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Best Websites To Stream Korean Dramas Online (2020)

If you want to know more about the websites that allow free streaming of Korean dramas. In this article I've listed the best websites for that, read the article to know more.

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When it comes to movies, Hollywood movies are always the best to watch and maybe after them we can consider Asian movies and these movies are from countries like India, Philippine, and Korea.

But if you’re a big fan of Korean dramas and want to stream them online, different websites offer a lot of Korean dramas to people to watch for free and sometimes download. But most of these websites offer outdated dramas or low-quality Korean dramas, but I’m here to help you out on knowing the websites that offer Korean dramas and also allows you to stream them.

In this article, I’ll be writing about the best websites to stream Korean dramas online for free and be rest assured these websites offer the best and latest Korean dramas out there.

Here’s A List Of The Best Websites To Stream Korean Dramas Online

1. NetFlix


Netflix is known to be home of award-winning movies, movies, TV shows and dramas that has really risen to expectations and also gained much attention from the media. As we all know you can’t find any type of movies featured on Netflix. In Netflix, you’ll find the best Korean dramas from the lastest release to old release and these Korean dramas are available to be streamed for free on both paid and trial Netflix account.

Netflix is one of the best websites to stream Korean dramas online, you can create a trial account and use it for 30-days, in 30days you’d have watched all your favourite Korean dramas and still be looking for more, if you want to stream Korean dramas with quality visuals, then visit Netflix and get it done.

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2. Asian Crush

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Asian Crush

I believe Asian Crush to be familiar to most people online, well if we talking about a website that blows minds when it comes to delivering the best Asian dramas out there, I’ll always have Asian Crush in mind because of its large database of the best Korean dramas out there. This website covers Asian movies in general and you can find other Asian country movies on it as well, but my attention is diverted to the Korean dramas it offers.

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You can stream your favourite Korean dramas on this website, it also offers thrilling Korean movies, Horror movies and also Korean animes, you must have an account on the website before you’ll be granted permission to stream movies there. Asian Crush is one of the best websites to stream Korean dramas online for free.

3. New Asian TV

New Asian Tv

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New Asian TV lets you stream Korean dramas online like you’re in the cinema, I find this website very easy to navigate and you can even stream your favourite Korean dramas without creating an account on the website, it offers different video formats and resolution that’ll match your taste. New Asian TV has all the latest Korean dramas you’ve been looking for and even if its the old ones you want to re-watch, you’ll find it there.

One thing I also like about this website is that it also offers well-coded English subtitles and you won’t be left worrying about the poor translation you’d get unlike how it is when you stream from other websites, New Asian TV is one of the best, they offer quality updates, this website can be your best website to stream Korean dramas online.

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4. Hulu


You might be hearing about Hulu for the first time, though I’m not sure and now that I’ve listed this website here, you can know more about it because if you really want to stream Korean dramas online, then this website is your one-stop destination to get the best Korean dramas streamed live and direct from your browser. Hulu is just like Netflix but its completely different in some cases.

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Hulu offers much more highly rated Korean dramas and also has more Korean dramas in its database and you as a fan of Korean dramas, you’ll stream as many Korean dramas as you want. To stream Korean dramas on Hulu, you have to create or own an account there, you can enjoy 2 weeks trial validity on the site, but overall its one of the best websites to stream Korean dramas online.

5. VIU


If you’re looking for a website that offers quality Korean dramas, well all I can tell you is that VIU is one of those websites and what I love most about this website is that it offers quality video contents and it also offers free and premium account types, VIU is known to be home of some of the most engrossing Asian movies and it offers different subtitles as well.

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VIU is one of the known Asian Movies content providers since 2015 and there’s no Korean drama you wouldn’t find on their website, its a good place to stream Korean dramas online and like I said, you can stream your favourite Korean dramas for free and also pay for some depending on the movie production costs.

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On the list is another awesome website to stream Korean dramas online and when it comes to delivering Korean dramas, Viki is one of the top providers of Korean dramas, they offer not just Korean dramas alone but also offers Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas and many more, you can stream any drama you want on the website and it allows you to stream in HD or a resolution that’ll suit your screen.

If you want to stream Korean dramas in the best possible way, then you should consider using Viki to stream your favourite Korean dramas, this website is one of the best out there that allows streaming of Korean dramas online for free.


With these websites, I’m sure watching your favourite Korean dramas wouldn’t be an issue anymore and if you’re someone who takes streaming Korean dramas above downloading Korean dramas, then you’ll find this article will help you out in finding the best websites to do that. There are other websites which I may have failed to list, but if you have anyone in mind, kingly leave a comment so I can add to the list.

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