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8 Best Websites to Download Fonts for Free (2022)

Fonts offer good look to typographies, with the websites listed in this article you can easily download any fonts you want for free.

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This article contains the websites to download fonts free, you can get any fonts of your choice from these websites that offer free fonts. Fonts play an important role in our business typography, not just business, sometimes how texts are being displayed on our phones, computers, and websites. If you want texts on your website to appear stylishly, there are tons of stylish fonts to apply, and if you want bold texts or italic text form, there are tons of fonts for that too.

Well, if you like fonts a lot and you’re probably looking for the best websites to download fonts from, I have a feeling this article on Naijaknowhow will interest you cause in this article you’ll find the best websites that offer tons of fonts, these fonts can be applied on Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS devices.

These sites are listed below so check them out.

List of the Best Websites to Download Fonts

The websites listed below are known to have a database for different fonts, you will find different fonts that are awesome and give more beauty to typographies, these websites are safe to get fonts from, you can check them below.

1. Google Fonts

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Google Fonts

When looking for fonts of different types, one of the best places to fonts from is Google Fonts. Google Fonts is packed with hundreds of fonts, fonts that are rare on some websites are free to be downloaded from Google Fonts, you’ll be able to find fonts of your choice.

These fonts are free to download, and also open to being edited. If you need quality fonts to use in enhancing the beauty of your Phones Or computer typography, then Google Fonts is one of the best.

Visit Url https://fonts.google.com/

2. 1001 Fonts

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1001 Fonts

If you need top-notch quality fonts, well 1001 Fonts is one of the websites that offer quality fonts, this website has over a thousand fonts in its database, you can get any fonts you want from this website, it also has come fonts that are only available to paid users, nevertheless, you can still get some good fonts despite being a free user.

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1001 Fonts is one of the best websites to download fonts from at any time, you can always find the perfect fonts for your business typography, or just decide to have a different text look on your Smartphones or Computers.

Visit Urlhttps://www.1001fonts.com/

3. Urban Fonts

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Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts offers quality free fonts at any given time and when we talk about a website’s uniqueness towards delivering fonts to users who want them, we can always consider Urban Fonts as a good website. You’ll get any font you want from this website for free. Their fonts are free and you don’t need to pay for any premium package.

Urban Fonts are one of a kind and if you don’t find any fonts that suit your taste from other websites, well I’m very certain you will get what you want from Urban Fonts, it’s one of the best free fonts websites out there.

Visit Urlhttps://www.urbanfonts.com/

4. Fontspring


FontSpring also is known as the home to premium fonts, but you shouldn’t run off because they sell fonts, if you navigate around the website you’ll discover some good fonts that are free and comes of good quality, you can get any fonts you want on FontSpring, this website is very easy to navigate on, and the fonts there are very much okay.

If you’re looking for one of the best websites to download fonts from, if you come across FontSpring, you can give them a try and see the good fonts you’ll find on the website.

Visit Urlhttps://www.fontspring.com/

5. DaFont


Dafont has huge space for any different type of fonts, you’ll find tons of fonts on this website, you don’t need to have an account with them or pay for a premium package to get the best fonts, they have lots of stylish fonts and some of the newly added fonts are also found on this website, you’ll surely find a font you like on this website.

DaFont is one of the best websites to get fonts from, if you need fonts from a different website aside from the ones you’ve known before, well I’ll say DaFont is a good website to check for fonts.

Visit Urlhttps://www.dafont.com/

6. FontSpace

FontSpace - website to download fonts

Ever heard of a website having over 10,000 fonts in its database? well, you’ve come across one and that website is FontSpace. FontSpace offers fonts for free, I’m not sure there is a particular font you wouldn’t find here, they have some good quality fonts and they all come for free. With websites like FontSpace around, you don’t have to stress around looking for fonts.

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This website is one of the best websites that offer free fonts to everyone, you can always visit the website any time you need fonts, you’ll find fonts that are lovely there.

Visit Urlhttps://www.fontspace.com/

7. FontStruct

FontStruct - website to download fonts

To get good fonts, one needs to visit the right websites or get the best font apps, when we talk about a website that offers good fonts for free, we can always consider FontStruct for that aspect, I actually love this website and from experience after getting one of two fonts from them, I can tell they’re one of the best.

FontStruct is a nice website to get fonts, you don’t have to stress around looking for fonts, once you find your self on this website, be rest assured you’ll get any fonts of your choice, and you can download them easily.

Visit Urlhttps://fontstruct.com/

8. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel - website to download fonts

The last on the list is another amazing website to download fonts from for free, Font Squirrel just like every website listed above, it offers good fonts that’ll beautify your typography, or change how texts are being displayed on your Phones and Computer. If you need good fonts for free, Font Squirrel is a good website to get fonts from.

Font Squirrel is one of the best websites to download fonts from for free, you can always visit them and get any fonts you want without paying, all their fonts are awesome.

Visit Urlhttps://www.fontsquirrel.com/


These are the best websites to get fonts from, while some have paid fonts, while the majority offer them for free. If you like using fonts most times and you need websites to get fonts from, you can always visit any of these websites to get fonts for free.

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