How To Shop On Wish From Nigeria | Wish Buyer’s Guide

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Wish Nigeria Buyer’s Guide | This post contains how to shop on Wish from Nigeria and get goods delivered to your doorstep.

Wish is an online shopping site that brings sellers closer to buyers, before now Wish doesn’t allow items to be shipped to Nigeria due to reasons best known to them. The whole online space could be a bit scary when you consider the level of scam activities happening every day online. For this ultimate reason, many are scared of buying items online.

Wish is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces in the United States by sales. They are one of the rare online shopping sites that allows you to buy and ship to Nigeria with ease. Just like AliExpress, Wish is known for showing off items at mouth drooling prices with the possibility of shipping from Nigeria and getting them delivered to your doorstep.

In today’s article, I will show you how to shop on Wish from Nigeria and get it delivered to your doorstep or the nearest post office in your LGA.

wish FAQs

What is

Wish is an online e-commerce platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers. Founded in 2010 by Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang. Wish was the most downloaded shopping app worldwide in 2018, and as of 2019, it is the third-biggest e-commerce marketplace in the United States by sales. Wikipedia.

Does ship to Nigeria?

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The answer is simple, YES! You can now add this e-commerce platform to your list of shopping websites that ships to Nigeria without a hitch. 

How do I change the currency from dollars to naira on

change wish currency to naira

Login to your Wish account >> navigate to settings from your profile photo >> after that, scroll down to currency then click and select NGN (₦)

How do I make payments on Wish?

Wish allows various payment option on items sold on the platform. You can pay for goods with;

  • PayPal
  • Google Wallet (Android Pay)
  • Apple Pay
  • Debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo
  • Major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro and Cirrus
  • Klarna
  • Ebanx (Credit Card, Boleto, Oxxo)
  • iDeal
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Take note that all payments are made in U.S. dollars (naira equivalent).

What to do when your money is refunded after making the first purchase without your authorisation. refund

Here is what to do: Kindly send an email to their support team ([email protected]) regarding this issue or contact their support team through their website. For every new customer registered from Nigeria, you will need to verify your account by sending an image of the following for verification: Your photo ID with only your name and image shown. In my case, I verified it using my PVC (Permanent Voter’s Card). After confirmation, your account should be verified and you can successfully make purchases on

How can I order goods from

It’s very easy to buy goods on The guide on how to shop on from Nigeria is just all you need.

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Let’s delve right into the step by step Wish buyer’s guide below; Buyer’s Guide: How To Shop On Wish From Nigeria (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1: Create a account

create a wish account
Create a wish account

Of course like other online shopping sites, the first thing you should do is create your account on the platform. There three ways to create an account but I recommend using the Facebook or Google account creation which automatically create an account in just a single click.

You can get 50% off when you sign up and use the code (cbjgynjx) for your first purchase.

Step 2: Search for products

wish search
Search for an item

Browse the site, search by categories or by typing keywords associated with the specific item you are planning to buy.

Step 3: Select Item

select item
Select an item

Click the item you are buying to be redirected to the product page. Check the product details to see if it conforms to your specifications.

product page
Product page

What details would you see on the product page?

  1. Price: This is the original price per unit of the item you are buying.
  2. Discount Price: There are instances where the item you are buying is on sale; in that case, this is the price you would pay per unit of the item you choose to buy.
  3. Colour/Size: This shows the colours and sizes available for you to choose.
  4. Shipping: This shows the available shipping method to choose from. Prices will vary depending on the shipping company you will prefer.
  5. Quantity: This is where to place the quantity of your order.
  6. Total Price: The total amount you will pay for that particular order.

Step 4:  Check product reviews and seller’s credibility

One of the most important aspects of online shopping is the product review and ratings. People who already purchased this item must have shared a review, and you as a new buyer ought to check that out before making a verdict if it’s worth your money.

Slowly scroll down the product page to check out the reviews.

Check product reviews
Check product reviews

Before you add an item to your cart for purchase, I implore that you check store ratings to know how credible the seller is. This is quite necessary to avoid stories that touch.

store ratings
Store ratings

You can scroll down while still on the product page to see the Store Ratings of the seller before placing an order, make sure to do a background check.

Step 5: Select the shipping method

Choose the shipping method you prefer. There are items which offer free shipping but this would normally take a lot of time before your order will arrive. Or you may opt to choose the method that will cost you extra cost but will take your order delivery faster and delivered at your doorstep. If you opt to choose free shipping normally your items will be delivered to your nearest post office.

Take note: What you paid for only covers the cost of item and shipping. Customs duties would be paid differently depending on your  local post office.

Step 6: Add to Wishlist or buy

add to cart or buy
Add to Wishlist or buy

When you’re done accessing the item to know if you are satisfied with reviews from other shoppers, you can then proceed to add to Wishlist (for those who look to buy more items) or clicking BUY to checkout a single item.

Before proceeding to the next step, remember that allows you to apply coupon upon checking out your purchase.

Applying coupon codes on wish
Applying coupon codes on

Coupons are discount codes that give a cut on price upon checking out an item. If you are new on, you can use this code >> CBJGYNJX to get a 50% discount on your first purchase.

Step 7: Fill Shipping Address

fill shipping address
Fill shipping address

Moving from step 5, you will be presented with a page requesting you to fill in the relevant shipping information. Make sure you enter the right address, telephone number and ZIP code.

Step 8: Fill payment details

fill card details
Fill payment details

On the checkout page, choose your preferred payment option, this could be a credit card to PayPal or others, complete the required details then click Next.

Step 9: Review and Place order

review and place order
Review and place order

Next, click Place Order, but before placing your order, ensure that you review your order, shipping address and other necessary details before proceeding.

Click Place Order after you have reexamined all the required information.

order confirmed
Order confirmed

You can get 50% off when you sign up and use the code (cbjgynjx) for your first purchase.


Step 10: Await shipping

It takes about 5 days for your order to be shipped, patiently wait for the supplier to ship your order; you can also contact Wish support for more information about your item.

Contact support

Step 11: Keep track of your order


After the seller has shipped your order, Wish would notify you when he item tracking information would be available. Once available, you can track your order. Once you have received the full shipment of your order, inspect all items carefully. Don’t forget to leave a positive or negative review for other prospective buyers.

You can get 50% off when you sign up and use the code (cbjgynjx) for your first purchase.

That’s everything you need to know when buying and shipping goods from Wish to Nigeria (Remember, you can get 50% off when you sign up and use the code (cbjgynjx) for your first purchase).

Have you started shipping goods from the US? Have you previously bought something online from Wish? Do you have helpful tips for people who are new to Wish online shopping?

If you have answers to these questions, I’d be glad if you will take a few secs to help others learn more about how to shop on Wish from Nigeria.

Have you seen?

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  1. Please, kindly send me your wish agent in Ñigerstate contact phone number,when I bought a smart wrist watch he delivered it to me,l want to buy another product and l lost his contact

  2. This is the fourth time I’m experiencing this, my items was refunded without cancelling my orders and I’m still waiting for the refund, why is it always like this? Is it that I my account wasn’t verified or what and I didn’t see where verification sign is in my account, please help, tell me what to do,, thanks

  3. My first order on Wish, the estimated time elapsed yet the goods weren’t delivered. I gave them two weeks extra, after which I canceled the order and got refunded. Just too time consuming (almost 3 months)

  4. I have sent the national ID card picture to the website and they replied me with” thank you for contacting wish your email will be revised in 2/3 days time”
    Can i start purchasing some other things now or i should wait for their response

  5. Please did you delivered your product to Kano state and where is your office address, because I have make some orders

    • Coupons are discount codes that give a cut on price upon checking out an item. If you are new on, you can use this code >> cbjgynjx to get a 50% discount on your first purchase.

  6. Please I have been waiting for my delivery since January 1 and I haven’t heard from it keeps saying it’s at facility every time I check abs also I used another zip code that isn’t close to my address so should I go check the post office close to my address and also the post office close to the zip code /postal code ? Thanks

  7. Hi please I ordered an item from wish. It’s processing but my mastercard has not been debited. What should I do? It’s not up to 5 hours since I placed the order. Should I keep waiting ?

  8. Good Evening and thank you for this explanation.
    I didn’t get the part of I.D card and so but i tried to order something and I don’t quite understand the meaning of the billing zip code. It pops out “There was a problem processing your credit card.Please contact your card provider or try another card”.

    • Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment. For your questions;

      1. Wish requires a sort of ID verification for users in Nigeria. If requested, kindly follow my explanations.
      2. A ZIP Code is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. Zip code is also known and used interchangeably as postal code, postcode or post code. An example of a ZIP code for Surulere, Lagos Nigeria is 101283. Kindly use Google to find your locality/LGA ZIP.
      3. Regarding your card issues, kindly contact the bank or try using another recommended card if you can.
    • I receive most of my deliveries at home. The post office deliveryman would most likely call you to let you know when it’s best to deliver. In the case of delayed delivery, you can visit the post office yourself and yes, go with your ID card just incase.

  9. Pls I want a contact person or number in Nigeria for wish. I ordered for some items and the address I used will be difficult to trace will l get a call when my orders arrive? And what happens if the call is not through with our epileptic network in Nigeria?

    • Wish is an American site, hence there is no contact person in Nigeria. You can reach out to them via their support email, you will find it in the post FAQs section.

  10. I ordered for an item mistakenly its already being shipped can’t get a refund pls can i get a refund once it get shipped.

  11. I have screen shots my transaction details for many times.on since 27 Dec, 2019 but still yet to receive my order. Please help

    • It will come, just relax, I made orders since on the 19th of Dec., some of the items I ordered are yet to come, as a matter of fact I have only received two out of the many I ordered

      • Halima please can you enlighten on how to make orders and the rest
        I need someone who has ordered something from wish in Nigeria to assist me

  12. Pls i need help, i think shipping takes 5 days, but since 17th of December it says departed to the destination country, what can i do. Should i go to the nearest post office and check. Although they the item will arrive by Jan 1 till Jan 31.

  13. I didn’t use the right zip code but I entered the right address. I had tried to contact them and they said it was late as my items had already shipped. Do you think this could make me not to receive my items?

  14. For heavy items like washing machines or goods of those nature will they deliver it at the post office or leave it in Lagos for you to go clear?

  15. Don’t they do payment on delivery??? Why I asked was because I have been doppe before based on online shopping, I will be glad to know if they do payment on delivery.

  16. I make an order on wish and since 5th of this month when I track the package it keep on saying departed from the airport to the destination country please what does that mean and secondly can I still have any information on that package although the delivery date given to me is on 18 the of December

    • If I understand you properly, do you mean your shipping address ZIP / postal code? If yes, then simply search for it via Google, for example; I will type “Surulere, Lagos ZIP code” to get zip code(s) for all the streets in that LGA.

  17. I purchased some goods from wish, and after three days I received message from PayPal that my money has been refunded and I didn’t cancell my order. Can you help me out pls

    • Okay, I experienced the same thing when I shopped for the very first time. Here is what to do:

      Kindly send an email to their support team ([email protected]) regarding this issues or contact their support through their website, for every new customer registered from Nigeria, you will need to verify your account by sending a copy of your photograph and full name used when registering your account. In my case, I verified it using my PVC (Voter’s card). After confirmation, your account should be verified and you can successfully make purchases on

  18. Please I noticed I didn’t put the right zip code for my first order, and the shipping process have started
    Am from Nigeria
    Please wat should I do now ?

  19. Comment:
    hi,am really not getting it….what and what will I be charged for?…after I check out, I will gill the necessary info…the total amount is it including shipping Nd d cost of the goods alone?
    And, I stay in Okigwe,how then will I get it and what’s Okigwe postal code

  20. I just ordered some items tonight and I was given free shipping fee from the mobile app…

    Does that mean I’ll get my goods delivered to closest post office or I’ll have to pick it from Port at Lagos??? Or will it be delivered like jumia to my personal address (which I filled)???

    • All of the following. Most times, it gets delivered to the post office while they delegate someone to deliver it to your doorstep with you paying a token to the delivery man.


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