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Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android with Audio in 2022

In this article, you will find the best screen recorder apps for Android with internal audio. These apps are best for creating screenvideos or screencasts.

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Are you looking for the best screen recorder apps for Android smartphones with internal audio features? Search no more… Here is the post for you.

Sometimes it is necessary to record what is happening on the display of a mobile device in the form of video (avi, mp4, mov, etc.). There are various applications for recording a screen, and they do allow you to make screen recordings while using the phone. In addition to recording the video, sounds are superimposed on the video clip, and subsequently, you can edit the video clip in the built-in editor if needed.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, you will find the best apps for creating screen videos/screencasts – that is, videos of what is happening on the phone. Let’s delve right into it!

List of the best screen recorder apps for creating screen-videos / screencasts on Android smartphones;

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root

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The AZ Screen Recorder screen recording application is rightfully considered the most popular service and one of the best screen recorder apps for shooting video from a phone on the Android platform. At the moment, more than 1,000,000 people have downloaded the program, and this figure continues to grow.

There are no ads or time limits in the AZ Screen Recorder. The developers have provided users with a wide range of free features: a countdown timer, a choice of video resolution and speed, sound recording from a microphone, and the addition of their own texts.

Also, a winning feature of AZ Screen Recorder is the ability to pause the recording during the shooting process. For a small subscription cost of N930 naira, the following functionality will become available to a premium user:

  • Manage all existing records;
  • Drawing with various brushes on the screen;
  • Convert to GIF format;
  • Video trimmer.

In order to use the program, you do not need root privileges. You can download the application on the official page in the Play Store. After installing it, all the free features will immediately become available: just start shooting here and now.

2. Screen Recorder & Music

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Screen Recorder & Music, Video Editor, Record Free

Screen Recorder & Music is a program for recording video from the phone screen, which has really wide functionality. The application is completely free to use, there is no advertising in it and no root rights are needed to use it.

In addition to recording from the screen of the gadget on the Android OS, the application allows you to take screenshots and record sound from the microphone. Other advantages of the application are:

  • No time limits;
  • Extensive editing capabilities for captured videos;
  • High quality shooting 1080p;
  • Easy and quick start of recording at the touch of a button.

The only drawback of the application is the lack of a Russian version. However, thanks to a convenient interface, basic knowledge of the English language is enough to understand all the functionality. To download Screen Recorder & Music, follow the link below on Google Play. After installation, select the following settings: resolution, the storage location for records and FPS. Now you can start shooting from the screen.

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Screen Recorder-My VideoRecord
Screen Recorder-My VideoRecord

3. Game screen recorder

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Game Screen Recorder

Game Screen Recorder, a free phone screen capture application, works without root privileges. With it, recording the process of a game running on the Android OS has become quicker and easier than ever.

After downloading the program on the official page in the Play Store, go to the application menu. Game Screen Recorder will automatically detect all the games on your device. Now you can click on the record button and start playing. Settings are available such as transparency level, stop shooting using the notification bar, and upload your own image for the start screen capture button.

The application also has a pause button, which allows you to interrupt the shooting at any time and then continue it, as well as the option “Share with friends”. Game recording can be accelerated if desired. In general, Game Screen Recorder is a top-1 game recording application with completely free functionality.

Game Screen Recorder
Game Screen Recorder
Developer: DGenius Mobile
Price: Free

4. Screen recorder

Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

One of the most convenient applications for recording a screen without root rights. Screen Recorder has quickly gained popularity among users of Google Play.

The program is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • Support for both the front and conventional cameras during shooting;
  • Recording sounds from a microphone;
  • You can upload your texts and pictures to the screen when recording;
  • The presence of a pause button;
  • Video trimmer;
  • Ability to save recorded video to any folder on the phone.

Screen Recorder lacks ads and watermarks, as well as intrusive offers to purchase a paid subscription. All the necessary functionality for successful screen recording is provided completely free of charge. The application supports many languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. To download the application to your device, just click the link below.

Screen Recorder
Screen Recorder
Developer: Kimcy929
Price: Free+

5. Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder - XRecorder

Screen Recording is an application for a clear screen capture without root rights, which allows you to shoot all the videos played on the phone. You can record and save shooting from such popular sites as Youtube, Twitch and Periscope, as well as in any games and programs.

  • The program does not have a watermark and time limits for shooting video;
  • Recording resolution reaches 1080p, FPS – 60 frames per second;
  • There is a countdown timer;
  • Added the ability to save videos and send them to friends on social networks;
  • A convenient interface and a minimum of necessary settings will allow you to start recording video from the screen immediately after downloading the application.

The application plans to soon add features such as editing captured videos and overlaying the front camera. Developers provide the program completely free of charge and constantly release useful updates. You can download Screen Recording via the link on the application website for Android.

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Screen Recorder - XRecorder
Screen Recorder - XRecorder
Developer: InShot Inc.
Price: Free

6. Mobizen

Mobizen Screen Recorder - Record, Capture, Edit

With the Mobizen screen recorder, about a million videos a day are created daily. This application has become not only an excellent program for capturing and recording a screen, but also for editing captured videos.

  • In Mobizen, shooting in HD quality is available;
  • The application does not require root privileges;
  • The maximum custom FPS reaches 60 frames per second, and the resolution is 1080p;
  • In the program, you can turn on the front and conventional cameras;
  • A wide range of recording editing options: add your own background music, crop, split, or extract frames.

The only noticeable drawback of Mobizen is the presence of advertising, but this content is quite unobtrusive and rare. This is a decent price for a really large list of features that are provided by developers completely free of charge. You can install the application by clicking on the link on Google Play. The setup process is quick and clear, and it will not cause questions even for an inexperienced user.

Mobizen Screen Recorder
Mobizen Screen Recorder
Developer: MOBIZEN
Price: Free

7. V recorder

Screen Recorder V Recorder - Audio, Video Editor

The newest V Recorder video editor application combines the advantages of the best recorders for the Android operating system. On the official page on the Play Market, it has already been downloaded by more than 348,000 users, and this figure is constantly increasing.

Stable, high-quality recording without restrictions is just one of the many advantages of V Recorder. Check out others too:

  • The ability to switch between portrait and landscape orientations directly during shooting;
  • Resolution reaching a record high of 1440p;
  • You can record the process of the game, as well as any live show or video call;
  • A simple application setup process. Install it, select individual settings and start shooting by pressing just one button.

After the shooting, a number of options for editing the resulting video are provided. With a large number of fashionable filters, speed control, stickers and downloading background music – the developer has provided all possible wishes. The record can be shared on any popular network.

The main functionality of V Recorder is provided free of charge, however, the application contains in-app purchases of 309 rubles for filters, music and other content.


These are some of the best screen recorder apps to download on your Android smartphone with the ability to include audio while recording. It’s left for you to make your choice depending on which of the following you find compelling enough. Do let us know which of them you’d be using and why via the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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