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5 Ways to Lookup a Cell Phone Number Online (100% Works)

Getting someone’s public information is no longer a complicated process. Here are 5 ways to lookup a cell phone number online (100% Works).

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Isn’t it annoying when someone keeps calling you from an unknown number? It is worse when you are unable to know who is it. Additionally, we hear about the increasing number of scam cases every day. Hence, it is crucial to know about every call you receive.

The next time you receive such a call, you can use one of the applications that we will discuss today. With these applications, you can check someone’s full name by just entering the phone number. The best part is that you stay anonymous while searching in the phone directory. So, go ahead and find cell phone number by name free of cost.

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cocofinder homepage

CocoFinder is an online platform that allows you to search for people and their public information. It offers various services like phone number lookup and background check. Hence, it is one of the best applications to lookup a cell phone number online.

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Using CocoFinder’s application is relatively easy. All you need to do is enter the phone number that you want to check. After hitting the search option, it will show the full details of the caller such as First name, Last Name, address, etc.

who called me

This application is recommended for this process because there are multiple ways to find the identity of the caller. After getting the name of the caller, you can use the features to know everything about them. There is a Background Check option that helps in getting the criminal records of a person online.

All the information shown on this website is from credible sources. Hence, you can trust its results without any worries.

Why do We like CocoFinder?

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The biggest reason behind CocoFinder’s popularity is its feature to stay anonymous. You do not even need to register or log in on this platform. Just open the website and use the features as many times as you want. Additionally, the service is free and does not require any membership to work.

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If you want to try some other application for phone lookup services, TruthFinder can be an option for you. It is an online platform that allows you to check the police records of people online. You can get access to all the public information about a person that you need.

The Phone Lookup service of this application is quite impressive and provides correct results. Hence, you can always know more about your secret caller without visiting a public information centre.

This application offers a reverse phone lookup to find someone’s phone number by entering their name. It means that you can get any information about a person by just knowing their name or number. After getting the name of your caller, you can go ahead use the other features to get the criminal and other ticket records of the person.

Tip: Use this application to improve your search results by adding the State or city name with a number.


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As the name suggests, InstantCheckmate is a platform to provide quick information about any person living in any state. Hence, you can consider this application as a backup to look for someone’s real name by phone number. This website gathers all the public information from millions of sources and works as a search engine for them.

You can visit this website and start searching for different numbers to get their details. Like other applications, it provides a reverse search option to get someone’s Name and Address by their phone number.

The website is entirely safe to use and respect the privacy of its users and US citizens. Hence, using this website means that you can not use the retrieved information for illegal purposes. Other than that, you can use this platform as long as you want.


Here is another excellent service to catch that unknown caller within a few minutes. Using Intelius saves you time and effort in getting their records from public information centres. Just open their phone lookup tool and enter the number to get the details. The application is entirely free to use and provides accurate and credible information from public information centres.

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Additionally, you can check the spam reports of a number to check whether they belong to a scammer or telemarketer. That way, you can decide whether you should block the contact or report it to someone.

Intelius is more than a phone lookup service. With this application, you can do a reverse search to get complete information about a person. You can also get their criminal records and other violation tickets from a single platform.


SpyDialer is one of the first few platforms to offer phone lookup services online. With their phone lookup service, you can get the complete data of a person by just entering the phone number. You may not like the website design. However, it has one of the biggest databases of public information for its users.

Hence, if you have used other phone lookup services with no results, then you must try this one. You can also use the E-mail lookup service of this platform to verify the spam or telemarketing emails. Additionally, if you want to check someone’s email by entering their name, you can use their reverse email lookup option.

It is a complete solution to get someone’s data remotely. Hence, you can trust it to get accurate details about anyone.

Final Words

Getting someone’s public information is no longer a complicated process. You can get all the information related to your unknown caller without submitting a request at the police station. All you need to do is visit one of these websites and enter the number of the caller.

It will research the public data and show you their full name and available address. That way, you will be able to find out whether the call is important to you or not. Additionally, it can play a significant role in ensuring a scamming-free environment for you.

It is just not about the scammers. You can also know about the telemarketers and avoid getting on a call that does not interest you. Hence, try these solutions to make your life easier.

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