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Best Online Game Stores In Nigeria To Buy Games (2023)

Here's an article that contains a list of the best online games stores or websites where you can buy video games and gaming consoles online in Nigeria.

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When it comes to getting games online in Nigeria, most people who play PC games download their games from websites where you can download PC games for free. But these types of games are cracked and sometimes they don’t work with an internet connection. What if you want to buy a game online and enjoy its full features like online access and all? Well, it’s quite possible and there are some online game stores where you’ll get any game you want online in Nigeria.

And as for gaming consoles like PS4, PS5 and so on, if you also want to buy games for any of the consoles, you’ll get them on the online game stores that’ll be listed in this article you’re reading. Even if you have a PS4 emulator, you can try any PS4 games you buy on it.

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, I’ll be making a list of the best online game stores in Nigeria. We’ve seen popular websites like Steam provide games online and why most Nigerians do always face this Fix Please Disconnect VPNs or Proxies And Try Again Error On Steam, it’s better to look for alternatives.

List of The Best Online Game Stores In Nigeria To Buy Games

These websites provide only games, you’ll find different categories of games like Action Games, Adventure Games, War Games, Horror Games, God of War Games, GTA Games, Football Games and so on, they’re quite cheap and they’ll save you some bucks as well.

1. VG Stores Nigeria — www.vgstores.ng

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Best Online Game Stores In Nigeria

VG Stores Nigeria is an online gaming store in Nigeria where you can buy any console games you want and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep. This website is well known for its availability of gaming consoles and accessories, if you want to buy PlayStation Consoles, Xbox Consoles, and Nintendo Consoles, you’ll find it all on VG Stores. You can buy any latest games you want and their games are quite affordable as well.

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VG Stores Nigeria sells top-quality games, you can buy any games you want from this online shopping store, they also sell stuff like PlayStation Network cards and so on. If you want to buy games online in Nigeria, VG Stores Nigeria is one of the best game stores you can visit.

2. Game Trade — www.gametrade.ng

Game Trade

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Game Trade is all about gaming and it’s one of the few websites that’s moving the Nigeria Gaming Community towards another level due to its availability of different console games that can be bought for a cheap price, this website sells consoles and console games, different categories of games are available on Game Trade and one of the reasons you’ll want to buy games from this website is because it sells affordable games.

Another reason why you’ll want to make Game Trade your favourite online game store in Nigeria is that it allows the exchange of old games for new ones. If you have any game you’ve played and the disc is still in a good condition, you can swap it for another one, you can make Game Trade one of your best online game stores in Nigeria.

3. IEXGAMES — www.iexgames.com


IEXGAMES is a top online game store in Nigeria where you can buy games online at discounted rates, they sell gaming consoles at an affordable price and their online store offers one of the best services you’ll get from a gaming store in Nigeria. IEXGAMES have quality gaming consoles, you can buy gaming consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox Series and lots more.

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If you need games with a price as low as 8K, you’ll get them on this website, it’s an awesome online game store in Nigeria where you can buy games online, they also sell gift cards like PlayStation Gift cards and lots more.

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4. Ubuy — www.u-buy.com.ng


Ubuy is an online shopping store where you can buy different categories of items, it’s a large store for buying electronics online in Nigeria and some of the electronics you’ll see on this website are gaming consoles, You can buy gaming consoles like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation and so on. If you also want to buy games for your gaming consoles, you’ll find them all on Ubuy.

Ubuy is one of the best online game stores in Nigeria to buy games online, you’ll get different types of console games you want on this website, their products are top-notch and buying games on Ubuy is very easy.

5. SOSO Games — www.sosogames.com.ng

Best Online Game Stores In Nigeria

The last website on the list is SOSO Games, another cool online game store dedicated to the provision of video games. On this website, you can buy any video game you want and some of their games are PS4, PS5, Xbox games and so on. If you also want to buy gaming consoles at an affordable price, you can buy them on SOSO Games, it’s a nice game store with plenty of products to offer.

SOSO Games is one of the best online game stores in Nigeria, you can always visit the website for your favourite video games, you can also purchase gaming consoles from them if you want.


Buying video games online in Nigeria is quite easy now and thanks to the websites listed above, you can now buy your favourite video games easily without any hassles.

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