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Best Websites Like Udemy to Learn Courses Online (2022)

I'll be making a list of some of these Udemy alternatives online, you can watch and learn courses on these websites too and also get a certificate just like Udemy.

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Udemy as we all know is one of the best and probably the most popular online platforms where the digital knowledge you want lies at. Udemy offers a wide range of online video courses that cover different categories.

You can learn marketing skills on Udemy, you can learn copywriting on Udemy, you can study Programming Courses and a whole lot more on Udemy. These websites shared on Naijaknowhow has all you want and it also has a forum where you and other learners can share ideas or ask questions. But while Udemy seems to be a good place to study courses online, there are other websites out there too where you can learn courses online, even at a cheaper amount or even get free video courses.

I’ll be making a list of some of these Udemy alternatives online and if you’re into digital marketing you can check out some of the best websites to market your skills and earn money while doing jobs for clients.

List of the Best Websites Like Udemy to Learn Courses Online

1. Coursera

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Coursera is a free learning website that offers some of the best and most well-known university courses. This website is stacked with courses from over 200 universities in the world and any student from any country can use this website to acquire knowledge for free. You’ll get pre-recorded class sections and sometimes you can join live classes.

Coursera offers top-notch online courses, there are different subjects on this website to learn for free, and you’ll get master’s courses, high-degree courses and a lot more. Coursera is free for both college and university students. It’s one of the best websites like Udemy to learn courses online for free.

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2. Udacity

Udacity is a very popular website like Udemy and they both have similarities in terms of the knowledge you can acquire on both websites. On Udacity you can learn different online courses that’ll last more than months and also takes hours of time to study a session. It’s a website where you can learn to unleash your potential and get yourself an accolade.

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On Udacity you’ll find video courses that cover different categories like Web Development, Web Designing, Graphics Design, Cloud Development, Business, Digital Marketing and so much more, and these courses are being taught by professionals and veterans that have been in the game for a long time. You’ll find Udacity to be a good place to learn courses online.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another website like Udemy where you can learn by watching online video courses pre-recorded by experts, this website has over 20,000 different courses that cover more than 10 different categories. You can learn some of the best business-related courses on LinkedIn and other entrepreneurship courses are available on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning offers a month free trial for you to learn for free and if you’re enjoying the classes then you can upgrade your account. On LinkedIn Learning, you’ll study categories like Designs, Technology, Business and a whole lot more. LinkedIn Learning is one of the best websites like Udemy and you’ll enjoy every video courses you learn on this website.

4. Alison

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On Alison, you’ll learn online courses for free and also get a certificate made for you prior to completing a video course. I love this website more than the rest aside from Coursera and why I prefer Alison is that you can learn a lot from there and get certificates without spending a dime. Though it has premium packages, and it’s just a few differences between free and premium. Alison has a wide of courses to learn from.

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On Alison, you can find different courses based on course categories, you can learn video courses for jobs, certificates and a whole lot more. Alison offers video courses in different languages like English, Spanish, German and about two more languages. Alison is one of the best websites like Udemy to learn video courses online.

5. Open Culture

Open Culture is another educational website like Coursera where you can study online classes on different educational videos online. This website has a wide range of subjects for students and teachers. On Open Culture you’ll find video courses about History, Biology, Physics and a whole lot more.

You can also get courses in Audio, and Open Culture has over more than 1000 ebooks and different languages. Open Culture is one of the best websites like Udemy where you can learn online by watching video courses.

6. Connections Academy

Connections Academy is another website that helps students to learn from home or anywhere they are and this website is suitable for College Students, Elementary Schools and Middle Schools. Even Teachers can use experiences from other teachers on this website to improve their skills.

Connections Academy is a learning hub for students and teachers, and it also has a community where teachers can get to know each other and share ideas. Connections Academy is one of the best websites like Udemy where you can learn and study online.


These are the best websites like Udemy that I know of and they all provide the best video courses to learn skills, ideas and even educational topics that’ll help improve school students’ knowledge on some subjects and topics they have little ideas on.

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