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How to Convert Gift Cards to Cash in Nigeria (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Steam and more)

Looking for the best deals for your gift cards in Nigeria? Keep reading to get the top, best deals for your gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Target, Steam etc)

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You receive a countless number of gift cards from families and friends on a regular basis but you don’t know how to redeem them in naira. Or perhaps, have you been searching for how to convert gift cards to cash in Nigeria? Then search no more, you’re just in the right place.

If you are already reading this then you must be wondering, how you can convert your unused gift cards to cash without being scammed or duped?

Gift cards are quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to store and transfer value online. An aunt can easily transfer an iTunes, Steam, Google Play or Amazon gift cards to a niece. Now, unlike five years ago when almost $1 Billion worth of gift cards were left unredeemed, recipients now know they can now exchange these gift cards for Naira in Nigeria. People are now looking for a way to unlock that value. And that’s exactly where CoinLodge comes in!

Without taking much of your time, let’s get down to business and face the reason you’re here in the first place. Below I will be showing you a few simple steps on how to convert your gift cards to cash!

Card prerequisite:

  1. The card must be properly activated
  2. Must not have any fees or other restrictions
  3. The card must not be damaged or unsellable (i.e. already redeemed)
  4. The card must be redeemable in Canada, USA, UK, Australia

So, even if your iTunes gift card (100, 50, 25, 15) is in AUD, CAD, EUR, or GBP, that’s not a problem we will still pay you.

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amazon gift cards

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We don’t buy Itunes card alone we also buy all sorts of Gift Cards. We accept Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards and Steam Gift Cards, any country and any amount.

How to Convert Gift Cards to Cash in Nigeria in Just 10 Minutes!

With the above said we should head straight to why you are here. Follow this short steps below to get cash in return for your gift cards.

Step 1: Confirm Rates

Tell us the number of cards and what type of gift card you have and we give you the best rate. If you accept our rate then you proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Upload Gift Card

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Upload the gift card and wait for our us to confirm the validity of the card. Once the card is confirmed we will release your cash right away.

redeemed gift cards

Step 3: Receive Payment – How do I receive payment for my gift cards?

Our customers are always excited to receive payment for the gift cards they upload. We ensure speedy delivery in this regard. Offer amount will instantly be transferred to your Local Bank Account

About Our Service

We are always online, 24/7 ready to attend to your needs.

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To get started, all you have to do is click the link to chat with us instantly >> CONTACT US ON WHATSAPP!

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or… Send us an SMS or Call >> [09038713663]

Is this legit?

Well, all internet based transactions require trust, we won’t even be publishing this if this isn’t REAL!. Naijaknowhow is a well-known technology blog in Nigeria (learn about us) and has been in the industry since 2015. CoinLodge have been endorsed by Naijaknowhow as one of our trusted partners.

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  2. And you said you want us to know how to redeem gift card, instead you are asking for gift card upload so you can buy…that’s not making sense


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