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5 Best Bulk SMS Platforms in Nigeria in 2021

If you're looking for a way to reach out to thousands of people via SMS, you can do that with any of the best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria that have been listed in this article.

If you’re looking for the best bulk SMS platforms to send bulk SMS, I’ve listed the best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria that works well. Bulk SMS is one of the best ways of sending more than one message to about a hundred or thousands of people without spending much. Although the general public use of social media apps has made the use use of bulk SMS a thing of the past, people still use it even till now.

And these days you’ll find companies, business owners and some small scale organisations sending bulk SMS to their contacts. The normal rate of sending SMS in Nigeria is about 4Naira per SMS and that involves sending about 30 words or 50.

But with bulk SMS, you can send SMS to people for as low as 2Naira, so if you’re still one of those who loves to send bulk SMS and you’re looking for the best bulk SMS Platforms in Nigeria, I’ll be listing the best one’s I know and you can check them out in this article on Naijaknowhow.

List of the Best Bulk SMS Platforms in Nigeria

1. Nigeria Bulk SMS — www.nigeriabulksms.com

Nigeria Bulk SMS is the best in Nigeria, and they have been around for as long as I can remember, this website was first launched back in 2008 and since then they’ve made sending SMS in bulk a very easy thing to do in Nigeria. Nigeria Bulk SMS is being used by some of the biggest companies in Nigeria and they send millions of bulk SMS daily to reach customers and their delivery rate is unmatched.

With as low as 1000 credits, you can send bulk SMS to your contacts and it’ll be delivered right into their inbox and it won’t look spammy. This website is being operated by professionals and you can easily pay online using your card on their website, Nigeria Bulk SMS is one of the best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria.

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2. Multitexter — www.multitexter.com

If you’re looking for a way to send bulk SMS in units and at an affordable rate, then you should use Multitexter. This Bulk SMS Platform is one of the best in Nigeria and they make the sending of bulk SMS very easy for business owners in Nigeria. It is very easy to set up your account on their website and one of the good things about them is that they have a mobile app that can be used as well.

Multitexter offers a lot of cool features on bulk SMS sending, they allow people to schedule messages and send them later, you can easily upload your contacts CSV files and begin to send bulk SMS to them. If you’re looking for one of the bulk SMS Platforms in Nigeria, then you should try Multitexter.

3. X-Wireless — www.xwireless.net

X-Wireless is a Bulk SMS Platform in Nigeria that offer’s people the chance to send bulk SMS to their contacts and also allow people to receive SMS through their website. If you want to send bulk SMS to people without spending much, you can trust this platform to deliver the best bulk SMS rate for you, their services are top-notch and they’re being used by banks and even JAMB uses them to send bulk SMS to their candidates.

X-Wireless also provide hosting services to people who wants to host their websites and also by SMS hosting. They charge at least 1.5 to 1.8 Naira per SMS sent, and sometimes their charges are always dependant on the number of SMSes you want to send. X-Wireless is a very good bulk SMS platform in Nigeria.

4. SMSLive247 — www.smslive247.com

Have you ever imagined how much it’ll actually cost you if you want to send bulk SMS to over 10,000 contacts? Well, I’ll estimate it will cost you over 40,000 Naira and it will be a whole of stress. But with SMSLive247, you can send as many SMS you want and you will be charged just 2 Naira per SMS, SMSLive247 makes sending of bulk SMS very easy and the good thing about them is that you can send bulk SMS to not just Nigerian Numbers but to more than 200 countries in the world.

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SMSLive247 is one of the best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria and they have a very high good delivery rate, their services are the best and it is very easy to navigate around their website. You can also transfer SMS credit to another registered user on SMSLive247.

5. 50kobo — www.50kobo.com

50Kobo has one of the cheapest bulk SMS services in Nigeria and they also cover over 200 countries with at least over 500 different networks worldwide. This website is being handled by professionals and they also indulge in the development of websites and also offer affiliate opportunities for anyone who wants to work with them, you can send bulk SMS to all your contacts easily when you use 50Kobo to send your Bulk SMS.

Their services are very okay and you can easily deposit money into your bulk SMS account by using the bank transfer method provided on the website. You can also integrate their services on your website if you want to be receiving SMS on your website, 50Kobo is one of the best in Nigeria and with them, you’ll be able to reach your customers without spending much


There are more bulk SMS Platforms out there in Nigeria, but the ones you’ll find in this article have been tested and trusted, however, you can share your opinion if you’ve used any one of the listed platforms, and if you’ve used a different one, you can tell us in the comment box and we’ll add it to the list.

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