Windows 10, the Gamers Favorite Operating System

Windows 7 is currently the operating system with the most users. However, for gamers, Windows 10 is the favourite operating system. Learn more!

Windows 10

Currently, Windows 7 is still the operating system with the most users. However, for gamers, Windows 10 is the favourite operating system.

According to statistics uploaded by Valve, as many as 60.62 percent of Steam users use Windows 10 64-bit versions, up 6.62 percent compared to last year.

Meanwhile, all operating systems made by Microsoft controlled a market share of up to 96.44 percent.

Based on Valve’s report, Windows 10 has twice as many users as Windows 7, which has a market share of 30.93 percent among gamers who use Steam, reports Digital Trends.

Only 2.87 percent of Steam users use MacOS and the remaining 0.59 use Linux. The reason Windows 10 adoption is higher compared to ordinary consumers is that gamers usually use computers with the latest specifications.

In terms of components, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 is the most widely used graphics card with 13.31 percent market share among Steam gamers.

This shows a 0.81 percent increase from last year. In addition, it is known that Steam gamers use most monitors with Full HD resolution.

The adoption of Windows 10 among non-gamers is quite slow. According to a Net Applications report in August, the new Windows 10 is installed on 37.8 percent of all computers in the world. For comparison, as many as 40.3 percent of computers use Windows 7.

However, analysts estimate, Windows 10 will be the most popular operating system in October, according to the ComputerWorld report.

When combined, Windows controls 88.1 percent of the operating system market share, while MacOS only gets 9.17 percent.

Although the adoption of Windows 10 among gamers and consumers began to increase, business and enterprise players are still strong to use Windows 7.

Microsoft said, support for the operating system will expire in 2020. Along with the close end of support from Microsoft, then the possibility of adoption of Windows 10 will rise.

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