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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria (2023)

Are you looking for the fastest and most legit ways to earn money online in Nigeria? This post contains how to make money online in Nigeria.

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Are you frustrated in your current job? Are you in search of ways to make money online easily? This post is just what you need to see… Here on Naijaknowhow.net, we have compiled different ways on how to earn legit money online in Nigeria.

Questions have flown in from different angles on how one can make money online in Nigeria so I took my time to compile the different ways you can earn a tangible amount of Naira online. Before embarking on the adventure of earning money online I want you to understand that there is no shortcut to making money online, it requires hard work, consistency, cash, planning and of course “prayers”.

Internet business is not a get rich quick thing; it requires all the attention and efforts similar to the one you will give an offline business. Don’t let anyone fool or lure you to buying e-books with the fallacies of revealing to you the secrets of getting rich or making millions within seconds etc.,

NB: The content you’re about to read contains more than 1900 words, so be ready for a serious ride because it’s not for the weak hearted.

Without further ado, here are real and legitimate ways of earning a reasonable amount of money online in Nigeria.

I’m bringing this first because the blogging business is growing rapidly and sure you can see how many blogs we have lately. Blogging as online money making medium can bring you unbelievable wealth, just look at what the likes of Linda Ikeji, Makinde Azeez and other top bloggers are doing through the blogs.

What is a blog?

A blog, just like this one you are reading from, allows users to reflect, share opinions and discuss various topics.

Read the article on how to choose a perfect niche for your blog. Many have taken to blogging even though not all of them are truly earning much because most bloggers have taken to plagiarism (the act of copy and pasting articles).

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Read the article to get detailed insight on how to really make money blogging in Nigeria.

2. Online Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

This is a form of online business that allows you to earn money referring buyers to buy products sold by any e-commerce company you’re in affiliation with.

How online affiliate marketing works is; when you’re in partnership with any company (sell products/services online; e.g. Konga, Jumia, Dealdey, Hostgator etc.), the commission gets to you when a customer you referred via an affiliate link ends up purchasing a product from the company in question.

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For instance; a product worth 100k has an affiliate commission of 10%. It simply means you will get 10k for every person you refer to this product. Now imagine you referred 10 persons; that is simply 100k in your pocket.

That’s practically how affiliate marketing works. 

3. Online B£tting

sport b3tting

Online b£tting in Nigeria is popular among football lovers and it’s definitely not going to be unlisted so you shouldn’t be surprised this is actually listed among the possible ways of making money online.

Some people see this as [email protected] but to be honest with you, smart people have taken this opportunity to make a lot of cash. Not talking too much about this, sport b£tting is definitely a sure means of making money online if you know how to place b£ts smartly.

4. Running E-commerce Business

E-Commerce business has grown lately in Nigeria; why not take up the opportunity of the growing trend of online mart/stores. This is also an avenue where one can create an online platform to showcase his/her goods to potential online customers.

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Products you can sell depend solely on you… Jumia, Konga, Dealdey and more are a few samples of existing e-commerce enterprises in Nigeria. There is a huge opportunity for you to start your own e-commerce business here in Nigeria.

5. Freelance Writing


This is a smart way of making money online for the smart ones; do you actually have a passion for writing?

Then what are you still waiting for?

Freelance writing gives you the chance to make money writing articles. There are two ways a freelance writer earns money online, these are…

  • Writing and selling articles.
  • Writing as an editor on blogs/websites.

Writing and selling articles; this is when you write and then submit your articles on freelance websites, when after your article has been reviewed and approved then you can make cool cash. Here is a list of a few websites that pay writers well… toptenz.com, iwriter.com, listverse.com etc, use google to search for more websites that offer such services.

Writing as an editor on blogs/websites; you can also work as an editor/writer on other blogs, it literally doesn’t have to be your blog. Imagine if you’re writing for one (1) blog and earning as low as 10k/month, this simply means you get 5 times the amount of writing for 5 different blogs.

This is a tip on how much you can earn writing and the writing job is open for negotiation depending on how experienced you are in the job.

6. Make Money Running a Service-based Business

phone repair shops

This is almost similar to the e-commerce previously mentioned but the difference is that this is strictly service-based. If you have a unique service you can render then you should not ignore this method of making money online.

You should remember that no Nigerian will pay you for nothing, there must be something that should be of benefit in return for money, this is what I meant by service-based. Services such as writing, designing, fixing things, website development, art & design, training and so on are samples of things you can venture into online.

It’s high time you get the world to know what you offer and put the ideas ahead then be sure to see the money rolling in if you’re good at what you do.

7. Make Money Selling Your Products On Online Stores

jumia online store

Some online buying stores such as AliExpress, Jumia, Konga, OLX and the rest do not only offer buying services, but they also give you the opportunity to sell your own product through their online store.

This is a feasible way to make money online in Nigeria when you have a product without possibly having a medium to display or advertise them. These e-commerce websites offer you a great opportunity to sell your goods due to their high online popularity, capitalise on this and see your bank account swelling.

8. Make Money Developing Mobile App

mobile apps

Since the world is going app crazy, millions of apps are being created every day to make your smartphones even smarter. This is not so common among possible ways of making money but this is also a very smart way to make crazy wealth online.

Developing useful apps to help solve problems is the key secret to app development, apps on Android devices were developed by someone/team and this individual/team sit and sees their money flowing in.

You can monetize these apps either by giving them out to be downloaded for free with a couple of ads popping up when you use those apps or by paying a few tokens to purchase an ad-free version of the same app, now imagine the thousands of users downloading and installing apps daily.

If you’re interested in this you can search via google, you will definitely get a genuine app development institute to train you on how to go about developing mobile apps.

9. Make Money Helping Newbies Setup An Online Presence

online business

This is definitely a very sincere means of making money because this has earned me a few bucks online.

I help guys that are new to the online world set up everything they need to start with and then get paid for doing so. I render services such as website/blog creation, SEO & website optimization, designing (logos and banners of all sizes) etc…

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Click the contact us page to HIRE me!

Before you will earn money through this means, your potential customers must see you as a professional and expert in what you do.

Secondly, you must be able to earn the trust of your customers due to the high rate of SCAM activities online; this is needed because most of your activities would be done without any visual contact so they must have your trust before proceedings.

Be ready to get referrals from people you have helped if your work was done reasonably well without glitches and excessive charges.

10. Make Money Online Selling E-books


E-book selling is one of the oldest means of making money online in Nigeria and shouldn’t be left out. This method is still selling and will continue to sell as long as the online platform continues to exist.

How does this work?

E-books are a compilation of information, methodologies, how-to guides, etc. in an electronic book such as pdf, MSword, etcetera.

After creating an e-book, make sure it satisfies your customers’ needs, hence you can then offer to sell but before doing this, ensure you’ve created an online presence and community built on trust, this is essential because Nigerians won’t spend a penny if you haven’t distinguished yourself enough.

11. Make Money Vlogging


Do you notice what happens when you open to watch video content on YouTube?

YouTube videos contain ads that can be skipped before a video is watched, this is evidence that such video has been monetized on YouTube. Google owns YouTube, and it gives you a great opportunity to make money by uploading useful videos. If you have a talent for comedy, teaching, tech, science and so on, then this is an avenue to make so much money creating and uploading videos on YouTube.

Dash straight to youtube.com, create a new account or login with your existing Gmail account, after uploading a couple of videos you can then submit for video monetization, after your video has been approved for monetization, ads would start popping up and then you can start earning money when people watch your videos on YouTube.

Need more insights on how to make money by uploading videos on YouTube, contact us via the contact form.

12. Domain Site Flipping

domain extensions

Domain Site Flipping is a very popular business in Nigeria; this involves buying a couple of domain names and then reselling them for cool cash. You can offer those domain names for sale either by negotiating with customers directly or offering for sale/auction on websites that sell domain names. Are you still confused?

Okay, I’ll explain…

PARALAX HERBALS is a herbal medicine company that wants to create a new website; its desired domain name (parallaxherbals.com) has been flipped by you. Now PARALLAX HERBALS wants that site name at all costs so they reach out to you so as to acquire that domain name, you can then negotiate with them at a very reasonable price and when both parties reach an agreement you can then release the domain name to them.

Domain site flipping is better when you leave the job of finding customers on websites such as sedo.com; this site allows you to offer those domains for auction or direct sale. There are lots of such websites, Google is your friend.

To sum it all up:

There are hundreds or more ways of making money online in Nigeria but the point(s) enlisted above is the most relied upon. Have in mind that there are no easy ways of achieving any of the methods listed above, they require physical and non-physical needs;

  • Physical needs include a Laptop/desktop computer, internet modem & internet connection, Cash, Naira bank account, foreign bank accounts (PayPal, Payoneer, Dollar account etc.), ATM card and electricity or a power generator set.
  • Non-physical needs are time, patience, hard work, intelligence, confidence, information, foreknowledge, perseverance and most importantly, Baba God!

Wishing you luck as you set out to achieve your dreams of making money online. The comment box is open for questions, opinions and additions.

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  1. I love affiliate marketing and video marketing. I have tried to make money online via other platforms but affiliate marketing is the best I’ve seen so far. Blogging is also cool if you have the seo skills. Thanks for this article!

  2. The article was really helpful and motivating. I like to work at home and also trying to make money online at home. I love these tips you give #Start An Affiliate Website #Create a Digital Course #Sell Your Services. I think these ways are very important to Make Money Online. I am waiting for your next better article. Thank you for sharing this nice article.

  3. DEEP, DEEP, DEEP. This is really selfless of you to help others this way.

    Making money without investment is reall great for Nigerian. Thanks for this post again!

    Hope to read more!

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