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Best Nigerian Tech YouTube Channels to Watch Reviews (2023)

Looking for the best tech YouTubers in Nigeria? In this article, you will find a list of the top Nigerian tech YouTube channels to subscribe to for tech reviews.

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Every day, new YouTube channels are launched by content creators as a way to vlog, review products, and share expertise on a variety of niches and topics. For individuals who are more interested in technology and are seeking Nigerian tech YouTube channels, I’m delighted to report that the platform features some of the best tech YouTubers in Nigeria.

One of the causes for the growth of the Nigerian technology ecosystem is the reporting provided by media outlets, technology blogs, tech YouTubers, content creators, tech influencers, and others. These platforms have aided in the development of brand awareness, increase brand credibility and authenticity, establish relationships with tech brands and more importantly, bridged the gap between products and customers.

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For every tech enthusiast, one of their hobbies would be to regularly catch up on tech articles on tech blogs and watch tech videos on YouTube. That way, it keeps them abreast with the latest information or development in the tech space.

List of the Best Tech YouTube Channels in Nigeria

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In this article on Naijaknowhow, we explore a list of prominent Nigerian tech YouTube channels to follow this year.

1. Fisayo Fosudo

Fisayo Fosudo

Fisayo Fosudo is one of the leading tech YouTubers in Nigeria. On his channel, you are going to find exciting and informative tech videos. Also, he does presentations on reviews of smartphones from popular brands in the country. You will also find reviews of other gadgets, tutorials and buyer guides.

As a Tech YouTuber, he has been committed in recent times to this service. The professionality in his videos is very lucid. Videos uploaded on his channel have fantastic sound quality. More interestingly, videos uploaded on his channel are the type you would want to play on your smart TV while relaxing. It meets the needs of a lot of Nigerian Tech enthusiasts today.

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Putting this channel’s numbers in context, Fisayo’s tech YouTube channel has more than 257k subscribers and growing. In addition, the total video view count is about 15.7 million views since starting the channel. To join his growing number of subscribers, you can find this channel on YouTube by searching for ‘Fisayo Fosudo‘ or visiting www.youtube.com/c/FisayoFosudo.

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2. Eric Okafor

Eric Okafor

This is another excellent tech YouTube channel in Nigeria that offers quality tech content to its subscribers. Okafor’s channel is one of the existing ones that provide reviews in real-time while keeping it simple and minimal. Though he shoots his videos with an iPhone and edits them on a laptop, they are pretty plain and don’t feature the high-end video effects we see on some tech channels. The punctuality of videos uploaded to this channel has earned it its impressive viewership.

Checking through the channel, you will find reviews of smartphones from the major smartphone brands in Nigeria (Tecno, Infinix, Xiaomi and more), you are also going to find reviews of smartphones that can be purchased from online retail stores in Nigeria. Eric’s videos on YouTube has gotten over 39 million views in total since starting in 2014 and it’s the highest of any Nigerian tech YouTuber. You can join 185k+ other subscribers on his Youtube channel by searching for ‘Eric Okafor‘ or visiting www.youtube.com/c/EricOkafor.

3. Valor Reviews

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Valor Reviews

This is one of the leading Nigerian tech YouTube channels out of Nigeria and this is simply for the fact that Olatunde Shobajo, the founder brings you entertaining and concise tech content, something you would barely get from any other YouTuber on this list. When humour and tech content matter, Valor Reviews is a one-stop channel to depend on with full trust or confidence.

Also, quality is one thing that has made this tech YouTube channel amazing. Reviews for smartphones from popular smartphone brands in Nigeria and also laptops are all covered on this channel. Valor Reviews YouTube channel has 73k+ subscribers and has accumulated over 9 million views since starting in 2019. You can find this channel on YouTube by searching for ‘Valor Reviews‘ or by visiting www.youtube.com/c/valorreviews.

4. Fred’s Tech Hub

FRED'S TECH HUB - Nigerian Tech YouTube Channel

This is another excellent tech YouTube platform that uses his channel to give his subscribers some of the simple and straight-to-the-point mobile reviews you can find out there. Though the primary focus of Fred is smartphone reviews, he also publishes tweaks and tricks for Windows, Androids and even smartphone customisation tips are covered on this channel.

As of the time of this publication, Fred’s Tech Hub has over 51k subscribers and more than 6.7 million video views in total. You can follow this channel by searching for ‘Fred’s Tech Hub‘ on YouTube or by visiting www.youtube.com/c/FREDSTECHHUB.

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5. Misstechy

MissTechy - Nigerian Female Tech YouTube Channel

Owned by Tobi Ayeni, Misstechy is a YouTube channel that depicts the capabilities of the female folk in tech. Apart from being a YouTuber, Tobi Ayeni is one of the few female tech influencers we have today. Head over to the MissTechy channel; you will find a lot of top-notch tech videos.

You will discover reviews of smartphones from popular smartphone brands in Nigeria (Infinix, Tecno, Gionee e.t.c). Apart from smartphone reviews, you will also find random gadget reviews on the MissTechy Channel. Misstechy tech review channel has a great number of subscribers and you can subscribe to this tech channel by searching ‘Misstechy‘ on YouTube or visiting the link – www.youtube.com/c/MisstechyBlog.

6. Oscarmini

Oscarmini - Nigerian Tech YouTube Channel

Oscarmini is another Nigerian tech Youtuber who makes really cool and insightful tech views. He finds a way of bringing amazing digital effects in his review video which distinguishes his channel from the rest. Oscarmini is powered by Oscar Frank who is also the owner of the technology blog www.oscarmini.com.

His tech videos help his subscribers make better purchasing decisions. Phones, watches, gaming devices, headsets, and other modern gear pique his curiosity. On YouTube, he has 47k+ subscribers and has garnered over 5 million views as of the time of this publication. You can find this channel on YouTube by searching for ‘Oscarmini‘ or visiting the website – www.youtube.com/c/OscarminiTV.


That’s it, you now have a complete list to assist you to figure out which Nigerian tech YouTube channels to subscribe to for tech reviews. Don’t worry, this list was generated based on each of these tech influencers‘ channel accomplishments in tech. If you have any suggestions for more Nigerian tech YouTube channels, please leave them in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to like and follow us on all our social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A repost of this article using the Social Share button below will be highly appreciated.

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