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This Is Your Brain on Signature Generator

Do you have a business or company requiring signatures from clients and employees often? Let CocoSign be the brainchild of your e-signature generation tasks.

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Things have changed in the past few years. We are now embracing technology to do most of the things we did on paper. Apart from typing and designing, you can also digitally sign the documents and quickly deliver them to the desired parties.

While document design problems have been solved using many applications, creating a digital signature needs something you can trust. The solution should be readily available apart from helping you sign using electronic means.

Do you have a business or company requiring signatures from clients and employees often? Let CocoSign be the brainchild of your e-signature generation tasks.

Part 1: What is CocoSign and Why Is It the Signature Generator for the Masses?

First, let’s shed light on what a signature generator is. It’s simply an application or a web-based platform that helps you create signatures electronically. That means you will use your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other internet-enabled device to draw the signature.

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Whatever you are anticipating, CocoSign will help you read it and use it on the essential documents. It’s a web-based application that you can access anywhere at any time when that signature and delivery is almost due.

cocosign signature generator

What happens is that it will help you create a personal signature. You can use it on docs, reports, PDFs, and any other forms of electronic documents. You can choose to write it down (via the keyboard), have a sign pic uploaded, or use a stylus.

What you choose will be applicable once you follow the few self-explanatory instructions. Since it’s all about signing the documents, it means there are tonnes of applications here. Some of them include:

Legal Cases and Disputes

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Do you have a document that represents a case or something official to be done? All those fees and confidential agreements can get a signature right away when you involve all the parties in CocoSign. They only need a link to the document to succeed.

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Human Resource

Approval from HR via the work and hiring documents is inevitable for your job’s success and security. Having the necessary papers on CocoSign can speed up the filling process without having to move.


Banks and other financial institutions also need signatures for that account or the savings policy, among other protocols. Therefore, having a signature generator can also mean easing the overall process.

We cannot exhaust the signature applications in our lives. If this solution can apply to almost any business venture, then read it to learn about the best signature generator. Before we look at how to create that signature, here’s why you should use it and the benefits incurred.

Part 2: Why Consider the CocoSign Signature Generator?

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What do you need to sign? Do you have any idea on how to go about it online? CocoSign can manage the signing for you if you can simply get the document online. Your signature will always be secure thanks to protocols like SSL encryption.

Here are a few reasons why it’s the go-to platform for your signing jobs:

Multiple Signing

CocoSign allows you to upload a document and then invite other interested or vital parties. That saves you the needed time to move from one place to another. You can choose to email the document to the other person or send the signing link.

Creating Free Signatures

There are different ways to sign on CocoSign, and they are all free. If you have no idea, there are suggestions for putting the best unique mark on the e-paper. That is why we call it your brain on the signature generator.

Online Storage

You can store your signature and signed papers too in the solution’s cloud. If you need to access the documents, all you need is to access your account and retrieve what you require. You can also opt to download or save in another location, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Enhanced Security

If all you need is a signature on a document, this web-based solution will do that for you. However, there is online storage, and that needs security. That is why there are multi-layer security and encryption to make sure that unauthorized access is never successful.

Part 3: The Signature Generator Benefits

  • The increased workflow in a profession
  • It’s easier to close a deal since the movement time to collect signatures is reduced.
  • E-signatures enhance professionalism in a firm or any other business dealings.
  • There is security for your signatures and the signed documents.
  • There is online storage, which enables getting rid of the hard copies and files.
  • Easy and quick access since it’s an online platform that requires an internet connection only.
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Part 4: How to Create an E-Sign with CocoSign

Now, it’s time to get a digital signature where CocoSign will be doing all the hard work for you. This is a solution that top-notch platforms such as SmallBizTrends have talked about. If you want to know how people have been doing it here, follow the steps below:

Steps to Create the Signature Online

Step 1: Visit the CocoSign website. All you need is an updated browser. You can choose to create an account first or not.

Step 2: To create the signature, choose the mode you are comfortable with based on the given solutions. You can choose to do it with a mouse, stylus on a graphic tablet, or the touchpad.

cocosign signature generator

Step 3: Enter your name and then let CocoSign generate a few suggestions for you. There are also options to choose your favourite font and colour!

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your choice, click on the ‘Save’ button. After that, download the signature as an image to use later. If you want it online, this is where you create an account with CocoSign for saving.

Next time you upload a document requiring a signature, the saved signature is what you will be using.

cocosign signature generation

Parting Shot

Writing a signature on paper is easy but getting it online is always hard. That is why you have CocoSign to simplify the process. If you have no idea how to go about it, this solution will guide you through.

It has a user-friendly design with everything you need is labelled. Further, you don’t even need to create an account to get the signature. So, you can let CocoSign brainstorm for you for free without incurring any expenses.


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