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6 Best Ludo Games to Download on Android and iOS

Revive your childhood memories with some of these ludo games for android and ios users, here is an article on the best ludo games for android and iOS user.

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Looking for the best Ludo games to play on your Android and iOS device, well you’re in the right spot cause this article is all about the finest Ludo games that are available to every Android and iOS user. We know Ludo games are always fun to play, so let’s check these Ludo games out.

Ludo is one of the finest board game you’ll come across, it’s one of the time passing activities you’ll find one or two people doing together, playing Ludo is fun as you have to make sure your opponent doesn’t outrun you before your his or her color finishes.

Playing Ludo requires skill, you have to be tactical and have a good strategy before you can win your opponent, it’s a good game to relax on. Playing Ludo is now much easier and you can play Ludo games on your Android or iOS device, I’ve listed some of the best Ludo games for Android and iOS users.

List of the Best Ludo Games For Android And iOS

Some of these games are available to Android users alone, while some are available for both OS, but you’ll find the one that suits your demand, so check these games out below.

1. Naija Ludo

Best Ludo Games

Naija Ludo is one of the finest Ludo games you’ll find on Android, developed by Nigerians and it comes with amazing features that’ll let you enjoy playing Ludo more. I personally find this app fun to use and its added features are something you won’t find on other Ludo games.

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While playing Naija Ludo, you’ll hear flute sound playing in the background, this sound keeps your head in the game, you can play multiplayer mode via Bluetooth or internet connection, there are other features like a safe house, barriers and many more, Naija Ludo is one of the best Ludo game, but only available to Android users.

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Naija Ludo
Naija Ludo
Developer: Tonielrosoft
Price: Free+

2. Ludo King

Best Ludo Games

Talking about playing Ludo on Android or iOS device, if you find your self stumbling across Ludo King, well you don’t need to think twice before installing this game on your Android or iOS device. Ludo King is one of the most popular Ludo games and with over 200 Million installs across Android and iOS, you’ll definitely find reasons to play Ludo King.

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Ludo King is one of the games that support low-end devices, you can play multiplayer mode, make new friends online and also chat with friends, Ludo King leaves no room for cheating, and it also lets you load and resumes your gameplay from where you left off. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

Ludo King™
Ludo King™

3. Ludo Classic

Reminiscing on the times when you had to look for friends and families to play Ludo with? When Ludo was known to be played on wooden board, Ludo Classic has got some fun it offers and also the features you need to pass time on playing Ludo with friends and family, it’s one of the best Ludo games out there that allows you to play online and offline, it has a nice design and friendly user interface.

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With Ludo Classic, you can make new friends online by playing with random friends from different countries, Ludo classic has some features like an in-game instructor, real-time die feature and many more, this is one of the best Ludo game for Android and iOS users.

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Ludo Classic
Ludo Classic
Developer: Sudhakar Kanakaraj
Price: Free

4. Parchisi Star

Best Ludo Games

Before the name Ludo, it was known to be called Parchisi, well Parchisi Star is one of the best Ludo games you’ll love to play, it features online gameplay and lets you play with different teams online. This game is well developed and its features are amazing, there are tons of dice collections on Parchisi Star, you can play and get the best fun you need.

Daily login on Parchisi Star, you’ll get the chance to 50,000 coins every day, and these coins can be used to make a purchase on some important items, there’s a lot this game has to offer, and it’s available for both Android and iOS users.

Parchisi STAR Online
Parchisi STAR Online
Developer: Gameberry Labs
Price: Free+

5. Ludo Star

Best Ludo Games

Ludo Star is another board game that’ll cheer you up anytime you need and activity to keep your mood lively, just like other Ludo games listed above, Ludo Star offers the same gameplay but is very much different to others in terms of features and user interface. Ludo Star is very challenging and you’ll need to put in all your tactics if you want to win.

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It has different modes that you can play in, its online mode is different and quite awesome, you can play against the computer as well, it also has a mode called Arrow Mode, it’s a mode that offers challenges but its fun. If you’re looking for one of the best Ludo games for Android and iOS users, you should try playing Ludo Star.

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Ludo Star
Ludo Star
Developer: Gameberry Labs
Price: Free+

6. Ludo All Star

Ludo All-Star happens to be the last on the list, well if you did come across this game when looking for the best Ludo games to play and you missed downloading it, I’ll say you’ve missed out getting fun from one of the best Ludo games out there, This game is very fun to play just like the ones listed above it, if you want to revive some of your childhood memories, then you should get Ludo All-Star and play with friends and family.

You can play online multiplayer mode on Ludo All-Star, you can also chat with friends while in a match with them, you can also place a bet with the currency provided in the game, there’s the need to win more games, the more games you win, the more coins you’ll get. Be ready for some challenges, Ludo All-Star is one of the best Ludo games for Android and iOS users.


When considering Ludo games, if you find your self stumbling across any of these games, well you don’t need to think twice before you install them, these Ludo games will surely revive the childhood memories of yours, you will catch a lot of fun with these games, at the moment they’re the best Ludo games to download on Android and iOS device.

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