Home Theatre Buying Guide 2018 | 9 Important Things To Consider Before Buying

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Are you prepared to buy a new home theatre but don’t know what to consider before making a purchase?

A home theatre, a.k.a. home cinema is a combination of audio and video components designed to recreate the experience of seeing movies in a theatre. Home theatre in a box, an integrated package of audio and video components.

Well, in my article today, I will share with you some insightful tips you should know before dashing into any electronic store to make an order.

You really need to understand how to prepare for a home theatre system before buying.

Let’s get started:

Home Theatre Buying Guide | What To Look For When Buying A Home Theater System In Nigeria.

1. Find a place for the home theatre system.

Home Theater furniture

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This is the part where you will have to decide the position and placement of your home theatre system.

If you haven’t chosen where to put them, then you really have to prepare a space where they will be.

2. Get suitable furniture to place the system devices.

After finding the perfect spot for your home theatre or whatever brand of home theatre you are looking to spend your money on.

The next you need to figure out is where it will be placed.

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I mean, what type of furniture or shelve are you going to put your new sound system. Well, that’s another thing you need to figure out because your home theatres come in different dimensions and weight.

3. Ensure the available power circuits are safe for a home theatre system.

junction box

Make sure the power outlets you want to use are properly grounded.

In some homes, power outlets in one room can be unexpectedly connected to another room on the same circuit.

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If your home theatre shares a circuit with major electrical appliances, it can cause unexpected problems.

4. Check how long the video/audio cables need to be.

This is another thing you really have to figure out. The length of your cables is another important factor.

Do you need a 1m, 1.5m or a 2m cable to connect your Tv to your new home theatre? Well, that’s another question you need to answer.

5. Get a power guard with surge protection.

power surge protector

This one is also one of the important pieces of electronic device you need if you are looking to buy a sound system.

Considering that we live in a country where you can’t predict when power is going to be turned on or off. Worse case, you can have what we call “full current” or “low current”.

These fluctuations can affect your device. So, I recommend that you pay for a power surge protector that should guard your home theatre against any sudden electrical surge.

6. Check what types of cable you need for each device.

home theatre cable types

Most new TVs have at least one of each type of video/audio cable input. High definition devices will primarily use HDMI cable, but without a specialized video/audio receiver, hooking up multiple HDMI devices can be problematic.

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If you’re using a laptop or computer with your TV, you may need VGA or S-video cable as well for the video, with a stereo Y cable for audio.

Know the cable requirements for your desired home theatre before investing and paying for them.

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7. Research the devices you want.


Before buying anything online, you need to know what other people are saying or have said about that device.

That why researching comes in.

You need to do a thorough research of your purported home theatre before buying in Nigeria. There are certain online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga that offer review options when goods are bought on their websites.

You can leverage that option to get user reviews on that device before buying.

Also, some bloggers get these gadgets in exchange for review purposes, you can search through Google to know the pros and cons of any home theatre sound system you want.

8. Find a shopping store.

SLOT stores in Nigeria

The next part of this is to get an actual store where you can buy the device online or offline.

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Find the one suitable and convenient for you.

I ordered a DJACK HiFi Home Theatre device on Jumia and I got it delivered within 4 working days. (Click the link to find the list of cheapest online stores to buy home theatres in Nigeria)

Most of the stores on that list offer very cheap sound system and you can even pay on delivery. Isn’t that awesome?

However, if you have a problem buying things online… you just have to find the closest store to buy them offline.

Are you new to shopping online? Here are guides for you:

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9. Setting up your home theatre.

Lastly, after buying your new home theatre, you need to set things up to get your home banging!

I understand that everyone isn’t tech savvy like me…

So, ensure that your new home theatre will have a user guide or manual that will help you configure it rightly.

I advise that you read the user manual to learn how to configure devices to work with your selected system, connect the audio and video cables, control remotes and finally how to maintain your device to make it last.

Where To Buy Home Theatre in Nigeria

Use the buttons below to get started with buying sound systems online.

To sum it all up:

We have reached the end of my Home Theatre Buying Guide — now you know what to look for when buying a home theatre system in Nigeria.

After buying, please don’t hesitate to drop your comment using the comment box right below. Let others learn from your home theatre shopping experience.

Thanks for reading.

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