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How To Stabilize Network For Fast Streaming On Mobdro, Libre Directo & More | Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9Mobile

​Read how to speedup network for streaming on Mobdro, Libre Directo and other video app on Android | See how to speedup Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, MTN network »

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This post covers tips on how to speedup network for streaming on Mobdro, Libre Directo and other video streaming applications on Android | See how to speed up internet network on Airtel, how to speed up internet network on Glo, how to speed up internet network on 9Mobile, how to speed up internet network on MTN.

The revolution we’ve all anticipated is here, our network providers have made possible. MTN, 9Mobile, Ntel and other 4G providers make streaming on our smartphone very fast and stable. Streaming on Android can be very annoying especially on 3G network, some regions have extremely weak network signal that doesn’t allow smooth streaming on apps such as Mobdro, Libre Directo and other football streaming apps.

I’ve always looked for ways to make the network stable when streaming on any of these applications on Android, but to my greatest surprise, the solution to this problem has been right under my nose and I didn’t notice.

Have you heard of Opera Max?

Why use Opera Max?

  • Protect your online privacy.
  • Save both mobile and Wi-Fi data.
  • Go incognito across all your apps.
  • Block and restrict data-hungry apps.

Protect your privacy – Opera Max’s privacy mode protects you against data- and identity-thieves.

Save data on mobile and Wi-Fi networks – With Opera Max turned on, content is compressed before it reaches your phone – and your bill! – saving up to 50% data across apps.

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Add an extra layer of security – With a single tap, privacy mode protects your data with an extra layer of encryption.

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Block data-hungry apps – Find out which apps use the most data – you can even choose to block them from using data altogether.

Stop trackers – Opera Max not only discards cookies and filters your data traffic, but it also stops your apps from deliberately sharing your private info with known third-party tracking services.

Below this post, I am going to share tips on how to stabilize network for fast streaming on Android when using applications such as Mobdro, Libre Directo, YouTube and other live streaming apps.

[Opera Max] How To Speedup Network For Streaming On Mobdro, Libre Directo & Other Video App.

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To make stable your network for streaming Android, here’s how it works…

Step 1

Download and install Opera Max.apk on Google Playstore. | Download Link

Step 2

Run the app, go to menu. You will find it at the top left corner of the app.

Step 3

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Tap the connect button

Step 4

You will find a key button at the top of phone notification panel, this key sign means it’s connected.

Opera Max also allows you to maximize your data (megabytes) to make it last longer. It gives you control over apps behavior whether to run automatically when phone is using mobile or Wi-Fi. In essence, It saves data!

Step 5

Navigate to your favourite streaming application (Mobdro, Libre Directo, YouTube, iROKOtv, etc) on Android to enjoy seamless streaming. See more live video apps below;

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Best Streaming Applications On Android With Download Links

In conclusion:

This has been tested and verified working, Opera Max stabilizes network signal to help make streaming on your phone seamless and smooth. But I’ll just leave the final verdict to you, go ahead and install Opera Max on your Android device if you’re the type that streams a lot. I’ll be right here waiting for feedback from you, help others share your experience on the application via the comment box below. Thank-you!

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  1. Like OMG!! I never knew streaming videos could be this smooth. Y’all just have to give this Opera Max a trial. It definitely works seamlessly!


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