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7 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Phone in Nigeria (2022)

Have you ever thought of buying a new phone but you have no idea what to consider? Then here are phone pre-purchase tips you need to know.

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Are you looking to buy a smartphone today? Here are the top 7 things to consider before buying a new phone in Nigeria.

Smartphones have taken over the world of phones and you definitely don’t want to be left out. If you look around, you’d see different variants of smartphones ranging from gaming phones, waterproof phones, camera phones, Android-powered phones, iPhones and more. We are not here to talk about the wide range of smartphones in the world but to show you things to consider before buying a new phone.

Here is a list of things you should never ignore before buying a new phone or you regret buying that phone. Do not overlook these pointers below…

Here’s a List of Things to Consider Before Buying a New Phone In Nigeria

1. Your Pocket (Budget)

Cheap Android Phones In Nigeria
Cheap Android Phones In Nigeria

You want to buy a new phone but don’t have enough cash in place for it. There’s a need to align your target with what you can afford at that moment.

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Another way to buy your desired phone is to wait for some months after launch, phones don’t appreciate but depreciate. What this means is that its price would likely drop from its initial launch price.

Two Quick Tips:

  1. In situations when the dollar rate isn’t stable, the prices of phones can change immensely. Be quick to get a device so that it won’t become a burden buying later.
  2. You should look out for promo deals and wait for the right time to strike perfect deals on Jumia and Konga online shopping sites, they usually have breath-taking discounts on these online stores.

Buying Guide:

2. Phone’s Specs, Features and Review

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Specs

This is a very important aspect of phone pre-purchase tips. Let it be known to you that it is very risky not checking out if a phone fits the bill before purchase, this mistake could go a long way to haunt you.

Reviews are an in-depth assessment of this device by people who have purchased from you or have access to use this phone. They check for faults, errors, and every other thing that might be wrong with it, and then, give positive or negative reviews about it.

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Finally check out for specs in the aspect of Screen Size, Android OS, Camera pixels (Front & Rear), Battery Capacity, Network Type, Processor Speed, RAM, Storage Capacity etc. You can check out my previous post on 11 android specifications to look out for before buying a new phone. In addition, the availability of a Quick Charging (flash charge) feature, Face ID, fingerprint scanner, a cooling system for heavy gamers, OTA update & more is critical.

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So here’s my advice for you, before buying a phone make sure you’ve checked for its specifications and probably review online to make sure this device is what they portrayed it to be.

Useful Buying Guide:

3. Warranty

Make sure there is a minimum of a 1-year warranty attached to this device. This is very good for phones if they happened to develop random software issues or faults that weren’t inflicted by you.

Free repairs and maintenance or even replacement will be covered by warranty for the warranty time frame. Warranty is normally attached to brand new phones and not second-hand devices. You’ll most likely get a warranty when you buy new smartphones from stores such as Jumia, Xiaomi stores, Konga, CarlCare etc.

4. Repair Centre

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carlcare service centre

This is a very important reason a lot ignored. People don’t consider whether their desired phone manufacturers have repair centres in their states/country.

It hurts me when people living as far as north-eastern Nigeria travels down to Lagos for the purpose of repairing their phones. Why on earth would you even buy such a device in the first place?

Ensure that the phone you’re buying next has a repair centre very close to your locality. That’s actually a turn-off for me. I’d rather buy phones from less popular brands as long as there’s the availability of repair centres in Nigeria.

5. Availability of Spare Parts / Accessories

phone accessories

For those of us that enjoy shopping for gadgets from foreign online markets. It’s cool, yeah I know but the downside is, when these device gets damaged, be ready to go shipping its parts and considering the time frame before your products get to Nigeria. I’m sure you understand the point I’m trying to make!

This is a very time-consuming process, in worst cases, you might not even get some of these parts delivered when needed or could be unavailable when requested.

To avoid this, make sure the phone you’re buying next have a repair centre/phone accessory store where you can get all the spares and accessories you need, you must have easy access to these places.

Two Quick Tips:

  • Avaiabilitlity of phone spare part is one, knowing how much they cost is another. Even if you have your favourite brand’s accessories and replacement parts readily available in your locality, are they affordable? Some brands have more expensive parts when compared to others. For example, most flagship Samsung phones have really expensive screens in comparison to its competitor, iPhone.
  • Smartphones parts are extremely cheap on AliExpress, but only if you can wait. It takes a long time for items to be delivered but this can be sped up if you opt for a shipping company such as DHL.
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6. Best Internet Subscription

cheapest data plans in nigeria

A phone without internet is like a man without a conscience. The internet is what gives life to a phone, without it your device is as good as dead! Most Android, iPhone and Windows users can testify to this. So before going for your next phone, make sure you check out the best, cheapest and stable internet provider in Nigeria depending on your locality and preferred Mobile network.

Also, take note of the network connectivity, that is, some network provides 4G and 5G internet connection in certain regions of the country. So when purchasing that device, you might as well make having phones with 4G or 5G a priority.

NB: Make sure you study network signal strengths in your locality before subscribing.

There are a few cheap data plans to use when you finally get your phone. The enlisted plans below are cheap, fast and affordable.

List of Data Plans in Nigeria:

7. Electricity


This is coming last on the list, but we both can’t deny that Electricity in major parts of the country is nothing to write home about. Most Android and other smartphones have seen a major increase in their battery capacity, and this is due to the huge processes running simultaneously on these smartphones.

Recently, phones are beginning to come with chargers with higher watts. What this means is, these kinds of phone chargers would charge up quicker than the regular chargers. I have already shared a post to help you with the best battery life phones, you’d find it very useful.

Useful Guide:


These are just 7 things to consider before buying a new phone, these pointers are solely my opinions and what I feel you should look out for. If you follow the above tips, I am convinced your next phone won’t be a disappointment whatsoever, you’d be very satisfied with it. I wish you luck buying that mind-blowing phone. Kindly let us know if there are other important things one should consider before getting a new phone today. Share thoughts via the comment box below.

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  1. All these points relates with what i always look out for in a smart phone, i am yet to check the details of these points though but more interested on those deals, dollar rate and the right time to buy phones because right now i urgently need one but for the cost.

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