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10 Best Tech Blogs and Bloggers in Nigeria (2023)

If you are interested in the latest updates about the technology, then here is a list of the top technology online media platforms or blogs in Nigeria.

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Are you looking for the best tech blogs in Nigeria, or perhaps, are you curious to know the top technology bloggers? Search no more as you’ve reached a carefully selected listicle on Naijaknowhow that divulges the top-rated tech review websites in the country.

If you are a tech enthusiast and you are particularly interested in the latest updates about the technology ecosystem in Nigeria and around the world, here is a compilation of some sites to always visit.

These platforms provide a handful of information about startups, entrepreneurship, tips on certain areas of interest, funding and resources. Without further ado, let’s dive right in as we explore the top technology blogs in Nigeria in no particular order.

List of the Top 10 Technology Blogs in Nigeria

1. TechCabal — www.techcabal.com


This platform was founded in 2013 by Oluwafemi Bankole and to date, it’s one of the foremost tech blogs in Nigeria as well as Africa. TechCabal provides insights about startups, funding, investment and entrepreneurship around the continent.

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Based on users’ reviews, the platform’s Newsletter is of the many things that made them a top choice among tech enthusiasts. They have several thousands of users who subscribe to their Newsletters and this has been able to help many people learn various things about the tech space and by extension also helped the blog diversify earnings.

2. NaijaTechGuide — www.naijatechguide.com


This is one of the best technology blogs in Nigeria. NaijaTechGuide was established in December 2006, by Paschal Okafor, a graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Enugu State University. This platform is known for Gadget Reviews, Buy Guides, Specs, and Tips. NaijaTechGuide also covers FinTech, Online Services and Apps as well as Prices of Mobile Phones, Laptops, Inverters, Generators, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and other Gadgets.

Based on reviews, they are a leading Tech Blog with sizable audiences in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Kenya, the United States and more.

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3. NaijaKnowHow — www.naijaknowhow.net

naijaknowhow - best tech blog in nigeria

NaijaKnowHow was launched in 2015 by Franklin Obioha. The focus of this platform is to help non-tech savvy to solve basic technology-related problems. As part of the service that they render, they publish tech news, phone specs, reviews and also step-by-step guides on things around the technology space. They provide users with tips and information as well.

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Interestingly, over the years many people have been able to adopt this platform simply because of their gentle style of writing to appease their audience. Without a doubt, this is one of the top tech blogs in Nigeria.

4. TechPoint — www.techpoint.africa

techpoint africa

This platform is also no doubt a recognised one when it comes to tech-related matters. TechPoint provides opportunities for founders, regardless of the sector to showcase their brands, and tech stories and also report in-depth stories about Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.

It was founded in 2015 by Muyiwa Matuluko and Adewale Yusuf. Recently, Yusuf left this platform as one of the publishers to manage TalentQL.

5. TechCity — www.techcityng.com


This site is dedicated to reviews and reporting of Technology news beyond Nigerian through their blog and page on YouTube. As a result of the nitty-gritty of issues around technology, their approach at Tech City Ng provides people with top-notch information but this time in a language and form they are not used to.

6. TechNext — www.technext.ng

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This is a go-to site for reviews, tech news and insightful analysis of the Nigerian ecosystem. Technext publishes technology and business-related articles with particular emphasis on the African situation and one of their primary aims is to mirror the impact of technology on the continent.

7. GadgetStripe — www.gadgetstripe.com


This is a platform built to make access to reliable information about gadgets easier. On this platform, you will get beneficial information, and reviews about Smartphones and other gadgets and by extension the technology space.

8. MobilityArena — www.mobilityarena.com


Known as one of the vocal voices in the tech industry. This platform has since 2008 been providing guides and numerous information on phone specs, handset news, smartphone help articles, detailed cell phone reviews, mobile phone user stories, opinions and analyses, smartphone comparisons, as well as best phones to buy for their users.

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9. TechLector — www.techlector.com


This is a leading technology media site created by Samuel Afolabi in 2015. They focus on Hi-Tech News, Gadgets Reviews, Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Drones, TVs, Gaming Consoles, DIY Tutorials, and lots more.

TechLector boosts a community that has more than half a million readers with one big passion, Technology and they are positioned with keen interest to disseminate useful information to our readers as clearly and dynamically as possible.

10. HowToTechNaija — www.howtotechnaija.com


This is another amazing tech blog you can rely on when it comes to accessing tech-related news and content online. This website which was created by Abiodun Olubakinde in 2016 focuses on sharing stories about smartphones, gadgets and more. One of the goals of HowToTechNaija is to deeply impact the technology user behaviour and spending decisions of consumers in their day-to-day lives.

Top 10 Tech Bloggers in Nigeria and Their Platforms

Tech blogging is a business for some while some enjoy the pleasure they get in reviewing gadgets or other tech products. If you are looking for individuals who balance both skills perfectly, then here is a summary of some of the finest tech bloggers you’ll find in Nigeria along with their websites/blogs.

Tech Bloggers


Franklin Obioha www.naijaknowhow.net
Múyìwá Mátùlúkò www.techpoint.africa
Paschal Okafor www.naijatechguide.com
Samuel Afolabi www.techlector.com
Jide Ogunsanya www.ogbongeblog.com
Oke Charles www.gadgetstripe.com
Wale Adekile www.doncaprio.com (formally geek.ng)
Abiodun Olubakinde www.howtotechnaija.com
Omotimehin Oluwadamilare www.techblet.com (formally phonecorridor.com)
Yomi Adegboye www.mobilityarena.com


While there are many tech sites available in Nigeria at your disposal as a tech enthusiast, the above-mentioned preferences are rich with articles that are credible, original and accurate. These platforms, based on our findings are the best place to access tech news/content, tips and other materials that relate to technology and we are so confident that you will find them helpful.

If you have spare time, you should also read about our top recommendations for the best tech influencers in Nigeria and the best Nigerian Tech YouTube channels before you leave. You may also read our article on the best apps to read tech news on Android and iOS devices.

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