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How To Fix Please Disconnect VPNs or Proxies And Try Again Error On Steam

Are you looking for a way to fix Please Disconnect VPNs or Proxies on Steam? Here's an article on how to fix Steam VPNs and Proxy errors.

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In a world of downloading PC games, especially on Windows and Mac. Steam is arguably one of the biggest game distribution services online and it’s a place where you can buy and download any PC game of your choice.

But at times creating a steam account is always stressful and that is because of this particular error that says (Please Disconnect VPNs or Proxies And Try Again). If you’re looking for a way to fix that error, then you’re reading the right article here on NaijaKnowHow.

Anytime this particular error comes up anytime you’re trying to create a steam account, you’ll probably feel gutted because it says Please Disconnect VPNs or Proxies and you definitely know you’re not connected to any VPN on your smartphone or PC.

So now let’s dive into how to fix this particular error on Steam, first one needs to understand why the error comes up and the best way to get it sorted. But in case you’re indeed using a VPN, you might want to consider one of the Best VPNs for Android and iOS.

What Causes Please Disconnect VPNs or Proxies Error on Steam?

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This particular error does happen anytime the steam network doesn’t recognize a particular IP address, it happens to most MTN users in Nigeria and anyone using a VPN with IPs that have been blacklisted on the steam network.

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Let’s say for example you tried creating an account on Steam while you’re connected to a VPN like NordVPN, you’ll likely get this error and no matter how many times you change your location on the VPN, you’ll still arrive on the same error, so let’s see how you can get this error fixed anytime you want to create an account on Steam.

How To Fix Please Disconnect VPNs or Proxies Error on Steam?

I’ll be giving you two good methods you can use to bypass this error anytime you want to create a new account on Steam and you’re being affected by the proxy issues. The method involves using a VPN and also without a VPN, so let’s see how these methods work.

Method 1: Best Way Fix Steam Proxy or VPN Error Without VPN

Like I said that using a VPN anytime you want to create an account on Steam isn’t mandatory. Even without a VPN, you can still have your account created, so here’s how to fix the please disconnect VPNs or Proxies error on Steam.

  • Step 1: Your mobile network or internet IP address might be a cause for the error, so it’s advisable to switch networks especially if you’re using MTN.
  • Step 2: Download the UC Turbo browser on your Android device or any browser of your choice, but the UC Turbo Browser is highly recommended.
  • Step 3: Disconnect from your current internet connection, use a mobile network internet instead (don’t connect using MTN). You can use 9mobile or Airtel and GLO.
  • Step 4: Open the UC Turbo Browser and go to the Steam account creation page, put in your details and solve the CAPTCHA. At times the CAPTCHA wouldn’t load, try refreshing the page and try again. It should work and you’ll be able to create your Steam account.
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Method 2: Best Way Fix Steam Proxy or VPN Error With VPN

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This particular method doesn’t really have any steps to follow, you only need to read through and understand what to do. To fix the please disconnect VPNs or Proxies, you should avoid using popular VPN service providers like NordVPN, ExpressVPN and so on.

Using a less popular VPN client like ProtonVPN and any VPN that isn’t too popular will surely help you bypass the Steam error. You can make use of this method if the first method doesn’t work well.


Errors like please disconnect VPNs or Proxies are quite common on websites like Steam which uses strong backend security to detect any malicious IP addresses and stop them from accessing their servers. With the solutions that have been provided in this article, you’ll be able to bypass the error. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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