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Protect Your Smartphone from Knocks and Scratches with One of The Best Phone Case Around

Choosing the best and affordable phone case is usually a good move. Below are some of the best phone cases in Australia in 2020.

Choosing the best and affordable phone case is usually a good move. Nowadays, most of the latest flagship smartphones are made from glass build materials, and there are thousands of frightening horror stories out there. Therefore, if you want to avoid a luxurious drop disaster, you will require to protect your device with the appropriate phone cover or case.

Luckily, if you are the new owner of one of the modern best camera phones, there are numerous options for keeping it safe, from rugged, huge shells that can survive almost everything to ultra-slim phone cases that display the design of your device. Besides, if you pick the correct one, it can even improve the camera of your phone.

The best phone cases in 2020

Slang glasses are one of the most common mischances to befall a smartphone. It is most likely to occur if you drop your gadget and it lands on edge, where the force applied on the glass is more concentrated. At least you require a phone case that has shock-absorbent material like rubber or silicon and safeguards the corners. If you feel confident, a slender, modest phone case from a reliable brand may be all you require.

Nevertheless, a more expensive disaster for a camera phone is a spitted lens, and the best way to avoid this is to purchase a stronger phone case.

Eventually, the best phone cases Australia for you depends on what you need from your smartphone. Do you want it to be more fashionable and safer? And how diligently you use it. All the choices here are particularly enhanced for camera phones; hence whatever level of protection you are after, you will get something that will not inhibit your ability to take awesome photographs faster.

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Below are some of the best phone cases in Australia in 2020.

Moment photo case

moment phone case

The moment photo case is crafted to make the world’s best camera phones, the latest iPhone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus devices into more advanced snappers. Apart from protecting them from falls and scrapes with a thin, shock-absorbing elastic body, the case comes with a built-in lens interface for joining Moment’s range of accessories smartphone lenses, plus a tie of attachment to stop you from dropping your camera phone again.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen is one of the largest names in smartphone protection, and it is simple to see why the Neo Hybrid line is one of the most popular sets of phone cases. With improved shock absorption, slender grip design, and a double-layered structure for extra protection, the Neo Hybrid will not add as much weight to your camera phone as other covers, but you will get a lot of protection day-to-day use. The Herringbone-grained rubber is smooth but sticky; hence your device will not fall out of your hand while taking photos, and it comes with a scope of different colours: jet black, satin silver, burgundy, gunmetal, and pale dogwood.

OtterBox Defender screenless edition

OtterBox Defender screenless edition

When it comes to protecting phone cases in Australia, the Otterbox Defender is about as absolute as it gets. The multi-layer craft offers you scratch, drop, and dust protection, while a strengthened polycarbonate inner and stocky silicone outer that draws in impact. Port cases prevent dirt and dust from blocking ports and jacks, and the rubber back offers a great camera cut out that also prevents jutting lenses when you place your camera phone on a levelled surface. The case will add just a bit of weight to your phone, which is not a good option, especially if you like keeping your phone in your pocket. Although the case is not waterproof, it is a winner when it comes to ultimate drop protection.

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