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Best Xposed Modules for Customizing Rooted Android Devices

Xposed Framework is a tool that allows the tweaking and customization of Android OS, I'll be writing about the best Xposed Modules for customizing rooted Android devices.

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There are different ways to customize an Android device, you can customize using the normal customization apps that work on both rooted and non-rooted Android device. If your device is non-rooted, you can check out some of the best customization apps for Android.

Now we move to the part where customizing rooted Android device takes a whole different dimension. Most times the best way to customize a rooted Android device is through Xposed Modules, therefore in this article, I’ll be writing about the best Xposed Modules for customizing rooted Android devices.

Xposed Modules for Customizing Rooted Android Devices

Just a quick insight on what Xposed Modules mean, well its a tool that allows the tweaking and customization of Android OS, it uses modules to make enhancements to Android OS, I’ll be listing the modules it uses for Customization of Android devices.

1. Greenify


Greenify is an ultimate battery saver app that can be used on rooted and non-rooted Android device, this app helps a lot if putting background apps to sleep and it also lets you set a timeout on some apps as well. Using Greenify on non-rooted Android devices, you’ll be restricted to some features though.

But if your device is rooted and has Xposed Framework in it, there some features you’ll be able to use and it will help in tweaking your Android device. Greenify is one of the best Xposed Modules you can use to customize and tweak your rooted Android device.

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Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free

2. XBlast Tools

Xblast Tools

When it comes to customizing navigation bar, status bar, volume button, network signal label, adding gradient colours and many more, Xblast Tools is one of the most recommended Xposed Modules to use and get those customizations on your Android device, this Module makes a lot of sense and it can transform how your Android device OS appears when booted. Xblast Tools offers a lot of features you can use, it’s a well-developed customization app.

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Xblast Tools is one of the best Xposed Modules you can use to customize your rooted Android device, it’s free and safe to use, you can get the best customization features with this app installed on your rooted Android device.

3. GravityBox

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Just like modding WhatsApp, you can use GravityBox to make mods to your Android device, this Xposed Module lets you change custom icons on your Android device, with GravityBox you can change icons on your navigation bar, you can add launchers, customize LED notifications (LED supported devices only). You can also use GravityBox to carry out other mods as well.

GravityBox is one of the best Xposed Modules you can use to make tweaks on your rooted Android device, it’s a well-recommended app and its very easy to use. It works on a few non-rooted Android devices as well but depends on GPU.

4. ChromePie

Chrome Pie

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ChromePie is an Xposed Module you’ll like much, doesn’t make special tweaks to your Android device OS in general, but it focuses on making Google Chrome Browser very easy to use. If you use a widescreen device, you’ll enjoy this Module mostly and with it, you can just use chrome browser with your right thumb. ChromePie will add Android 9.0 features on your Chrome Browser and it will let you switch easily between switching tabs, checking history, reloading pages and other things you can easily use with one thumb.

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ChromePie is one of the best Xposed Modules you can use to make customizations on your rooted Android device, it’s only job is to add pie features on Chrome Browser.

5. Advanced Power Menu+

Advanced Power Menu

Advanced Power Menu+ is one of the Xposed Modules used in customizing the power menu options, normally on some Android device, the power off, restart, and Air Plane mode is mostly found once we press and hold on the power button. But with Advanced Power Menu+, you can change these options to the choice you want, it’s a very simple Xposed Module.

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Advanced Power Menu+ doesn’t offer much of a tweak aside the ones I’ve listed above, but it’s still one of the best Xposed Modules for customizing rooted  Android device.

6. XPrivacy


When it comes to controlling privacy on Android, XPrivacy is the best Xposed Module to use in setting app permissions on your rooted Android device, while some apps automatically uses some permissions even after disabling them, with XPrivacy you can use it to disable any app permission from your Android device.

XPrivacy is a simple Xposed Module you can use to set permissions on apps, its very easy to use and also one of the best Xposed Modules to customize your rooted Android device.

7. MinMinGuard


On non-rooted Android devices, blocking ADS from apps involves using of ADS blocker apps, and most of these ADS blocker we use don’t usually work or works partially, it’s quite different on rooted Android devices, apps like MinMinGuard can be used to remove ADS from any app, it will help you get rid of ADS, its an Exposed Module that deals with getting rid of ADS.

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MinMinGaurd is one of the best Xposed Module you should install on your rooted Android device, you can use it to get rid of ADS from different apps on your Android device.


Xposed Modules are much and they all have different features they offer in terms of tweaking and customization on Android, the ones listed in this article are some of the best Xposed Modules you can use on your rooted android device.

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