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Best Nigerian Food Recipe Apps For Android 2020

Cooking Nigerian food is very easy when you have the right recipes you need, you'll find some of the best Nigerian food recipe apps available on Android. From them, you can know more about Nigerian meals and how to prepare them.

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When we talk about food and which country in Africa cooks the best meals, we all think of Nigeria, and yes Nigeria is known to be home of mouthwatering meals in Africa, from the popular irresistible jollof rice to the well-prepared fufu and vegetable soup, you’ll definitely find your self salivating for these meals. Today’s article covers some of the best Nigerian food recipe apps for Android.

Perhaps you might be interested in knowing how to cook Nigerian meals, this article will give you insight on some of the apps you can use to study every Nigerian food that is very common and how to prepare them with the help of the right recipes.

Knowing how to cook is mandatory in Nigeria, and cooking is a habit that can be found among every tribe in Nigeria, there are tons of delicious food you might want to know how to cook, even as a foreigner you might be interested in grasping how to cook Nigerian food.

List of the Best Nigerian Food Recipe Apps for Android

1. Nigerian Food Recipes

Nigerian Food Recipe

When it comes to studying the food prepared in Nigeria, the category of foods we have and which state has more food and ingredients, this particular app is one of the best to carry out your study, there are tons of food recipes you will find here and if you want to learn how to cook any Nigerian food or maybe you probably know how to cook one but doesn’t taste as how you’d expected it to, this app will guide you through.

Soups like the Yoruba Efo riro, Ila Alasepo and so many more, you will get the best methods to prepare them well at any time, this is one of the best Nigerian food recipe apps for Android users.

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Nigerian Food Recipes
Nigerian Food Recipes
Developer: AdamsDUT
Price: Free

2. Nigerian Soup Recipes

Nigerian Food Recipe

There are different soups in Nigeria, and you definitely can’t prepare all soups, some soups are very common within all tribes and they don’t need any tutorial to prepare them. If you’re interested in learning how to cook the real soups we have in Nigeria, soups from the Yorubas, Igbos and Hausas, then Nigerian soup recipes app is the best to teach you and also give you insights on the ingredients you need.

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If you’ve always had this desire to know how to cook sumptuous Nigerian soup like Afang soup, Egusi soup and many more, then you should use this app as your personal tutorial app, it’s one of the best Nigerian food recipe apps for Android users.

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3. 1000+ Nigerian Food Recipes

Nigerian Food Recipe

Don’t be surprised when you find out Nigeria has more than just Semo, Eba, Fufu, Jollof rice and so on, there are lots of Nigerian foods we don’t know, but with the help of this app you will be able to prepare any kind of Nigerian food, we just don’t have foods only in Nigeria, we have snacks as well, snacks like Puff Puff and other eatables. 1000+ Nigerian food recipes have a lot to teach when it comes to Nigerian food.

You will learn different methods of cooking Nigerian foods and also know more about the popular Nigerian beef jerky called Kilishi, 1000+ Nigerian food recipe app is the perfect app you need to learn how to prepare Nigerian food.

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1000+ Nigerian Food Recipes
1000+ Nigerian Food Recipes

4. Nigerian Dishes

Nigerian Food Recipe

Cooking Nigerian food is very much easier when you know the right ingredients to use, when to use and how to use them, but without any knowledge of these ingredients, there are chances you might not get the food prepared well. That is why you need guidance from Nigerian Dishes app, this app has complete detailed information of every food in Nigerian, it’s one of the Nigerian recipe apps that offers the best steps on how to make Nigerian food and also gives insight on the foods we have in Nigeria.

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With Nigerian dishes app, you will be able to prepare any Nigerian food or snacks easily and all by your self, practice always makes perfect therefore consistent use of this app will help enhance your cooking abilities when it comes to Nigerian food.

Nigerian Dishes
Nigerian Dishes
Developer: zinoapps
Price: Free

5. Recipes From Nigeria

Nigerian Food Recipe

Recipes from Nigeria comes with all the recipes you feel you need to know when it comes to preparing Nigerian food, you might find your self interested in cooking a meal that is quite different from the ones you prepare as a Yoruba or Igbo, you can simply use Recipes from Nigeria as your ultimate guide for cooking Nigerian food. This app comes with all the food and food ingredients in Nigeria, you can learn more about Nigerian food and also how to prepare them.

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Recipes from Nigeria is very straightforward when it comes to giving steps on how to prepare Nigerian food, it’s one of the best Nigerian food recipe apps for Android users.

Recipes from Nigeria
Recipes from Nigeria
Developer: Exolve Technologies
Price: Free

6. Stew Recipe Free

Nigerian Food Recipe

Ever wondered the type of stews we have in Nigeria? The stew people often prepare is the rice stew that is very common most especially in local eateries. Well don’t be surprised if I tell you there are more than 20 types of stews in Nigeria and if you want to know more about these stews and how to prepare them with the right recipes, Stew recipe free is the perfect app you need to install on your Android device.

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This app is basically developed to give insights on stews we have in Nigeria and also how to prepare them, don’t just think it’s only the rice stew we have in Nigeria, Stew recipe free will reveal all soups we have in Nigeria and you can easily learn to prepare one buy reading more about it from the App.

Stew Recipes Free
Stew Recipes Free
Developer: SP Developer
Price: Free

7. African Recipes

Nigerian Food Recipe

African Recipes is one of the recipe apps that has almost all the known foods in Africa, from Nigeria to other African countries, you will get insights on their foods and also how to prepare them. You might not be a Nigerian but in your country, you do see people cook Nigerian food and you have an interest in knowing how to cook Nigerian food as well. African recipes app is one of the good apps you should use in learning.

With this app, you’ll be able to prepare some of the popular Nigerian food or other popular African food from different African countries.


When it comes to cooking Nigerian food, these are some of the best apps that’ll give you insights on our food, our ingredients and also how to prepare any food you want, there are Nigerian snacks too that can be prepared, you’ll find them all in these apps and also learn how to prepare different Nigerian stews. These Nigerian food recipe apps For Android are the best to learn from.

More on Best Apps:

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