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This post contains how to download APK from Google Play Store to your PC effortlessly!

With the growing customizing capabilities of Android, it continues to maintain its position as the most popular O.S simply because of the thousands of apps developed for the platform of which the majority can be found in its proprietary store.

Considering the growing number of apps on the Google Play store, it is surprising that it is yet to catch up with Apple’s App Store.

This may be due to the fact that developers build more apps for the App Store first because of higher sale. Unlike IOS users, most Android users prefer to have their apps free or incredibly cheap no matter how good the app is.

Though the volume of apps on Google Play Store is smaller compared to the App store, it definitely has more fantastic apps.

As Android users, there is the privilege to download 3rd party apps in addition or in replacement of the system Apps. And with root access, the sky is your limit with the special apps that can let you do amazing things on your smartphone.

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Going to the topic of the day, there are many reasons why you may need to download APK files for your smartphone to your PC.

Android APK FIle

One of these is the fact that if you are an Android user that loves playing with ROMS, you will agree that constant installation,un-installation, and re-installation of apps is one of its consequence. Even though with root access, some apps let you back up other installed apps and their data, but what about the already uninstalled ones?

Also, if you need to download same apps to multiple devices that you own, it would be more convenient to download their APK files to your computer for use anytime without having to re-download every time.

How to Download APK from Google Play Store

We all know Google Play Store does direct installation of its apps of apps downloaded from it, no APK file. In this guide, I will teach how to download APK file from Playstore directly to your PC.

Follow the instructions below step by step to download apps (APK files) on Play Store

Step 1: Install Browser

Have Google Chrome Or Firefox installed as your default PC’s browser.

Step 2: Install APK Extension

Download APK downloader extension for any of the above browsers. Go to Extension or add-on page on any of the browsers.

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If its chrome, click on Menu button, settings > Extensions.

chrome browser image

If its FireFox, click the Menu button, select Add-ons> Extensions

firefox browserGo to APK Downloader extension and click Options.

You will see a page with 3 text fields where you will be required to fill in your Android Device ID, Gmail address, and password that you used on your Google Play Store.

Step 3: Fill in the device ID and click on the Login button.

Now, you’ll see a new page name Option with 3 text fields where you need to enter your Gmail address that you use to sign-in to the Google Play Store, your Gmail password, and your Android Device ID.

To get your device ID, install the Device ID app on your phone and open it:

Now fill in the 16 character device ID and click the Login button.

Select the name of your device and its Android version from the drop-down menu.

Finally, click the “Save” button to save these settings.

Step 4: Start downloading APK

Done! You are now ready to download apps as APK files from the Google Play Store. Just open any free app page on any website you want to download from and you will see a Download APK button beside Install button.

playstore apk download

Just click it and behold the magic!

Note: This tutorial works only on free apps, it won’t work on paid apps unless you purchase them once.

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