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6 Best Android Apps For Healthy Sleep (2023)

Are you a victim of insomnia? Well if you're, I've prepared an article for you and this article covers the best Android apps for healthy sleep.

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If you ever find it difficult to sleep at night, in this article on Naijaknowhow, you’ll discover the best android apps for healthy sleep. The human body needs proper sleep to function well for the next day’s activities or whatever it is that keeps a man busy every time. For example, you live in a country where everything seems hectic, going to work early and coming home really late.

And after getting home, the plan is to take a proper shower, eat dinner then find yourself on the bed getting ready to sleep for the next day but for one reason or another, you can’t sleep. Well if you’re one of the victims who sometimes find it hard to sleep at night, I’ve made a compilation of some Android apps that’ll help you sleep better.

Everything now seems easy nowadays with the help of technology, there’s no lacking behind, and even a common app can be so helpful in boosting one’s lifespan.

List of the Best Android Apps for Healthy Sleep

1. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds


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Have you ever stared at the atmosphere when it’s in a cool state and all you could think of is getting the convenience it brings, well you’re about to know more about an app that’ll give you all the relaxation sound you’ll need for proper sleep. The Atmosphere app is one of the best Android apps for sleeping healthy.

It has a wide range of calming sounds from environments like the beach, forest, city, home and many places like the countryside, this app will help you reduce stress and stimulate your body, and as we all know that when there’s a healthy sleeping cycle, the body tends to grow stronger. Just plug in your headphone or earpiece to your Android device and enjoy the best sounds that’ll put you to sleep.

2. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

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Once in a while, it’s good to sit and stay silent for some minutes or hours depending on how far we can go, we call that meditation and it plays an important role in human health. With the Calm app, you can get the joy you need to sleep better, this app is one of the best health apps that’ll help overcome many difficulties, even if you suffer from anxiety, lack of concentration and other stuff that’ll affect your health, with this app you’ll definitely get the breakthrough you need.

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Calm app has different sounds that’ll help you a lot if you can’t sleep at night or if you can’t concentrate in daylight, it’s a very cool app to use and one of the best Android apps for healthy sleep, there are lots of sessions it offers, you just need to take them and see how it helps improve your health.

Calm - Sleep, Meditate, Relax
Calm - Sleep, Meditate, Relax

3. Sleep sounds

Sleep sounds

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Sleep Sounds is the perfect healthy sleeping app you need to get your life back from insomnia, this app has some of the best quality sounds that’ll put you to sleep anytime you listen to them, it’s very easy to use and has over 200 quality sleep sounds to play when needed. One thing I like about this app is that it has sounds that’ll even put babies to sleep and you don’t have to sit up all night petting your baby or kids to sleep.

With Sleep Sounds you can even get sounds that’ll help you concentrate while studying, you can set a timer to when the sounds get to stop or resume when it stops, there are so many benefits you’ll get from this app, With Sleep Sounds you’ll get rid of daily stress, lack of concentration or even annoying sounds from a snoring partner. This app is one of the best healthy sleep apps for Android users.

4. Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds - android app for healthy sleep

Believe me, when I say nothing beats the natural soothing sound of nature, you can imagine sitting on a quiet beach with some cold juice and the natural beach sounds waves through your ears while the breeze from the ocean moves around you, I can tell there’s no better feeling than that. With the Nature Sounds app, you’ll get to feel nature around you from your Android device. This app comes with high-quality sounds of nature, sounds that’ll help you relax better and sleep better.

It’s an app with amazing features and cool nature sounds like waterfalls, windy mountains, evening lakes, relaxed oceans and many more, this app has all the sounds you need to relax, it’s a very simple app and it also helps against snoring. Nature Sounds is one of the best Android apps for healthy sleep.

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Nature Sounds
Nature Sounds
Developer: Maple Media
Price: Free

5. Sleepo: Relaxing sounds, Sleep

Sleepo - android app for healthy sleep

There is freedom in relaxing, freedom in sleeping healthy. But it’s very annoying when you can’t get any of those due to noise from your environment or your kids crying at night, Well with Sleepo you can overcome all that and thanks to its sounds that’ll help you sleep and relax better, you’ll find your breakthrough using this app.

Sleepo app has many sounds you’ll need during daylight or midnight, and these sounds are quality sounds of nature and environments. If the rain sound makes you feel relaxed or you love the sounds coming from subways and train stations, this app has all those sounds and you can listen to them for free. With Sleepo you can sleep better at night, it has different quality sounds for healthy sleeping. It’s one of the best Android apps for healthy sleep.

Sleepa: Relaxing sounds, Sleep
Sleepa: Relaxing sounds, Sleep

6. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies - android app for healthy sleep

Relax Melodies will help you sleep better at night if you suffer from insomnia, not a cure for it but it will give you the rhythm to stimulate insomnia from your body system. This app is no different from the ones I’ve listed above as they all offer the same goal which is to sleep better at night or feel calm in daylight. The app has many features and cool sounds that’ll help you a lot.

Relax Melodies is one of the best Android apps for healthy sleeping at night, there are different bedtime sounds in this app, it’s a very popular app and has over 50 million users who are currently sleeping healthy.

BetterSleep: Sleep tracker
BetterSleep: Sleep tracker


Never find it difficult to sleep at night again with one of these apps installed on your Android device, they’re the perfect breakthrough you need to be healthy, These are the best Android apps for healthy sleep, don’t forget to share this article with friends, it might be helpful to some who are victims of insomnia.

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