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8 Best Secure Bitcoin Wallet Apps for Android 2021

To avoid losing bitcoins, one needs to manage them with the best bitcoin wallet apps, some of these apps are well known on android and you can discover more about them here.

Every bitcoin handlers, merchants or miners have to be extra careful when it comes to how he or she handles their bitcoin, and due to fraudulent activities revolving around the crypto world, there are ways in which our bitcoins can be kept safely and even traded without losing them. Today’s topic covers some of the best and secure bitcoin wallet apps for Android. So if you have bitcoins, with the help of the apps listed in this article, your bitcoins will be in safe hands.

Bitcoin over the years is known to be one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency ever since it was announced, and when at a good rate, it offers a lot of fortune to those in possession of it. For this reason, bitcoin has been a prime target for thieves and internet fraudsters, using the wrong or not recommended bitcoin wallet app can lead to loss of bitcoin.

Hence, we have decided to compile the best and secure bitcoin wallet apps for you, these apps are listed below.

List of the Best Secure Bitcoin Wallet Apps for Android

Based on personal experience with some of these apps and also individual reviews and ratings from different users on the Google play store, all the apps listed here are arguably the best and they all beat the rests, you can check them below and see the one that suits you most.

1. Luno Bitcoin Wallet App

When it comes to keeping bitcoin safe and also sell and get money back directly into one’s bank account, I can tell you Luno is the best at offering such services for you. Personally, it’s my own preferred bitcoin wallet app and it is safe and secure. If you are new to bitcoins or ethereum coins, Luno will give you insights on how these coins are being sold, generated and how their rates change from time to time.

You can always trust Luno to be your secure bitcoin wallet app, you can easily buy and sell bitcoins through them, and also get paid within days, this is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps out there, never hesitate to get one installed on your android device.

Luno: Buy Bitcoin in seconds
Luno: Buy Bitcoin in seconds
Developer: Luno
Price: Free

2. Blockchain Wallet

You must have heard about the blockchain app, well it is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps out there as well, with over $200 billion bitcoin transacted through it, you can always trust blockchain wallet when it comes to keeping your bitcoin safe, you can always rely on blockchain to keep your bitcoins safe for you.

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With blockchain, how you get to access your account comes in a different way, and this process is one of the upgrades in blockchain’s improved security, your bitcoins are in safe hands with them.

3. Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

Thinking about getting more bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, well Coinbase is the perfect place to get bitcoins and also trade bitcoins, with over billions of bitcoin transactions done through their serves and millions of active traders daily, you can always trust Coinbase to be your preferred bitcoin wallet. And with them you can easily get your bitcoin traded with ease, they also offer different options to connect payment methods like PayPal and credit card options.

Coinbase has some geographical restrictions and it is limited to work only in 30 countries, but still, there are more users who access the app with a secure VPN and it doesn’t hinder buying or selling or keeping your bitcoins safe in your wallet.

4. BitPay

Talking about another awesome bitcoin wallet app that offers maximum security and end to end encryption to its customer’s wallet, then you should speak of Bitpay cause nowadays it’s one of the best bitcoin wallet apps and it’s really living to people’s expectation. With Bitpay you can create a secure key to help keep your bitcoins safe and even if you had visited a phishing site, you will not lose your bitcoins.

Bitpay is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps out there, it offers cool features and sometimes you can always make gift card purchase through it and it also has its own personal visa card that’ll let you withdraw your bitcoin in form of raw cash.

BitPay - Buy Crypto
BitPay - Buy Crypto
Developer: BitPay, Inc.
Price: Free

5. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallet app comes in handy and when you think of managing your bitcoins in an easy way, then you can always make use of this app, it is easy to use and it is secure as well. But the big difference between this app and the ones listed above and below is that you really don’t need to a registered user on the app before you can move your bitcoins in or out.

Bitcoin wallet app works offline and online, you can send bitcoin to someone within your proximity by connecting your Bluetooth to theirs, it offers QR-code scanning options as well, it’s a very good secure bitcoin wallet app to make use of.

Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet
Price: Free

6. Block Folio Wallet

Block folio wallet isn’t much of a bitcoin wallet where you can keep your bitcoins or sell, its main job is to help you in keeping tabs of your transactions in a secure way, with block folio wallet, you can easily get details of all your blockchain assets and also get notified when price changes on any coin, you can always connect your personal bitcoin wallet account with this app and it has all the security you need.

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Block folio wallet can be your personal transaction monitor, it’s safe, secure and one of the best bitcoin wallet app at the moment, you can always use it at any time.

7. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium bitcoin wallet is another bitcoin wallet app to watch out for, this app really makes it easy when it comes to storing bitcoins, sending out or converting any cryptocurrency you have into bitcoin. With its dedicated private keys, your bitcoin wallet will be in safe hands and only you get to have access to your account.

With Mycelium bitcoin wallet, everything gets easy and you might need to worry less about the safety of your bitcoin, this is one of the best bitcoin wallet apps out there and it has good recommendations on Google play store.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

8. Xapo Bitcoin Wallet

The last on the list is one of the not well-known bitcoin wallet apps out there, but when we talk about sending out bitcoins or receiving them without worries, then you can always depend on Xapo bitcoin wallet to deliver at its maximum best. This app will let you send bitcoins to friends, clients or families and this can be done through chat.

It’s a bitcoin wallet app but has an integrated chat system that makes sending bitcoin a lot easier, you can always give this app a try and you will be surprised to see the cool features it offers.

Developer: Xapo
Price: Free


These are the best secure bitcoin wallet apps out there, with them you can be rest assured your bitcoins or any cryptocurrency coins you have are in safe hands, they all have their different features too but they give the best security when it comes to handling bitcoin, you can never lose any bitcoin if you’re using any the listed apps.

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