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5 Best Free VPN Apps to Access Twitter in Nigeria (2021)

The government temporarily blocked the popular microblogging site Twitter in Nigeria. Here are the 5 best free VPN apps to unblock & access Twitter. Learn more! 

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The Nigerian government has on Friday (4/6/2021) announced a policy to temporarily block the popular microblogging site ‘Twitter’ from being accessed in the country. However, this seems to have no effect, because many internet users have actually outsmarted it by using a VPN that can be downloaded for free on Google and iOS app stores respectively.

Free VPN is free to use by its users without being charged any fees. Free VPNs are found in many VPN applications for mobile phones. Some of the best free VPN applications are listed below as you read on.

There are still many who use Free VPN services, which of course has many dangers and negative impacts. Before we delve right into this article, I want to share with you the cons of using a free VPN to access blocked website such as Twitter.

Dangers and negative impacts of free VPN

1. Data Sales

There is a danger waiting for you when using certain VPNs, some of these VPN comes with the risk of illegally selling data. For those using paid VPNs, you don’t need to worry about this data sale problem because paid VPN providers generally have strict rules and guarantees but for free VPN users, that doesn’t apply.

2. Tracking Your Activities

Free VPNs can record and track all content, IP addresses, the sites you visit and other activities. Apart from those privacy security concerns, free VPNs usually have slow browsing speeds, unstable connections, data usage limits, and weak encryption.

3. Data and IP Address Leaks

Another danger that can also arise from using a VPN is the leaking of your data and IP to the public. VPN works like a tunnel where your connection goes through a ‘secret’ path to get to your destination which is the internet.

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However, in some free VPN service providers, the secret path used has many ‘holes’ so there is a possibility that your data and IP address could be leaked to the public through the ‘holes’.

4. Adware

Most free VPN service providers rely on revenue from advertisements placed by third parties on their websites. Well, the ads that are displayed can interfere with user experience and don’t close

It is possible that the ad has been infiltrated by malware or other applications that will be automatically installed on your computer or to your device.

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That said, let’s delve right into the best free VPN applications you can install to unblock and access Twitter in Nigeria.

Here are the best free VPN applications to unblock and access Twitter in Nigeria

1. HA Tunnel Plus

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HA Tunnel Plus

100% Free VPN for Android

If you’re looking for a reliable free VPN to access Twitter in Nigeria then HA Tunnel Plus VPN should be considered. This is one of my favourite ways of accessing blocked websites as the HA Tunnel Plus is 100% free and it uses existing connection protocols such as SSH2.0. All the traffic that is being generated between the client and the server is protected with SSH2.0.

One of the downsides, however, is you have to watch video adverts (30 seconds maximum) on the app to extend its usage by an hour. This is however worth every second spent watching ads because you get to enjoy the app for free and that’s how you support the app developer since you’re not being charged for it. This app has already garnered over 1 million downloads with lots of positive ratings and feedbacks which shows it’s highly trusted. This is available on Android devices through Google Play Store.

2. Betternet VPN Free

VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN

Free VPN to unblock Twitter for iOS and Android

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Here is another VPN app that works just fine on Android. Betternet Free VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic, turns public wifi into a private network and helps to unblocks websites such as Twitter in Nigeria all for free.

If you’ve chosen to use this app for free, you have to bear with the ad that comes with the free version. On the other hand, this app can be used unlimitedly and ad-free only if you upgrade to the premium version. This VPN has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Play Store, it’s trusted and used by many.

‎Best VPN Proxy Betternet
‎Best VPN Proxy Betternet
Developer: Betternet LLC
Price: Free+

3. Opera VPN


Best Android, PC and iOS Browser with Free VPN to unblock Twitter in Nigeria

Do you want a trusted app to surf without Twitter without the fear of your data being highjacked? Opera is the app for you. Opera is a fast, safe web browser that comes with a lot of amazing features such as free VPN, ad blocker, QR-code reader and personalised news.

What we are concerned about among its many features is the free VPN features that come with this browser. This VPN works seamlessly on your smartphone by just turning it on (make sure you turn off ‘Use VPN for private tabs only’). The downside is, it means you have to access Twitter directly on the web through its official website (www.twitter.com) and not through the app. Opera is one of the most trusted web browsers and that’s why it has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

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Opera Browser: Fast & Private
Opera Browser: Fast & Private
Developer: Opera
Price: Free

4. Earth VPN


Best free VPN extension on Google Chrome

Earth VPN is specifically inserted for those who spend more time on their laptops on Google Chrome. Free Earth VPN extension provides a VPN connection to hide IP address and unblock any websites prohibited in your country. This proxy service takes care of the privacy of users and delivers anonymously for data and web activity. Fast and easy connection together with simple in using design gives the best experience for its users.

This is one of the best VPN extension on Chrome and works well. To get started, all you have to do is download and install the extension through the link below, navigate to the extension icon at the top right corner of your browser, then choose any available location and toggle on the switch.

5. Hide.me

hide me

Free VPN on Android and iOS

Hide.me VPN is trusted by more than 20 million users globally because of its simplicity, amazing speed, privacy, stability, and security. Hide.me VPN enables you to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship while giving you the ultimate online security and privacy.

This app has been download more than 1 million times on Google Play Store. You can download and install it through the link below.

‎hide.me VPN
‎hide.me VPN
Developer: eVenture
Price: Free+


There you go. But did you know that a free VPN on Android isn’t always secure? If you look at the results of research by Metrics Labs, which states that one of the five most popular free Android VPN applications, it is actually a source of security holes for malware to enter mobile phones easily. In fact, a quarter of them contains privacy-infringing bugs such as leaking DNS. So you have to be careful when installing any random VPN app on the internet.

There other really good free VPN applications on Android and iOS devices which include Turbo VPN, TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield, Windscribe VPN, and many more. Let me know if you find this list helpful. You should also share if you’ve tried any other VPNs in the comments below.


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