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Best Google Play Store Alternatives for Android Users

Ever tried downloading an app on Google Play Store, and you couldn't find it! here's an article on Google Play Store alternatives, you'll find third-party app stores to download any Android games and apps.

When we look at app stores, we’ll find out that the Google Play Store is the largest app store in the world, and it contains millions of apps from different developers and being the mainly recognized app store for Android, there’s no app you can’t get on it.

But despite all the wide space for apps and games, Google Play Store still lacks some apps and games, there are some important apps that are not on Play Store, and even streaming apps get removed due to unknown reasons.

Well, there are other sources where you can get Android apps and games that are not on Play Store and if you want modded apps or apps that have been removed from Google Play Store, you’ll find them all on these Google Play Store Alternatives.

List of the Best Google Play Store Alternatives for Android Users

1. XDA Developers

Google Play Store Alternatives

XDA Developers is the home for developers and it’s a place you’ll find different type of developers, but most times app developers are very common on this website and it’s a website where you can download different various modded apps, it’s also a hub for rooting apps for different Android devices.

XDA Developers offers the best mod apps you won’t find anywhere and even on Google Play Store. If you’re looking for one of the best Google Play Store alternatives for downloading modded apps, then you should come to XDA Developers.

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2. ApkPure


ApkPure is another good source to download Android apps and games, I actually prefer downloading from this website anytime I want to download big games like PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile. You can easily download any big game files on ApkPure without interruptions, it’s unlike Google Play Store where a download can stop at 90%.

ApkPure is also a very large app store and one of the largest third-party app stores for Android apps and games. You can find apps and games here that aren’t available on Play Store. ApkPure is one of the best Google Play Store Alternatives for Android users.

3. Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store

You might find it surprising to know Amazon also has an app store, well it does and its app store is one of the best places to download clean apps and games for your Android device. Unlike Google Play Store that covers various Android apps, Amazon App Store only has limited various Android apps and games but its numbers are still large.

Amazon App Store is one of the best Google Play Store Alternatives out there, you can download some of the best paid and free games and apps, you’ll also have access to some Amazon apps and also cool offers to shop on Amazon Store.

4. QooApp


QooApp is not an app store like the ones listed above, but it’s rather a game store where you can download some cool Asian and Japanese games for Android. If you’re a lover of Asian Contents like Asian Movies or Korean Dramas and Games, QooApp is a good place to download some of these Asian Japanese games.

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QooApp is nowhere near other app stores I’ve listed in this article, but it’s a very good place to download Asian games and it’s a good Google Play Store alternative in terms of downloading some of the best Asian Japanese games on Android.

5. ACMarket


ACMarket is another good source to get Android apps and games, and it’s known for having both modded and non modded Android Apk’s. This app store is one of the best out there and it has various Android games and apps in its store. You can download any games and apps of your choice.

ACMarket is an alternative to Google Play Store and you can trust it to deliver you the best mod games and apps for Android. It’s one of the best third-party app stores to download Android apps and games.


These are the best Google Play Store Alternatives I know of, and while they seem to be the best out there, I can’t guarantee the safety of downloading from them. Google Play Store will always stand to be the best in terms of giving its users clean apps and games. So be careful what you download from third-party app stores.

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