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How to Transfer Songs From Audiomack to Phone

In this article, I'll be showing you how to transfer songs from Audiomack to your phone, this method only works for Android users. Learn more!

Audiomack is a very popular music streaming app on Android and iOS and it’s known to be one of the best music streaming apps. This app lets you stream music online and offline and one of the features it’s known for is that you can download music and play them offline.

But sometimes one want’s more than just listening to any downloaded songs directly from the app, at times you might want to share the downloaded song to a friend or move it to another device, and while Audiomack doesn’t automatically save downloaded songs to your device, there’s a way you can transfer them to your phone and I’ll be showing you a tutorial on it.

transfer songs from audiomack

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to transfer songs from Audiomack to your phone, this method only works for Android users, there are too many restrictions on Apple iPhones so this method can only be applied on Android devices only.

How to Transfer Songs From Audiomack to Phone

This tutorial is actually very easy and it doesn’t require much and you’ll be needing an extra application to make this work. But make sure you must have installed Audiomack on your Android device and you must have downloaded songs on the app, and you’ll be needing ES File Manager app as well.

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Step 1: Launch the Audiomack app

Launch the Audiomack app from your Android device, then on the home screen, switch to the Offline section.

transfer songs from audiomack

Step 2: Sort songs depending on the song you want to transfer

Then toggle the sort from Newest, Oldest depending on the song you want to transfer to your Phone, If it’s songs you’ve downloaded a long time ago, use Oldest then if it’s a new song, leave it at Newest.

Step 3: Launch File Manager or ES File Manager app

Now launch the ES File Manager app on your phone, then go to your Internal Storage, if you’re using an SD Card on your device, go to Internal Storage.

Step 4: Locate the audiomack file directory

Once you’ve opened the Internal Storage, now locate Android >> Data >> com.audiomack.

Step 5: Locate songs in audiomack folder

Once you’ve clicked on the com.audiomack folder, now you’ll need to click on Files, then click on the second folder named Audiomack, this is where you’ll find all the songs you’ve download on the Audiomack app, but it won’t appear in a familiar file type, so move on to the next step.

Step 6: Rename each file extension to .mp3

You’ll see a different list of unfamiliar files when you open the Audiomack folder and if you want to transfer all the files there, you’ll need to rename each file extension to .mp3, make sure all your songs on Audiomack are sorted out properly, this will give you an idea of the song you’re renaming from the ES File Manager app.

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Now press and hold a single file until you see the options bar displaying beneath it, then click on Rename. You can use any name you want or the name of the song, then change the last file extension to .mp3

Step 7: Move songs to your preferred folder

You can do that for the rest of the files there, then once you have renamed it all, you can now move the songs to your desired folder location on your phone.

Note: That the songs you transfer from your Audiomack will not be present on the app anymore unless you re-download them.


If you followed the above steps correctly, you’ll be able to transfer songs from Audiomack to your Android device without any delay. I hope you find the article very helpful and don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re facing any issues when trying to transfer songs from audiomack to phone.

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