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How to Monitor Someone’s iPhone secretly (100% Works)

Sometimes, keeping a tab on a loved one is the only way to maintain our sanity. In this post, we’ll share how to monitor someone’s iPhone secretly with FoneMonitor.

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Sometimes, keeping a tab on a loved one is the only way to maintain our sanity. If you have a child that is old enough to use the internet, you’re likely worried about their online activities. As a parent, knowing what your child is up to per time is critical.

For married people or those in a relationship, knowing what your partner is doing is also important. If you suspect your partner is cheating, getting proof is the only way you can confirm your suspicion. In this post, we’ll share how to monitor someone’s iPhone secretly.

Part 1: How to Monitor Someone’s iPhone discreetly with FoneMonitor

When it comes to monitoring someone’s phone, you have to be cautious. If you’re monitoring your child, for instance, you won’t want them to know about it. The same goes for your spouse. Thankfully, you can use an app to monitor your target iPhone secretly.

Many apps are online that offer monitoring features but we strongly recommend FoneMonitor. FoneMonitor is a reputable and highly reliable spy app designed to help you monitor a phone. It’s a feature-loaded app that makes your monitoring very effective.

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With FoneMonitor, you won’t have to stress that you will be caught. This is because the app works in the best of stealth modes. This is why it is often referred to as the silent spy agent.

The app has been downloaded by millions of users and it has received numerous positive reviews. Using FoneMonitor to monitor an iPhone is very easy. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the software. This is why it’s a top choice for many parents.

Why use FoneMonitor to Monitor Someone’s iPhone

As stated earlier, many spy apps are in the market. However, you have many reasons to use FoneMonitor. Whether you want to monitor your child or spouse, it gives you the best features to get the job done. Let’s look at some top reasons why FoneMonitor is the best.

100% Stealth Mode of Operation

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FoneMonitor works in absolute stealth mode. Your target can’t know that a spy app is running on their device. For a start, you won’t need to install an app on the target device.

You don’t even have to touch the device because the app works with the iCloud backup of an iPhone. The software activation is done remotely and the monitoring is also done remotely.

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No Jailbreak required

Many spy apps will require that you first jailbreak your target device before you can monitor its activities. This is not the case with FoneMonitor. You don’t need to jailbreak the device or even touch it.

The no-jailbreak solution is the most advanced feature of a spy app and not many spy apps have it.

100% Reliable Spy App

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FoneMonitor is very effective and you can rely on its data. It offers data in real-time and whatever information you get through the app is as precise as possible. The app is virus-free, so you don’t have to worry that your target device will be virus-ridden

100% Safe and Secure Platform

FoneMonitor uses end-to-end encryption to protect data on its side. This means whatever data is transmitted to your dashboard cannot be accessed by a third-party. The app has been designed to be accessible through any web browser on any device.

You don’t have to download any app on your device to access your FoneMonitor dashboard. The spying platform is 100% safe and secure.

Unique Features of FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor comes with a variety of monitoring features. There’s so much you can view from your target’s iPhone and you do all these remotely. Some of the data that you can access using the features of FoneMonitor are highlighted below.

Social Media Apps Monitoring

FoneMonitor lets you view the social media activities of your target iPhone. You can see posts, messages, and media posted on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. You can view all these from your FoneMonitor dashboard.

Text Messages and iMessage Monitoring

You can view all text messages and iMessage chats available on the target iPhone. All the data come with timestamps and more details about the senders/receivers. You can also view the deleted messages on the target device from your dashboard.

Call Logs Monitoring

Who is your target talking to on the phone? Know about all these when you use FoneMonitor to track your target iPhone. You’ll be able to see the caller ID, profile photo, call durations, and timestamps.

GPS Location Monitoring

FoneMonitor lets you monitor the location of your target. You can see their current location with the timestamps. You’ll also be able to preview their recent location history with the timestamps.

This is made possible because FoneMonitor works with the in-built GPS on the target device. With this, you can see the real-time location of your target.

Geo-Fencing Alert

The software also offers a geofencing feature. This allows you to set up boundary restrictions for the target device. When the target passes the restricted boundaries, you will receive notifications immediately. This is great for monitoring the movements of your child.

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Keylogger Feature

FoneMonitor also has the popular Keylogger feature that stores each keystroke used on a target device. It logs usernames, passwords, emails, notes, drafts, and more. You can access the data under the Keylogger menu in your FoneMonitor dashboard.

Media Files Monitoring

You can see the photos, video, audio, and other media files that your target sends and receives. You’ll be able to see the details of the sender and receivers, and the messages accompanying she shared files.

There are more features that you can explore with the FoneMonitor app. Some other features include browser history monitoring, calendar events monitoring, contact book monitoring, and more.

How to Remotely Activate FoneMonitor on Someone’s iPhone

Activating FoneMonitor is very easy. You can complete the process in a matter of minutes and you don’t need any special equipment. With your Smartphone or computer, you can get everything done. Remember to have the iCloud credentials of your target iPhone with you.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to activate FoneMonitor on someone’s iPhone secretly.

Step One: Sign up for a free FoneMonitor account

Step Two: Select the FoneMonitor package you need. The software has a premium package for a single device and Family package for multiple devices.

Step Three: The setup wizard will be sent to your email inbox. Follow the on-screen prompting to complete the setup. When you complete the setup, wait for a few minutes for the iCloud backup to sync with your FoneMonitor account.

Step Four: Log in to your FoneMonitor dashboard on any web browser and start monitoring the target iPhone. You’ll see the menu list on the left panel of the dashboard. Click each to view data from it.

To view Facebook posts from the target device, click the social media menu, and locate the Facebook icon. Click on it to check the data available. You can do this for other features on the target device. Data is transmitted in real-time, so you can see what’s happening at once.


FoneMonitor is no doubt the most simple and stress-free spy app you can find. It makes it easy for you to see the happenings on a target device remotely. It doesn’t require that you install an app on the target iPhone. You also don’t have to jailbreak the device to monitor it.


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