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5 Important Android Apps That Are Not On Google Play Store And Where To Download Them

I have decided to bring you some of Google playstore rejected apps despite their usefulness.These are really nice apps that you will find absent on the Google Playstore. Since any of these apps might interest you, I took my time to provide an alternative download link for each app mentioned.

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Google play store is an app market that currently houses over 1.4million apps. Hundreds of apps are added to the repository daily.

Despite these, some apps could still not get their way to the store simply because they are not in accordance with the Google’s stipulated policy. Due to this, some apps as important and useful as they are, find their self-going through the exit door.

I have decided to bring you some of these rejected apps despite their usefulness.These are really nice apps that you will find absent on Google play store. Since many of these apps might interest you, I took my time to provide an alternative download link for each app mentioned.

Note: As these applications are unavailable in the Google Play Store, the links provided in this article will only enable you to download the APK file which you have to manually install instead of the automatic installation that happens when you download from Playstore.

To install downloaded APK files, go to the Security settings of your Android device to enable the “Unknown sources”. Then go to your File Manager and to the folder where the file was downloaded to, click on the APK file and follow the consequent installation prompts. It’s quite easy.

Now, let’s get to the topic of the day.

1. Tubemate

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TubemateTubemate is a YouTube downloader.To me, it is ONE of the best if not the BEST YouTube video downloader out there.

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This app lets you download video from YouTube (and some other websites)in various formats(including MP3) and different quality which may be high or low. If you find YouTube downloaders more convenient than the “SS” trick, then this app is a go-to whenever you need to download movies from YouTube to your device.

Download Tubemate

2. WhatsApp GB

GBWhatsApp-Yeah, you definitely know this app right? If you are like me, am sure you probably have this app installed on your smartphone.WhatsApp GB has a popularity second to only the official Whatsapp Application.

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I personally love this app, it comes with a lot of cool features that even the official WhatsApp does not have.I can’t just start to list these features, you have to check it out if you don’t have it already.The good news it is even the most stable of all the Whatsapp clones around. Check it out by following the download link below to get it.

Download Whatsapp GB

3. Xpose Installer

xpose installer
If you an adventurous Android user like me, this app relieves you of the stress and little of the risk of having to install different ROMS to customize your Android device. Inside the installer is a frame which contains modules that allows you to add extra features and make small adjustments to your device’s operating system.

Like I stated earlier, just little of the risk involved in installing a ROM is evaded by using this app as installing the Xposed framework inside this app may equally cause some problems. These problems rarely occur but just like ROMS, you still need to be careful with the installation.

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Xposed Installer is a very cool tool for Android users who want to take full advantage of their device. Somehow, it gives you the benefits of a customizable ROM without the messy downsides.

Download Xpose installer

Note: Your device needs root access to use this app

4. AdBlock

Just as the name implies, AdBlock helps you block ads. It also helps to protect your device from malware and increase your Privacy by equally blocking tracking. Creating filters allow you to make use of the AdBlocker to its fullest potential.

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These filters once created, will include things that you want to block. Ads are blocked by the two filters that came with the app by default.

Note: Only a rooted device can make use of this app.

Download AdBlock

5. LMT Launcher

lmt-launcherLMT Launcher is a good launcher for multitasking. It allows you to perform various commands with single and multiple gestures. To be sincere, in the beginning, the app will seem user-unfriendly as it will be difficult to use. But once you are familiar with it, you will love it.

Download LMT Launcher

Note: A rooted device is needed to use this app.

Wrap Up

That is the end of my list.There are plenty apps out there that are not present in Google Play store, the ones I mentioned are just the ones I have observed. If there is any similar app that you think should join the list, let me know in the comment section.

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