Meanwhile, there are different websites online where you can host large files online, these websites also have mobile apps you can use to share and host large files online. So in this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be listing the best websites to host and share large files online for free.

List of the Best Websites to Host and Share Large Files For Free

1. Telegram — www.telegram.org

Telegram logo (photo / Telegram)

Not a website but an instant messaging app we all know and use, a lot of people don’t know that Telegram is the best app you can use to share large files with many people at once, you can use Telegram to share large files of about 5GB and more at once without splitting it into parts.

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If you want to be sharing large files with your contacts, you can create a Telegram channel and share the large files with them at once, You can only do this via the Telegram app as Telegram doesn’t have a web version.

2. UsersDrive — www.usersdrive.com

Usersdrive is another website you can host and share large files online, you can host any type of large file that meets up with this website policy, and you can do that as a free user and also as a premium user. On Usersdrive you can host files for as much as you want because it gives about 100GB of free space to host files.

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If you share files for visitors who visit your website, you can use Usersdrive to share your files and make them download easily via a generated download link. You can also signup with their affiliates to make extra money. Usersdrive is one of the best websites to host and share large files online.

3. Mega — www.mega.io

MEGA popular cloud storage application (mega.nz)
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Back when I was sharing game files from my blog, Mega was one of my favourite file hosting websites, it allows me to share my files easily and also add a direct download link for my visitors to click and download. It is very fast and it is very easy to set up files and share them.

Mega gives free 50GB worth of storage for you to share a large number of files and these files stay there forever unless they’re copyrighted properties and would be taken down without delays.

4. Google Drive — www.google.com/drive

Google Drive - free best cloud storage apps
The best Google Drive cloud storage application (googledrive.com)

Google Drive is another good website to share and host large files, but I’ll only recommend this website if you want to keep safe personal files or documents that are very important, for sharing and downloading purposes it isn’t the best due to the removal of contents from their cloud server.

Google Drive offers only 15GB worth of storage to share and host large files for free. This lets you move all your files from your Android device and save them easily to your Google Drive.

5. Apk Admin — www.apkadmin.com

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websites to host and share large files

Apk Admin is not an APK download website but a website for hosting and sharing Android Apk files, even though this website doesn’t offer much storage space to host and share files, you can still use it to share game files online and people can easily download via the download link. If you’re a blogger who blogs on Android games and apps, you can use this website to host the files for free.

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Apk Admin offers 400MB of free storage to unregistered users while registered users get 2GB of total storage space. This website is still very much new but it’s coming out to be one of the best websites to host and share large APK files online for free.

6. SendTransfer — www.sendtransfer.com

websites to host and share large files

SendTransfer is a website where you can transfer files from the website to a recipient email for free, it’s very fast and also a secured file hosting website, this website is different from others as it is a bit limited to getting download links but if you want to share a file to someone urgently, it’s the best to use.

SendTransfer allows you to share files of up to 10GB at once, and you can even set an expiry date for the file download link to get expired. It’s one of the best websites out there to host and share files for free.

7. Mediafire — www.mediafire.com

Mediafire is one of the most popular file-hosting websites online and it still stands as the best for some reasons. You can host files for free on Mediafire and with a free 10GB worth of storage to host files online. Your files will be kept safe and won’t be deleted if they’re not copyrighted. You can also increase your storage by inviting your friends to get up to 39GB of storage.

Mediafire is one of the best websites to share on host large files online, it also has a premium version that’ll allow you to enjoy over 1TB of storage space to share your files and host them. Kindly click here to sign up for free to start sharing files.


For sharing and hosting large files online, these are the best websites that I know of and also the ones that are very convenient to use, there are different ones out there too but sometimes their download links always fail and they don’t offer fast download speed.

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