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12 Years Later, 1 Bitcoin Is Currently Priced At US $31,000!

12 years old bitcoin is currently priced at $31,000 per 1 Bitcoin.

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January 3rd was the birthday of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is known to have been mined for the first time on January 3, 2009 and is now 12 years old.

Along with Bitcoin’s birthday yesterday, it is known that there has been a rapid increase in price, Bitcoin has now managed to set a new record at a price of US $34,000 which is approximately 13.4 million naira per one BTC.

It turns out that not only Bitcoin has experienced an increase in price, it is known that other digital currencies such as Ethereum also received a price increase of 465% in 2020 yesterday. As at the time of this publication, 1 Ethereum is valued at US $1,000 which is approximately N400,000 naira.

Then there is also Dogecoin which has experienced a drastic increase in the last one year. Within 3 days, Dogecoin had increased its price by up to 130%.

One of the things that have made the price of digital currencies such as Bitcoin rise again is because many people are starting to invest their money into digital currencies as an alternative to gold.

Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino also said that the price of Bitcoin will continue to increase and he sees that the future of Bitcoin itself is quite bright and profitable for current Bitcoin owners.

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