8 Best Customization Apps for Android in 2020

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When it comes to customization on a mobile device, there is no doubt Android is the best candidate to achieve that, you can decide how your Android device is being customized.

In this article, I’ll be writing about some of the best customization apps for Android, these apps can be used to change one or two things on your Android device, some of these apps will emulate the features we’ve always admired from iOS or any Android device that is different from ours.

List Of The Best Customization Apps for Android

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best apps to carry out customization on your Android device, if you want to change your home screen layout, make your apps look well arranged and also use cool widgets, Nova Launcher will make that happen for you. It has many themes you can apply, you can change your app’s icon and size with it.

Nova Launcher is one of the best Launchers out there and also a good customization app for Android, meanwhile, there are other lightweight launchers you can use as a customization apps on your Android device.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Price: Free

2. Minty Icons Pro

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Minty Icons Pro

Minty Icons Pro is an app that’ll let you change app icons on your Android device, this app is paid because its feature’s and surely can’t come free and its an app that has over thousands of icon packs, you can customize any app icon on your device home screen with this app. It works with launchers and also has categories of launchers it works it.

Minty Icons Pro is a cool app to customize your Android device, it has cool wallpapers, nice folder icons you can use on folders. If you’re looking for a good customization app for your Android device, you should consider getting this app.

Minty Icons Pro
Minty Icons Pro
Developer: Patryk Goworowski
Price: $2.00

3. Material Islands™

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Material Islands

Nothing feels better than having a nice launcher with a very simple layout and having a semi-live wallpaper appearing in background. Even you’d be in awe of the amazing look from your Android device home screen. Well with Material Islands you can get semi-live wallpapers of features found on islands, from trees to mountains and other natural beauties an island possess.

This app will give you cool wallpapers that’ll appear on your home screen background and it doesn’t consume battery. You can also enjoy the day and night mode features it has, there’s a lot you can do with this app, it’s one of the best customization apps for Android users.

4. WallHub

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WallHub is one of the best wallpaper apps you should look forward to having on your Android device, with over 2000 quality wallpapers to beautify Android device home screen, I can’t help but to acknowledge the fact that this app is arguably the best wallpaper app I’ve seen, After using a wonderful launcher app and also getting the best icons you need, you surely need a good wallpaper to balance it, with WallHub you can achieve that.

WallHub has cool wallpapers and they look really simple but has simplicity, you’ll get quality 4K wallpapers and there are different categories of wallpapers there for you to check. WallHub is one of the best customization apps for Android.

5. Wow! KWGT


While some people don’t like using widgets due to battery drainage, there are few people out there who like using widgets a lot and if you’re one of them reading this article, I’d suggest you change your widget app and get Wow! KWGT. its one of the best widget app I’ve seen in a long time, it’s just filled with awesomeness, it has different widget packs with different colours, fancy widgets, gradients and many more.

With Wow! KWGT you can apply widgets to your Android device home screen and balance the customization you’ve been working on, it’s one of the best customization app for Android devices, it’s paid but it’s worth paying for.

Developer: ppick CH.
Price: $0.99

6. Keyboards

Chrooma Keyboard

Keyboard customization is another way to customize an Android device, there are different keyboards out there and you can customize them by applying themes, changes fonts or using a custom wallpaper, we’ll I won’t be giving a specific name for a keyboard app you should get, but you can check some of the best keyboard apps for Android, or if you’re using Swiftkey Keyboard, you can check some keyboards better than Swiftkey Keyboard.

Keyboard apps are one of the best customization apps you can use on your Android device, aside customization they can also help improve how you chat on your Android device.

7. Sesame


Sesame is an app that’ll interest you a lot, it’s not a launcher nor a wallpaper app, but it rather works as an AI that’ll interact with how you use your Android device, it works with your launcher app and automatically creates shortcuts and search option on your Android device, with this you can easily open a Whatsapp conversation, reply messages or resume a paused activity

Sesame will create multiple shortcuts for you and this will give you easy access to activities like making calls, replying emails or watching videos online. Sesame is one of the best customization apps you can use on your Android device, it has many cool features that’ll make you love the app.

8. Fonts


Using fonts is another way to customize our Android device, a good fonts app will give the best stylish fonts to change the typography on our Android device. Fonts app is one of the best fonts providers and this app has fonts that’ll work on any app we install on our Android device, it has some of the coolest fonts out there, you can use these font’s to complete customization on your Android device.

Fonts app is cool to you and one of the best to customize one’s Android device, it’s free and very easy to use.


If you want to customize your Android device, these are the best apps you can use for customization, they offer different features and will give your Android device the best home screen beauty. The paid apps I’ve listed in the article, you can get them from third-party app websites, if you don’t want to purchase them.


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