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Best Websites To Buy Cheap Data Online in Nigeria (2023)

Are you looking for sites to purchase affordable internet data plans? Here is an article that reveals the best websites to buy cheap data online in Nigeria. Check them out below!

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If you have ever been in a position where having internet connectivity (data) was all you need to make a difference, then here is an article on Naijaknowhow that provides insights on the best websites to buy cheap data online in Nigeria.

To purchase data online in Nigeria is quite possible and that’s because we now have some small-scale business owners running internet data businesses in Nigeria. We say data is life and in fact, it’s like the oxygen we breathe in but in this case, for mobile phones. Staying online is compulsory, especially for smartphone users whose means of livelihood depend on the internet.  

But there is the issue of the cost of purchasing internet data plans and as a matter of fact, it can be overwhelming in some instances, therefore I have researched some of the sites that provide this service for you seamlessly at a very cheap rate and with these platforms, there is no limit to the amount required to purchase internet data… Without further ado, let’s jump right in as we explore the best sites to buy affordable data online in Nigeria.

List of the Top Sites to Buy Cheap Data Online in Nigeria

These platforms sell data at cheap rates and aside from selling internet data, they sell airtime and they can also help you to pay for your bills – Cable TV subscription etc. With them, you can also convert your excess airtime to cash and send bulk SMS through them.

1. AirtimeFlip — www.airtimeflip.com

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AirtimeFlip is arguably one of the best data-selling platforms in Nigeria. They make it easier for people to convert airtime to cash, buy airtime and data (MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile) instantly or pay those bills.

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As a platform that has the best interest of its customers in mind, they strive to become an enabler of economic and individual growth. AirtimeFlip creates internet connectivity solutions to the problems faced by people on a daily and based on users’ reviews, their website is secure and easy to use. They offer the best and cheapest rates, a wide range of services and by extension with service. They can be accessed via www.airtimeflip.com.

2. NairaData — www.nairadata.com.ng


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This is one of the best websites to visit when purchasing internet data matters. NairaData is a very reliable data platform and it’s a website that certainly you can get data for as low as ₦200 naira and yet doesn’t get exhausted rapidly. No doubt, it’s one of the best websites to buy cheap data in Nigeria and they offer other services.  

For instance, on NairaData, you can get data for as low as ₦160 for 500MB and ₦270 for 1GB. You can sell your excess data and get cash and you can also use the platform to pay your bills. The website can be accessed via www.nairadata.com.ng. 

3. Speedy Data — www.speedydata.com.ng


This doubles as a platform that offers reliable seamless internet data service in Nigeria. They offer cheap internet data and sell nationwide without delay. On Speedy Data, you can buy MTN data for as low as ₦270 and this applies to other networks.  

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Also, you can pay your utility bills on this platform. For instance, your electricity bills, Cable TV will be paid off without visiting any offline. This platform can be accessed via www.speedydata.com.ng to buy your cheap data online. 

4. VTU — www.vtu.ng

vtu.ng - site to buy cheap data

VTU.ng is one of the popular data platforms in Nigeria. When it comes to rendering data services, VTU doesn’t just sell data to people, they also made it possible for their customers to sell for them. Inarguably, they offer one of the cheapest services and with a minimum of ₦250 you can buy data worth 1GB from them and it would serve you well.  

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They also offer other services like payment of utility bills, exchange of data for cash and more. Based on customers’ reviews, they render fast services and have cheap data for any network in Nigeria. Visit www.vtu.ng to get started.

5. Paycheap — www.paycheap.ng

paycheap - website to buy cheap data

Pay cheap is a platform where you can purchase mobile data bundles, VTU airtime, bulk SMS, pay electricity bills, TV subscriptions, transfer money to various Nigerian banks, generate WAEC PIN, exchange airtime for cash and more.

This platform operates in both web and mobile versions designed to render the above services. The website has been designed in such a way that it can accommodate both users and resellers/agents. It provides users with the privilege to make fast transactions that save cost and make the process stress free. Visit the link www.paycheap.ng to get started.


These are some of the best websites in Nigeria for netizens to buy data at cheap rates and by extension, pay utility bills with them. No doubt, you can always trust these well-researched platforms with your money and they are always available to serve both existing and prospective customers. A trial would convince you. 

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  1. Endeavor to include jarasub.com next time. They have cheaper rates compared to the one listed in this article. Have been using them for few months now.

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