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5 Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria (Apps and Providers) in 2023

With limitations on shopping and making online payments on naira-based debit cards, here are the best (apps and platforms) virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. Learn more below!

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I’m sure you’ve stumbled on this article because of the limitations you noticed on your naira debit cards. Well, keep reading as we’ll be exploring the best platforms to get virtual dollar cards alongside their mobile apps for ease of payment online.

When shopping online, whether it’s shopping on some of the cheapest shopping websites, or the best shopping websites for clothes, after adding products to your shopping cart and proceeding to place an order, there’ll always be an issue with our payments because our debit card has been declined. And this often happens when we shop on foreign websites, sometimes even on apps with payment gateways, most Nigerian debit cards are rejected.

Why is that so? It’s important to know that there have been limitations to how much you can spend on your Nigerian debit card. “The monthly card International Spend Limit for web transactions has been reviewed from $100 to $20 which was effective from March 2022.” – Source

In most cases, the solution to bypassing the International Spending Limit placed on your card is getting a Dollar Virtual Card, this is because most Nigerian Debit Cards are Naira-based. But with the help of Digital Banking, getting a Virtual Credit Card has been made easy and now you can easily request one.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be listing the best virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria, and with these cards, you’ll be able to make payments online while shopping, and having a virtual card is way better than having a physical card at times. These virtual cards are funded in USD and you can fund them by simply sending naira into your virtual card account.

List of the Best Platforms and Apps to Get Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

1. Gomoney

virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

Gomoney is a digital bank in Nigeria, and it’s one of the few Virtual Credit Card providers in Nigeria that makes payment easier for business owners and people who want to make purchases on foreign websites. With Gomoney you can send and receive money easily in Nigeria. And getting a Gomoney virtual card is very much easy and you can do that by opening an account with them and upgrading it to level 2.

With your Gomoney virtual card, you can link it to your Paypal account (learn how to sell your PayPal funds in Nigeria), you can make payments with it in USD and you can also use it to make local payments here in Nigeria, you can download the Gomoney app on your Android and iOS via the app icon shown below. Gomoney virtual card is one of the best virtual credit cards in Nigeria.

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gomoney — The Digital Bank
gomoney — The Digital Bank
Developer: gomoney
Price: Free

How to Get a Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download the Gomoney app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Register using your phone number then confirm the OTP code.
  • After confirming the OTP code, verify your BVN by inputting your BVN and confirming the code sent to your BVN registered number.
  • Now to get a Gomoney dollar card, you must upgrade your account to level 2, and you can do that easily by submitting a valid means of identification.
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2. ALAT By Wema

virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

ALAT has been around for a while and it’s owned by Wema Bank, It’s a fully established digital bank in Nigeria that makes payment easy for everyone, with ALAT, you don’t have to worry about visiting a bank before you can open an account or even sort payments between other parties. With ALAT virtual dollar card, you can make payments easily on Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Asos, Udemy, Coursera, AliExpress, Google, Facebook and so on. You will also be charged a monthly card maintenance fee of 525 naira on each card created after your first virtual card.

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Getting an ALAT card is very easy, but it requires some vital information and without that information, you won’t be given a virtual credit card. ALAT By Wema has one of the cheapest virtual cards in Nigeria, and you can easily fund the card with Naira.

Developer: ALAT By WEMA
Price: Free

Developer: Wema Bank Plc
Price: Free

How to Get an ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

  • Visit https://alat.ng or Download the ALAT by Wema mobile application on Play Store or Apple Store via the buttons above.
  • Create an account and log in to your account.
  • On the homepage, select “Card” below.
  • Click on ‘ALAT Virtual Dollar Cards’ and enter your PIN.
  • Next, click on ‘Create Dollar Card’ to create a new card (the Naira to Dollar exchange rate will be revealed).
  • Fill in the necessary information and proceed.

This card cannot be used on 3D secured sites and for money transfers.

3. Barter By Flutterwave

virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

Barter is a virtual card created by Flutterwave for its users and for every Nigerian to have the chance to make payments online effortlessly. Having a Barter virtual card will allow you to make payments on websites where your physical card is being rejected. You can pay in dollars with Barter and funding is very easy. You can fund your Barter Card using Naira and you can also link your physical card with it. The monthly maintenance fee for each card is $1, this is regardless of whether or not the card is active.

Using a Barter virtual credit card will allow you to make payments easily on websites and apps and you only need to fund the card. Getting a Barter card is very easy, you only need to download the Barter app, sign up and verify using your BVN.

Barter by Flutterwave - Send M
Barter by Flutterwave - Send M
Developer: Flutterwave Inc
Price: To be announced

‎Barter by Flutterwave
‎Barter by Flutterwave

How to Get a Barter Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download the Barter app via the app button shown above.
  • Signup using your BVN and verify the OTP code sent to your phone number.
  • Add money to your barter account.
  • Create a new Dollar Card.
  • Fund your dollar virtual card.

4. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is just like every other digital bank in Nigeria that gives you the full functions of an effortless transaction. It makes sending and receiving money in Nigeria very easy and makes bill payments easy to do. You can get a naira and a dollar virtual card from Chipper Cash and both cards can be used to make payments online. Chipper Cash virtual credit cards can be used on different websites and apps.

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If you find payments on Netflix a bit difficult, you can use Chipper Cash Visa card to make your payments. Chipper Cash card offers swift payments online, you can easily send money to business associates with Chipper Cash. It’s one of the best virtual credit cards out there in Nigeria.

Chipper Cash
Chipper Cash
Price: Free

‎Chipper Cash
‎Chipper Cash
Price: Free

How to Get a Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download the Chipper Cash app.
  • Register for an account and verify using the necessary details.
  • Fund your account.
  • Tap on cards to create a new virtual card.
  • Fund your virtual card and begin to spend with it.

5. Eversend


Eversend is a digital banking app that makes banking easy and stress-free due to its flexibility in getting money moved across borders. With this app, you can make payments easily from your comfort zone and it offers more than one feature, you can make bill payments within seconds, you can send and receive money instantly and it also offers a dollar virtual card that’ll allow you to make payments on foreign websites and apps. Cards will cost $1 to create and have a $1 monthly maintenance fee.

Eversend offers a visa dollar debit card that can be used to make payments on websites like AliExpress, Amazon and many more and you can also use it to make subscriptions on Netflix and other apps out there. Eversend offers one of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

Eversend: Send money abroad
Eversend: Send money abroad
Developer: Eversend
Price: Free

‎Eversend - the money app
‎Eversend - the money app
Developer: Eversend
Price: Free

How to Get an Eversend Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download the Eversend app and create an account.
  • Verify with required details.
  • Tap Cards at the bottom of the app on the homepage to create a new card.
  • Enter the maximum amount you want the card to hold. The minimum amount required to create a card is $1.
  • Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction.
  • Fund your virtual card by using the add money feature in the apps.


Shopping online can be very frustrating especially knowing there are limitations to what you can spend if you’re using a Nigerian debit or credit card. The CBN placed a limit of $20 on naira cards making it extremely difficult to carry out payment on websites that charge in USD (or its equivalent in foreign currencies). Understanding the benefits you get when you acquire any of these virtual dollar cards above breaks the barrier the government have put in place.

That said, kindly share with us your experience if you’ve tried making a payment with any of these virtual dollar card providers above. Or perhaps, share your experience with their mobile application via the comment box below.

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  1. Can’t verify my chipper cash account cuz another user has already used my bvn for verification … pls how do I rectify this problem??

  2. Hi, I just downloaded chipper cash app, and ave been try to fund the acct, but when I try to add my card, it says card not 3-D secure, pls try another card or contact your bank, note I have used two different card( MasterCard) and different bank also, pls kindly give a reply

  3. Chipper cash virtual card is the best… and its what I am using. The rate is high and killing though (#780/$). But its fast, no restrictions and very easy.. no monthly fee on card maintenance. Quality doesn’t come cheap…

    • I’ve been trying to login into chipper cash for days now but I’ve not been able to login. New sign up are also not allowed.

      • New sign-ups are allowed on Chipper Cash. You should prolly update the app and make sure your network is at it’s best.

  4. Thank you guys, your comments have really saved me, I need to buy an app worth $300 but the CBN policy has made things worst.

    I think I have to go to WEMA back and ask more questions before considering ALAT

    I got the UBA prepaid dollar card but I was told I will fund it by bringing dollar cash pls guys I need help from anyone that have experience about the UBA prepaid dollar card or WEMA ALAT my WhatsApp contact is 08039302***. Thanks

  5. Thanks to everyone that commented on this post I really found your comments useful. Please which reliable virtual card with cbn rate can I use for international transactions in Nigeria presently

  6. My experience with Wallets Africa.

    That business is into some suspicious activities. Please don’t make the mistake of depositing huge sums using their service. They will frustrate your life. The guys there are fraudulent. You will create account, verify it, fund the account without stress. Once they have your money, to create dollar card na problem. Your transaction will hang forever and the idiots don’t reply complains.

    Worst is, if you complain a lot about the deductions or ask for reversals, they will lock down your account and you will not even have access to the account – let alone know what’s up with your money.

    They stole my money for 4 days and no response yet.

    Please check their Twitter feed to see how people are complaining about their services. I DM-ed the CEO @thejohnoke and the idiot blocked me. Practically, they are thieves.

  7. Now all virtual cards are not working again, batar conversion rate is #635 to $1. We move! I think it’s better to get a visual dollar card than virtual

  8. So it’s June, and I’ve gone through multiple recent reviews on the above stated. The only ones worth considering at all are Barter or ALAT.
    Barter is fucking expensive at #610 per Dollar, and ALAT is just hell on earth to work with.
    Guyy, new research has to be done on ways to bypass this CBN nonsense cuz VCC’s for arbitrage is not it.

  9. I just signed up on barter and everything was smooth and super easy till I tried to make a payment. “THEN” it’s says the card can only be used on specific websites. Essentially I can’t even use it to pay for the main reason I signed up for it. I am trying to make payment for my accounting and inventory app Loyverse which charges in dollars

  10. Hi Viklin
    Please which app do you suggest me to used because I used to buy goods on Alibaba and the money is above $1,000

  11. Mr erick omondi pls have u funded your pyypl virtual card? If yes how did u go about it which card did u use in funding because I have pyypl virtual card but to fund is a problem

  12. Alat app is so frustrating! The dollar card option is not working, got the Naira card but the app shuts down anytime I click on it. Please someone should let me know the best app to get a virtual card

    • Update: I learnt that you now have to open a domiciliary account before you can use your dollar card on ALAT. If you have time, just walk into any WEMA bank for assistance and clarification.

  13. Wallets.ng had my money on lockdown for almost 3weeks. I was texting customer service everyday and I wouldn’t get a response. When I called, their rep laughed. It wasn’t until I threatened reporting them to blogs and filing a complaint with CBN that my money was magically refunded the very next day. Terrible app

  14. Thank you for the article! Really well done. Recently I tried also an other good virtual card, Pyypl. I opened the account and got the card instantly. Would love to know your opinion on that.

  15. Dear Viklin,
    Further to our discussion, I tried ALAT but was told as new customer, I can’t create a virtual dollar card. I called their customer care and I was told to open a dollar account on the ALAT app, then walking in to any of their branches to pick the card and I can do up-to 10k dollars per month. I then decided to do Barter… Barter says their exchange rate is 579 and it’s not fixed. I just tire now ó…

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, you just explained what Bright said about ALAT virtual dollar card not being available on the app. I will just advise you to weigh your options and make your preferred choice.

      • Thanks a lot my people I just came across this PLATFORM because I was frustrated I have master card with UBA and I use to pay little money goods with it in Aliexpress but I decided to buy something what of 188 dollar I tried it it was saying that I have surpassed my spending limit I went back to UBA to complain they said I should have visa card it is limitless which I got but to my surprise I loaded the visa try to buy but no way it was out of curiosity that I saw this PLATFORM please I need help thanks

  16. @viklin, please how can I get the Alat virtual dollar card, they said is no longer available on their app.

    Pls help me out, it is urgent…


  17. Thanks for the information. Quite insightful. Do I need to have an account with WEMA bank before before virtual credit card? Secondly, in a case of a refund from Aliexpress, where does the refund go? Into my personal bank account or ALAT/Barter,etc? Thanks

  18. Hi Viklin, I was looking for a way to make about $400 payment on AliExpress when I came across this article. My question is, can I USE ALAT virtual dollar card on ALIEXPRESS up to that amount without restriction? Or is there a better option?

    I will really appreciate ur feedback.

  19. I have been frustrated so much by this CBN law. I really want to purchase my laptop casing ASAP because the laptop ventilation is having issues and might burn the CPU oneday. Today I took my whole day going from bank to bank. The only option from them is to get a dollar card and you will need a domiciliary account which requires normal documents for opening a new account and two referees who use current account that will be linked to the account Incase you are a yahoo boy so they can hold those people. The stress is much but I guess the rates will be more decent than all this virtual card apps.
    Lol….. Aside my pops who is a current account holder I just need one more person.

    • So sorry about this, we are all facing the same problem. ALAT dollar to naira rate is still fair you know. They exchange at NGN488/$1, you may want to consider that. In addition, if you are shopping from Amazon, an alternative is to purchase a gift card then redeem it on the website. Sorry once again!

  20. Please sir I have been trying to make payment for Microsoft ads
    But it is not working but does these virtual card work for Microsoft ads

  21. Eversend is very horrible. Costumers service is zero. Money was removed from my dollar card last year. I reached out to them and up till now no response. Right now their dollar card isn’t working.

  22. Hello, any body that have come across a cheaper rate virtual $card in Nigeria please alert me here : +2347037541***
    I will also give you top secret, how to make …

    Pls @Viklin

  23. I have been having issues renewing my music subscription on my phone using Google pay and my debit card stopped working all of a sudden. its just 900 naira and not up to $100 so i dont undersrand anymore, i contacted my bank and they say there is no issues with my card but its still not working. is anyone else experiencing this? and what can be done? I will also try creating a virtual dollar card aswell

    • You can fund your card when you create a Virtual Card for the first time through the ALAT mobile application. The minimum amount you can add is $10 and the maximum is $20,000. To fund an existing virtual card is by simply navigating to the Cards >> ALAT virtual Cards >> Dollar Virtual Card >> Select your preferred card then fund. Make sure you have money in your ALAT/WEMA naira account before doing this.

  24. Uju you can add me on +23058666***.. I can make payment on your behalf. Thanks… Yeah virtual credit card dollar rate is on the high side.. I came across a site charging 1$ = #612 wetin na… Lol. All is well

  25. Please anyone that knows how to get a good and working dollar virtual with good rate should please help me out with it

    U can WhatsApp me with this number I will appreciate

  26. There rate on this virtual card providers are crazy.. eversend recently is 575₦ per 1$ when fbank rate is 469₦/$1 … This is compared to when you use your Naira card capped at 100$. Shows how bad cbn has come. Since the max cap was $1000 few years ago.

    • The conversion rates and cappings are really annoying TBH. If the card spend limitation was not set, there won’t be a need for virtual dollar cards in the first place. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

      • Good day please I need ur help on the subject matter frustrated there is a phone I want to buy in Aliexpress and I couldn’t

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